GODS / IMX / SPS / Hive market cap compairison. Buy in the bear market!

The market is down almost 20% compared to last week!

For those who have already invested, I feel for you.
For those who still have a kidney to sell, this might be the time!

I wondered, what to buy? I love Gods, I like splinterlands, Immutable X will get illuvium soon and hive is a reliable versatile platform. So, my take:

Marketcap: 13M
This is actually really small compared to other NFT’s games like splinterlands and illuvium. I think the player base of GU isn’t as big as Splinterlands but don’t get fooled! Not all GU players are registered on the blockchain and for Splinterlands the amound of bot accounts is unknown. A great potential!
They have weekly challenges to earn $GODS which cause a slight sell pressure, This is only for active players (no bots!) and nothing major.
Personally I love this game, the token also could get more adoption (renting or meaningful card upgrades?). But I play the weekly challenges with fun.

Marketcap: 293M
This is a lot. Nothing extra ordinary in the crypto space, but still, a lot. It was hyped as the first layer 2 solution for ETH and it has proven to do this. I actually did some transfers inside immutable X which works like a charm. Getting things back on the ETH blockchain is also easy, but so damn expensive! It might be a bit overhyped, but the IMX coin still has not a lot of adoption in the immutable x platform and has still huge usability. Don’t forget illuvium will work with the immutable X. Still great potential left.

Marketcap: 55M
Well, at the moment I think SPS is at a very low price. However they recently released a new set and got listed on Crypto.com (which by the way has 1/4th of the volume of binance!). But none of this seems to impact the price for the better. It has potential left, especially with the new road map. I think when people need SPS staked to earn SPS rewards, there will be a massive increase in SPS demand. Could be a close window for opportunity!
There is a SPS airdrop going on, for everybody who owns splinterlands assets (not only active players) which will end in a few months, might be this reduces the sell pressure ?
To be honest, doing the daily quest feels like a chore, I need to rent cards to improve my league. It’s still fun but it gets repetitive. Still I had months of fun with it, that’s great

Marketcap: 258M
The market cap is slightly lower than $IMX, but hive is way more mature. There is already great adaptation for hive. It is so easy to go to Leodex and swap coins or even splinterlands assets!
I have no clue what will happen if all the snap chatters / tiktokkers will find out there is a platform that could give you crypto for likes, and really pay their starbucks coffee from there posts!? So I think there is potential left for Hive. I just don’t think it is already so big, it will not “explode” anymore.
Look, I made this post on hive, you probably are reading this on hive. This works. The community is great and I still open Hive way more often than I should (but hey, it’s an upgrade compared to opening 9gag compulsively)

What do I buy?
I already have enough exposure to splinterlands. $GODS it is than, I think $IMX might explode if illuvium will be release and when they will have some LeoDex app, so I will get a little bit $IMX.


What do I buy?
I already have enough exposure to splinterlands. balancing it out with a bit more $GODS , I think $IMX might explode if illuvium will be release and when they will have some LeoDex app, so I will get a little bit $IMX.
Mightbe i pick-up some BNB please for some perspective, they have a 52 797M market cap!


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