Overview delegations given in the season so far


Hey everyone,

For those of you that don't know me I'm foreveraverage, a Splinterlands streamer that streams mostly content revolving around Splinterlands card delegations. If you want to get your hand on some "juicy delegations" or you want to support me, please do check out my stream: https://www.twitch.tv/foreveraverage. Give me that follow and join us in chat when I'm live :)

The delegations always last until the next season has started so they count for your EOS rewards.

For this season we're almost halfway and I wanted to give you guys a bit of an overview about the delegations I'm done. Do note that not all delegations are from the stream as this list also includes delegations I've done to my mods as well as delegations I've done on some my fellow streamer's streams

CardLevelBCXCPDelegated to
Lava LauncherC3-333-ZV28QNJ3A8Level 1 (XP 1)1100@ajeshc11
Djinn OshannusC3-339-QYJ5B7IYTSLevel 1 (XP 1)1500@ajeshc11
ArmorsmithG2-118-Q73QK98MWGLevel 4 (XP 200)11500@ankiller
Lava LauncherC3-333-ZJNBOZYI1SLevel 1 (XP 1)1100@ankiller
Djinn RenovaC3-345-VX0GBIMOZKLevel 1 (XP 1)1100@ankiller
ArmorsmithG2-118-U410OAI5AOLevel 4 (XP 200)11500@aya-gwyneth
Lava LauncherC3-333-OSO00Y46TSLevel 1 (XP 1)1100@aya-gwyneth
ArmorsmithG2-118-YSD9UHGK74Level 4 (XP 200)11500@b3npurple
ArmorsmithG2-118-IS58FVMCSGLevel 4 (XP 200)11500@bluepenguin
Djinn BiljkaC3-336-VQ0S898UF4Level 1 (XP 1)1500@bluepenguin
ArmorsmithG2-118-YO0PA0M7WWLevel 4 (XP 200)11500@caminomechilles
Lava LauncherC3-333-6BLQA8LC4GLevel 1 (XP 1)1100@caminomechilles
Uriel the PurifierC7-444-QY1XBFFZF4Level 1 (XP 1)1500@cmmndrbawang
Djinn OshannusC3-339-Z3Y1I0S19SLevel 1 (XP 1)1500@davethegreat
Djinn RenovaC3-345-HM8QAOB1I8Level 1 (XP 1)1100@davethegreat
Ruler of the SeasC3-98-K42WS2WLPSLevel 1 (XP 0)11500@dedman19
Lava LauncherC3-333-B4SEVEMTFKLevel 1 (XP 1)1100@dedman19
Djinn RenovaC3-345-CCIMU402EOLevel 1 (XP 1)1100@dedman19
Lava LauncherC3-333-UYZAXAG68GLevel 1 (XP 1)1100@desertjoe
Ruler of the SeasC3-98-DINWV1MZCGLevel 2 (XP 1500)34500@domicle
ArmorsmithG2-118-ZPOWFE8OCGLevel 4 (XP 200)11500@domicle
Lava LauncherC3-333-1H3LFS5WI8Level 1 (XP 1)1100@domicle
Djinn RenovaC3-345-T6SE5PPDZ4Level 1 (XP 1)1100@domicle
Djinn RenovaC3-345-09O15YDSGWLevel 1 (XP 1)1100@domicle
Djinn RenovaC3-345-ZWDQK7ZD4GLevel 1 (XP 1)1100@dstampede
Djinn BiljkaC3-336-Y5D1E4W0LCLevel 1 (XP 1)1500@flamescorpion
Ruler of the SeasC3-98-MTR9SSTXU8Level 1 (XP 0)11500@gameboyali
Phantom of the AbyssC4-177-BCHBXGPASWLevel 1 (XP 1)11000@gameboyali
Scarred Llama MageC4-278-KDV026P1TSLevel 1 (XP 1)11000@gameboyali
ArmorsmithG2-118-B1V7R3G6PCLevel 4 (XP 200)11500@ghettomozart
ArmorsmithG2-118-MW6NDO02AOLevel 4 (XP 200)11500@godly-rich
Djinn RenovaC3-345-6O3T0WB2C0Level 1 (XP 1)1100@godly-rich
Fungus FiendC7-380-XQDN67CKMOLevel 1 (XP 1)1500@godly-rich
Ruler of the SeasC3-98-KCBS9QZYR4Level 1 (XP 0)11500@heemshowlive
Kron the UndyingG4-188-R2KRM8MZN4Level 2 (XP 1)150000@heemshowlive
ArmorsmithG2-118-ZVTXJO3IY8Level 4 (XP 200)11500@jdike
Djinn RenovaC3-345-8ZFOR6O980Level 1 (XP 1)1100@ketchup177
ArmorsmithG2-118-3NNKGE08OWLevel 4 (XP 200)11500@liz026
Djinn RenovaC3-345-SUUTHASYPSLevel 1 (XP 1)1100@liz026
Djinn RenovaC3-345-TKIBVC7EQOLevel 1 (XP 1)1100@liz026
Djinn OshannusC3-339-QUBSV4B6F4Level 1 (XP 1)1500@lukilux
Djinn RenovaC3-345-7FT4UGNF28Level 1 (XP 1)1100@lukilux
Djinn RenovaC3-345-RT5C44D2TCLevel 1 (XP 1)1100@lukilux
Ruler of the SeasC3-98-RQ8HJBTE4WLevel 1 (XP 0)11500@magooz
Ruler of the SeasC3-98-QGHW9G3RXCLevel 1 (XP 0)11500@middle-earthling
ArmorsmithG2-118-Y0HLXUU6A8Level 4 (XP 200)11500@myeong
Lava LauncherC3-333-7FC7CLMA34Level 1 (XP 1)1100@myeong
Djinn RenovaC3-345-7M02RMNIMOLevel 1 (XP 1)1100@myeong
Lira the DarkC7-445-WSY934RTHCLevel 1 (XP 1)1500@myeong
ArmorsmithG2-118-3HIXO8ICV4Level 4 (XP 200)11500@nicotronik
Lava LauncherC3-333-U0G7B1L1JKLevel 1 (XP 1)1100@nicotronik
Djinn RenovaC3-345-0OIER8GR4GLevel 1 (XP 1)1100@nicotronik
Ruler of the SeasC3-98-QBB0QEP6DCLevel 1 (XP 0)11500@olaf.gui
ArmorsmithG2-118-5IYI4REU8GLevel 4 (XP 200)11500@olaf.gui
Phantom of the AbyssC4-177-CBAUVVAIB4Level 1 (XP 1)11000@olaf.gui
Lava LauncherC3-333-90XG9AEMDSLevel 1 (XP 1)1100@olaf.gui
Djinn RenovaC3-345-07IP3BDF7KLevel 1 (XP 1)1100@olaf.gui
Djinn RenovaC3-345-C6JE7Z81MOLevel 1 (XP 1)1100@olaf.gui
ArmorsmithG2-118-P7BKRF8SHSLevel 4 (XP 200)11500@pat1x
Magi NecrosiC7-362-WPOX8DC834Level 1 (XP 1)1100@pat1x
Lira the DarkC7-445-WKLA5GQGF4Level 1 (XP 1)1500@pat1x
Grum FlamebladeG7-447-8TMJ42UULCLevel 2 (XP 1)112500@rakhmen
Ruler of the SeasC3-98-AT4ERQCJC0Level 2 (XP 1500)34500@shawnmichael-gt
Djinn RenovaC3-345-7OTVE83HGWLevel 1 (XP 1)1100@shawnmichael-gt
BaakjiraC7-443-VIBBTKGO74Level 1 (XP 1)1500@shawnmichael-gt
Ruler of the SeasC3-98-M7P5HEFM9SLevel 1 (XP 0)11500@sideswipe81
Ruler of the SeasC3-98-IMJ45ZG5KWLevel 1 (XP 0)11500@sideswipe81
Lava LauncherC3-333-YMZMM1NWC0Level 1 (XP 1)1100@sideswipe81
Djinn OshannusC3-339-S8QSZ06YC0Level 1 (XP 1)1500@sideswipe81
Ruler of the SeasC3-98-V505UZIRZKLevel 1 (XP 0)11500@smurf3r
Phantom of the AbyssC4-177-Z4IW6XKRUOLevel 1 (XP 1)11000@smurf3r
Ruler of the SeasC3-98-RZP0END1N4Level 1 (XP 0)11500@usamaro
Phantom of the AbyssC4-177-YH8ICMYEWGLevel 1 (XP 1)11000@usamaro
Ruler of the SeasC3-98-RSJWMQ4PGGLevel 1 (XP 0)11500@virimenv
ArmorsmithG2-118-ZGLKC0HSHSLevel 4 (XP 200)11500@virimenv
Ruler of the SeasC3-98-RXH0AH8UQOLevel 1 (XP 0)11500@zitron
Phantom of the AbyssC4-177-P2NJXSAL5CLevel 1 (XP 1)11000@zitron

This gives us a total of 125400 CP delegated to 34 different players. With @heemshowlive grabbing the golden Kron delegation (50000CP) and @darthwolfgaming taking the golden Grum delegation (12500CP)

PlayerTotal CP delegated

I'm going to take a moment here to thank everyone tuning into the stream. A big shoutout to my subs and all of you supporting the stream one way or the other. It's thanks to you that I'm able to help out the other players <3


Thanks @foeveraverage for the delegations, it was super exciting to get that top spot and your delegations have helped me so much.


The best delegations or nothing right ;) I'm actually curious how grinding your account has been. How much CP have you been able to grind playing Splinterlands these months? :)


Since I started at the end of July 2021 with only about $120 total investment I have built my CP to 12,200. It could probably be higher but I hoard DEC for Airdrop points and so I can rent up in leagues as I get higher in rating. I usually rent 300-350CP/DEC so I imagine that delegations from you have saved on average 200 DEC a season.


Haven’t showered this year and it’s finally paying off. Your streams have been fun and, yeah, pretty rewarding for me. I’ll keep you posted how juicy my EOS chests are.