Tradeable tokens that may be transferred anywhere at anytime.
SPT can be converted to SPT POWER in a process called staking.
SPT Power
Influence tokens which give you more control over post payouts and allow you to earn curation rewards.
Tradeable tokens that may be transferred anywhere at anytime.
HIVE can be converted to HIVE POWER in a process called staking.
HIVE Power
Influence tokens which give you more control over post payouts and allow you to earn curation rewards.
+44.02 HIVE
HIVE Dollar
Tradeable tokens that may be transferred anywhere at anytime.


Author reward: 0.091808 SPT for goldgrifin007/re-tanzil2024-s42gmi
Author reward: 0.153125 SPT for goldgrifin007/re-tanzil2024-s3v0tb
Author reward: 0.077090 SPT for goldgrifin007/re-tanzil2024-s2lppp
Author reward: 0.072983 SPT for goldgrifin007/re-tanzil2024-s1ch0d
Author reward: 0.120532 SPT for goldgrifin007/re-tanzil2024-s0t1ne
Author reward: 0.018078 SPT for goldgrifin007/re-tanzil2024-rvobqm
Author reward: 0.018277 SPT for goldgrifin007/re-tanzil2024-rug1yi
Author reward: 0.018464 SPT for goldgrifin007/re-tanzil2024-rug1h4
Author reward: 1.763266 SPT for goldgrifin007/re-tanzil2024-rs8lap
Author reward: 1.877611 SPT for goldgrifin007/re-tanzil2024-rs80tz
Author reward: 1.948216 SPT for goldgrifin007/re-tanzil2024-rrpac1
Author reward: 2.055750 SPT for goldgrifin007/re-tanzil2024-rrefhy
Author reward: 2.526985 SPT for goldgrifin007/re-tanzil2024-rrb998
Author reward: 2.542141 SPT for goldgrifin007/re-tanzil2024-rr5w55
Author reward: 1.855454 SPT for goldgrifin007/re-tanzil2024-rr5vm3
Author reward: 1.742844 SPT for goldgrifin007/re-tanzil2024-rovkyi
Author reward: 1.159684 SPT for goldgrifin007/re-tanzil2024-roqkat
Author reward: 1.932013 SPT for goldgrifin007/re-tanzil2024-rodlwb
Author reward: 1.947400 SPT for goldgrifin007/re-tanzil2024-rodk2f
Author reward: 1.461695 SPT for goldgrifin007/re-tanzil2024-rnysal
Author reward: 1.835148 SPT for goldgrifin007/re-tanzil2024-rnyrrz
Author reward: 1.864920 SPT for goldgrifin007/re-tanzil2024-rnyqrq
Author reward: 1.274871 SPT for goldgrifin007/re-tanzil2024-rmvp2h
Author reward: 1.239055 SPT for goldgrifin007/re-tanzil2024-rmvovy
Author reward: 1.792953 SPT for goldgrifin007/re-tanzil2024-rmu0gn
Author reward: 1.825186 SPT for goldgrifin007/re-tanzil2024-rmtzzg
Author reward: 1.976038 SPT for goldgrifin007/re-tanzil2024-rm9tir
Author reward: 2.014896 SPT for goldgrifin007/re-tanzil2024-rm9s9p
Author reward: 1.490827 SPT for goldgrifin007/re-tanzil2024-rm1ug5
Author reward: 1.519313 SPT for goldgrifin007/re-tanzil2024-rm1t62
Author reward: 1.522741 SPT for goldgrifin007/re-tanzil2024-rlsl6v
Author reward: 1.161628 SPT for goldgrifin007/re-tanzil2024-rlhmq0
Author reward: 1.164794 SPT for goldgrifin007/re-tanzil2024-rlhl3b
Author reward: 1.167773 SPT for goldgrifin007/re-tanzil2024-rlhgsi
Author reward: 1.164164 SPT for goldgrifin007/re-tanzil2024-rlh454
Author reward: 0.373745 SPT for goldgrifin007/re-tanzil2024-rl6r7z
Author reward: 0.038043 SPT for goldgrifin007/re-tanzil2024-rkx6w4
Author reward: 0.034411 SPT for goldgrifin007/re-tanzil2024-rk3b8v
Author reward: 0.036682 SPT for goldgrifin007/re-tanzil2024-rk34nn
Author reward: 0.728419 SPT for goldgrifin007/re-tanzil2024-rff3ho
Author reward: 1.200459 SPT for goldgrifin007/re-tanzil2024-reyori
Author reward: 1.212211 SPT for goldgrifin007/re-tanzil2024-reylsm
Author reward: 1.292943 SPT for goldgrifin007/re-tanzil2024-reyjoc
Author reward: 1.195584 SPT for goldgrifin007/re-tanzil2024-rewuu2
Author reward: 2.049368 SPT for goldgrifin007/re-tanzil2024-rel77s
Author reward: 2.085042 SPT for goldgrifin007/re-tanzil2024-rel5mu
Author reward: 3.389575 SPT for goldgrifin007/re-mattclarke-r56sw7
Author reward: 3.188333 SPT for goldgrifin007/re-tarazkp-r55xih
Author reward: 0.860454 SPT for goldgrifin007/re-captainquack22-r4z7ci
Author reward: 0.000007 SPT for goldgrifin007/re-logiczombie-r1vmlh