Weekly Challenge: Share your Battle. Water, low mana - Cruel Sethropod?


This @splinterlands weekly share your battle challenge was: reports on a game involving Cruel Sethropod.

I really tried. With full attention I played my Ranked Battles today, always looking for a way to get Cruel Sethropod into play. I did not succeed. Cruel Sethropod as should be suitable as a low mana tank. It actually only requires three mana. However, I believe there are much better tanks in low mana games. The Cruel Sethropod lacks special abilities like Magic Reflect, Void Armor or great speed. It doesn't have any of those, so I haven't seen a game in higher levels where Cruel Sethropod was on the winning side.


My Battle

I had a constellation today where I was almost tempted to use Cruel Sethropod. But I didn't, and instead put two other cards into play for the three mana cost: Chaos Agent (1 Mana) and Kelp Initiate (2 Mana).

The Ruleset


"Noxious Fumes" + "Spreading Fury", Mana Cap 13. The ideal constellation for the Llama (7) + Flesh Golem (6). But unfortunately Earth was not allowed.

So I decided to go with the Water element, with Kelya Frendul as Summoner. Because of the shields. Thirteen mana. That's not much if you want to occupy all slots. My Summoner needs already four mana. 9 mana are left for 6 playing cards.

My lineup


Card NameAbilities and reason I chose this unit.Mana
Kelya FrendulSummoner, +1 speed, +1 armor4
Chaos AgentDodge, Phase, Backfire. My ideal very low mana tank.1
Creeping OozeSlow. Giving my units a speed advantage. Even in death, he will only prove useful.1
Kelp InitiateCleanse, Triage. It will rid my tank of the effects of the poison and heal one damaged unit per turn (himself or Dr. Blight).2
Two Gun PeteI hope he lands at least one hit before he dies. And then he serves my Doctor Blight as a boost.1
Furious ChickenSacrifice card for enemy sneakers and opportunists. Also food for Doctor Blight.0
Doctor BlightAffliction, Camouflage, Poison, Scavenger. My opponent will also clean. Doctor Blight will undo this. Also, he gets stronger with every unit that leaves the stage. I hope he remains the winner in the end. This expectation is worth four mana for this fight.4

The special thing about this rule set is, every injured card becomes angry and speed, so is therefore more difficult to kill as a result.

The Battle

My opponent chose the Splinter Life, with General Sloan as the summoner. The following list shows the battle after the skills have been distributed, before the first turn.

Click here to see the Battle.*


I like lobster well cooked and tastefully presented on a plate. See the picture above.

Have fun in the game wishes you


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Picture of the lobster: sintec auf Pixabay
Own photomontage.
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Many thanks to @pax-au-telemanus for the exciting battle.



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Was bei 13 Mana doch alles in so eine Formation reinpasst. Bei Poison Battles setze ich eher auf ein bis zwei größere Monster, aber das hier hat fantastisch geklappt.

Blight ist auch einfach fies in dem Level.


Ja, bei Poison setze ich auch gern das Llama und genau ein robustes Monster ein. Das bekommt dan Cleanse + Last Stand. Earth was hier aber nicht erlaubt.
Das hier war Poison Plan B.