Splinterlands Art Contest Week 259: Malric Inferno

Malric Inferno8.png

Even before I thought of entering the Splinterlands contest, I had seen the character Malric Inferno numerous times and loved it mostly because of the flaming hair. Given the opportunity, I thought of using the character of Azog the defiler from The Hobbit as a reference. Halfway through it, I thought of giving up because of the numerous drama in his face. This was the first time I made a painting without leaving traces of the lineart and though I didn't know how it would turn out, I'm glad I trusted the process...

Malric Inferno8.png

These are the outlines....
Malric Inferno.png

Malric Inferno1.png

Malric Inferno2.png

Malric Inferno3.png

Malric Inferno4.png

Malric Inferno5.png

Malric Inferno6.png

Malric Inferno7.png

Malric Inferno8.png

Thanks for the visit friends.