Splinterlands, the Chaos Legion. Part #3 - Soul Strangler



Today, January 3, I'm continuing my new tradition of opening another Chaos Legion booster pack. I'm excited to see what cards will be revealed today...


Chaos Legion Booster Pack #3

The booster pack I opened today contains only one rare card. The value of all five cards is according to peakmonsters.com $ 0.63. The highest valued unit in it I present to you today.


Soul Strangler

is an ancient vampire who, how could it be otherwise, fights for Death Splinter. Somehow his abilities remind me of the "Haunted Spider" from the Alpha and Beta series. However, Soul Strangler has only fully leveled up poison. But even in lower levels he is faster than the old spider.

Stats and Abilities

From level 3, Soul Strangler's combat strength increases to three, from level 6 even to four. At maximum level (*8), Soul Strangler is able to poison his victims.


Price development

The BCX price of Soul Strangler is $0.22 today on 01/03/2022.


The price of a booster pack at $5.27 on third party markets (Hive Engine).
In the regular store, a pack will cost you $4.00. Adding voucher price ($2.66) makes it $6.66. Both prices have dropped slightly from yesterday.

I'm curious to see how the value of the cards and booster packs will evolve in the future.

Thanks for reading and have fun and success in the game wishes you your @germansailor.


All Screenshots: https://splinterlands.com
Photomontage: own work based on screenshots from https://splinterlands.com
Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

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