BATTLE MAGE SECRETS Weekly Challenge! - Holy Protection Ruleset


Hi Guys! In this post we are exploring on another Splinterlands ruleset. The ruleset we are focusing on is Holy Protection.

Holy Protection

In a Holy Protection ruleset, all units gain the Divine Shield ability which reduces the damage of the first attack received to 0.

Divine Shield will be re-applied when a unit is resurrected while Blast damage will also remove Divine Shield.

Lets take a look at a Wild ranked match with Holy Protection as one of the ruleset. The battle restrictions are:
EHoly Protection and Stampede with a max mana of 42. Only Fire, Life, Death and Dragon splinters are allowed in this battle. The Video for the Full Battle can be seen here:



SplinterMana CostPositionReason
Quix the Devious4SummonerI decided to go for Quix as the summoner because I have units with Double Strike ability in Dragon and Life splinters. Double Strike allow units with that ability to hit twice so the first strike will remove Holy Shield and the second strike will hit the targeted unit.
Uriel the Purifier111stUriel is a very strong tank with Self Heal ability. He should be able to tank for a while unless the opponent uses magic lineup
Corsair Bosun102ndCorsair Bosun is a unit with strong attack and has Reflection Shield ability. With Reflection Shield, I would not have to worry about Blast damage hitting it. I would not be surprise to see opposing units with Blast ability as Blast is commonly used in Holy Shield ruleset.
Silvershield Knight63rdVery important unit for me as this unit has Inspire ability. With Inspire, all my melee unit will gain 1 more melee damage. This is especially important as my next 2 units are all melee units with Double Strike.
Dhampir Infiltrator44thMy first Double Strike unit. This unit will attack the opponent backline with Sneak and double hit it.
Silvershield Assassin75thMy second Double Strike unit. This unit also has Sneak ability.
Soul Fiend06thJust a cannon fodder at the back to take a hit from opposing Sneak or Opportunity unit.
Total Mana:42

Opponent Lineup:

My opponent went with a Fire splinter lineup with Pyre(+1 speed) as the summoner and a semi magic lineup. Heart sunk when I see the opposing Djinn Inferni. That is going to destroy my Uriel in double quick time...

End of Round 1:


Even with Holy Shield, my tank was almost dead after the first round. This was because of the opposing Djinn Inferni dealing 6 magic damage into my tank. That unit will deal double damage if my unit needed 10 or more mana to summon. Meanwhile I was quickly eating into the opposing backline via Sneak and Double Strike. It was a race of who can kill who faster.

End of Round 2:


I lost my tank to Djinn Inferni in this turn but I also then eliminated it via my Sneak and Double Strike units. With the lost of Djinn Inferni, my opponent's fire power dropped heavily. My Corsair Bosun now stood at the first position. It had been avoiding the Blast damage from the opposing Fire Elemental due to its Reflection Shield ability but is now facing the attack head on.

End of Round 3:


We both lost a unit in this round. I lost my Corsair Bosun while my opponent lost the Djinn Apprentice. I looked comfortable ahead at this point as I still had 4 units while my opponent was down to the last 2 units.

End of Round 4:


It was over at this point. Left with just one unit and one health point, there was no way for my opponent to win now.

My strategy for this battle was to use Double Strike + Sneak units to kill off the opposing backline as fast as possible while putting up good tanks in front to hold the frontline.

In summary, Double Strike is a good ability to use in a Holy Shield ruleset as it allows you to first remove the Holy Shield buff and then hit the target in the same round.

However there are also several other abilities that are very useful in a Holy Shield ruleset. These abilities include:

  1. Blast - Blast damage will remove adjacent enemy units' Holy Shield. If the targeted unit is in the middle of a lineup, then the left and right neighboring units of the targeted units will also lost their Holy Shield because of Blast damage. So one hit can remove 3 Holy Shield.
  2. Redemption - When a unit with Redemption died, it will deal one damage to all surviving opposing units. This means a unit with Redemption can practically remove the entire enemy lineup of their Holy Shield just by dying!
  3. Resurrect - When a unit is resurrected, it will have 1 health point but also get back Holy Shield to protect itself from 1 attack. So now it needs to take at least 2 hits to kill off a resurrected unit instead of 1.

These are some of the more useful skills to use in this ruleset. Looks forwards to seeing you all in the game!


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