Weekly Splinterlands Challenge - Picking Bandage-Head Carrot Shrooms - SPS Raffle Results



Hello to all my fellow splinterpeeps and welcome to my blog! Today we have yet another weekly splinterlands challenge, hosted by the awesome splinterlands curator team. No matter if you are an artist, social media influencer or just enjoy playing the game, they host all kinds of challenges here on hive, which give you a chance to earn crypto by getting upvotes from the community. Make sure to check them out and become part of the hive social media platform!

- Drawing the Winner


A few days ago I reached the milestone of 3k SPS staked and decided to do an SPS giveaway this season. The season is over and we had a total of 6 participants, which results in 3 SPS in the jackpot.
The lucky winner this season is @blitzzzz!

The SPS are sent directly to your splinterlands wallet.

sps receipt.PNG


In this weekly challenge we are going some mushroom picking in the Praetorian forests.
Unfortunately they are not very tasty and develop a nasty sting in their adolescence...

of the thorny mycelium

Let's have a closer look at this peculiar forest inhabitant.


Despite beeing so small and squishy, it develops vicious thorns at level 3 that will leave unpleasant insuries to whoever steps on them by accident. At level 7 there's a little boost in damage that even penetrates shielded monsters.
As a 1 mana monster it mostly fullfills the role of cheap cannonfodder, but beeing the only chaos legion one that gets an arguably usefull ability, I deem this card to be rather interesting.
So much that I actually treated myself with the goldfoil version of it. I placed a bid on peakmonsters for 0.80 $ and it got filled within a day. The regular one would not have been a lot cheaper and it's currently one of the cheapest ways to get a 10 % DEC bonus.
Now I might actually have to level up Obsidian, as using Mylor to play this card would somewhat defeat it's purpose...



The Lineup
to beat them all

Earth summoners are not an option as Mylor would be the only one able to summon lvl 3 cards and that would make thorns redundant. Instead I went for Camila, a card I got as a gift from an awesome guild member a while back.

I realised I could go for 33% thorns even without Mylor by playing this card. I also have it leveled up, so it gets 3 attack damage, which is huge.

With all the anti melee it's wise to get at least a little bit of magic countermeasures in. It used to be enough to kill some cards in the Alric meta but with the new earth cards it's not as good anymore.

The opportunity will force attacks on this card which will hopefully do some damage with the thorns. With it's Queen and her armor buff, this would be even more effective, but I do not own that card yet.

Did I say 33% thorns? With this card half my team has the thorns even without Mylor's help. Awesome!

Camouflage prevents this card from getting hit by the opportunity buff. This helps keeping the focus on the thorn cards.

Same here. Will not get hit by opportunity or any other backline targeting ability. This way I can be 100% sure the shroom gets hit first.

analysis and recap

First action of the game: the fungus dies. The reason is pretty simple. Whenever you can play it, the opposing bot will play Obsidian magic spam. This is also the reason why Mylor & Flesh is no longer as op as it used to be. I don't wanna say the magic spam is op, but it is probably the most effective braindead spam.
Anyways. I won the game and I usually win those with the cards I have on my main account, but that just doesn't help with showcasing the poor shroom.
This strategy probably requires a lost magic ruleset to work properly.
Watch the battle here


See you
next week

for another Splinterlands challenge and a spin on the wheel!

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