Splinterlands Grinding Experiment: Finally Rented and Made the Jump to Bronze II.

In my latest post I mentioned I decided rent out the needed cards to jump to Bronze II, once I am relatively confident I can keep up in the higher league.

Well, I jumped the gun a bit, and rented out the cards yesterday, as soon as I had the necessary rating.

Now that I have done so, I wish I had done it sooner. But I guess I needed to grind enough in Bronze III to understand how to effectively play in this league. It's a huuuge difference compared to Diamond or Champions, the leagues I play with my main account.

So, I rented level 1 Djinn Bilka and Harklaw, both legendary reward cards from the Chaos Legion set (or better said, using that frame).


Each of them brings me 500 CP, so a total of 1000 CP, which is exactly what I need.

None of them I find very useful for the gameplay currently, but I bought them for the CP and because they were cheaper, not because of their battle utility at the moment. Actually, Harklaw wasn't cheap at all at 4 DEC / day, because all the cheaper ones got sniped in front of me. But today I recycled it for a much cheaper rental price, almost half.

Not sure if I would be able to keep them at these prices through the EOS time, but I did rented them until after that. If one of them (or both) gets cancelled on me, I'd have to find a replacement.

Now, in Bronze II there are two important advantages over Bronze III:

  • DEC rewards are back, including for battles, but at season end too
  • and most importantly, one can receive reward cards for DQ and season rewards!

Reward cards count both for the CP (slowly), but they are useful for an edge advantage against similar accounts that play using Spellbook only.

Imagine someone receives a Djinn Ochannus. That's an edge at these levels for Water. Or Venari Wavesmith, with its Protection ability at level 1.

Water splinter can indeed become very powerful in lower leagues, because there's no magic reflect on the Spellbook cards, except for the Failed Summoner for Earth.

Even someone who only plays the game and doesn't venture into posting or curating gaming content can access the rental market with credits earned in Bronze III. It takes longer, but it's possible.

Before I wrap up, two other remarks:

  • I still have issues with my Hive Power - I'll need more of it if I want to continue posting on top of playing
  • I delegated most of my staked SPT to @monster-curator to see how this goes - this is also in part due to resource credits limitations, but also because they do a great job curating and return dividends to those who delegate (or so I kept hearing, it's my first time trying this).


Bilka is a bit underpowered for me, oshannus though is a different story


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