BATTLE MAGE SECRETS Weekly Challenge! - Odd Ones Out Ruleset


Hi Guys! Today we were be looking at the Odd Ones Out ruleset in Splinterlands.

Odd Ones Out

In an Odd Ones Out ruleset, only units that are of odd mana can be deployed. This doesn't apply to the summoner though.

Lets take a look at a Modern Silver ranked match with Odd Ones Out as the ruleset. The battle restrictions are:
Odd Ones Out with a max mana of just 14. Only Earth, Death and Dragon splinters are allowed in this battle. The Video for the Full Battle can be seen here:



SplinterMana CostPositionReason
Obsidian4SummonerIt took me a while to decide which splinter to use. I went with Obsidian although I was very tempted to use Death splinter instead. This was because Death summoner Thaddius Brood was able to counter Obsidian nicely plus Thaddius had an additional -1 health ability. Only reason I didn't went with Thaddius was because most of Death better units were those of even mana.
Mycelic Morphoid11stI placed Mycelic Morphoid in front as a cannon fodder really. I don't expect it to last beyond the first round really as I am expecting mostly enemy units with magic attack.
Chaos Agent12ndAgain another cannon fodder to delay attack reaching my backline.
Regal Peryton53rdI used Regal Peryton because it was fast and used magic attack. If my opponent for some reason used sneak attacking units, my Regal Peryton will have a good chance in dodging the sneak attack. Regal Peryton also benefitted from Obsidian +1 magic attack.
Djinn Biljka34thI used Djinn Biljka because of its Camouflage and Void abilities. Camouflage allowed Djinn Biljka to allow being targeted by sneak units while Void allow it to receive reduced magic attack.
Total Mana:14

Opponent Lineup:

My main worry was my opponent would go with Thaddius Brood (Death lineup) but turned out my opponent went with a Dragon + Death splinter lineup instead with Void Dragon tanking the first position. Void Dragon has Void ability and is a good tank when facing magic lineup which I happened to be using.


End of Round 1:


My Obsidian boosted my 2 magic units at the back to 3 magic attack each. Although the enemy Void Dragon had Void, it still suffered heavy damage from my boosted magical units. Meanwhile I lost my Mycelic Morphoid which I expected.

Notice where my opponent placed the cannon fodder units? All at the back thinking I am going to use Sneak units which I never did.

End of Round 2:


My opponent lost the Void Dragon in round 2. Although my opponent other units like Life Sapper and Xoc grew in health due to Life Leech and Scavenger respectively, their placement wasn't right because I am not attacking from the back. Once the opponent Life Sapper is down, my opponent will have no attacking unit left.

End of Round 3:


My opponent lost the last attacking units and was a sitting duck by the end of round 3.

End of Round 5:


Battle was won by round 5.

Expecting to face an opposing magic lineup, I decided to focus on facing the enemy from the front rather than from the back. As such my defense was focused at the front and buffer units was placed in front to give time for my magic units at the back to launch their attacks. It works as my opponent did indeed do not have any Sneak units.

Positioning of your units are extremely important in battling. It is almost always better to focus your attack at one point rather than spreading it all over the places.

Now in view of the Odd Ones Out ruleset, my personal preference is I usually go with Fire splinter if it is available. Fire has a lot of good units that are odd mana. Water is also a good splinter to use. I do usually avoid using Life and Death in Odd Ones Out ruleset though as I find lesser usable units in these 2 splinters in Modern League.


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