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I finally succeeded in making a splash art that I do love as a wallpaper.

As many of you know, whenever I make a splash art for Splinterlands I always have in mind to make something cool, enough to use it as wallpaper on my PC or my smartphone, since I usually spend too many hours giving details and painting and all that work is usually seen in 30 seconds in an Instagram scroll, so my goal is always to make a work that I feel very proud of and that deserves to be always on my screen, and this time I feel very comfortable with this artwork.

The new protagonist of my screen is Iziar, a storm giant, a faithful opponent of the forces of the legion of chaos, being four times taller than an average human, she spends her days in the mountains manipulating the elements of nature at her whim, so if the weather gets too crazy, maybe it's her fault. By the way, you may not get to the end of the post, but I would advise you to do so, as there you will be able to see the art in its extended size.


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  • Gaomon S620
  • Photoshop
  • Brushes courtesy of Imad Awan: Download here


-Step 1:

As usual I started sketching the character, one of the problems of drawing giants is that no matter how big these beings are, if you don't put some other element in the scene with which you can contrast sizes, their enormous stature will go completely unnoticed, that's why I sketched very quickly a couple of human silhouettes. And from these lines, I spent a long time detailing Iziar in grayscale to give her volume and get a general idea of the scene.

-Step 2:

Using the blending modes "overlay", "lighten" and "soft light" I was giving the first traces of color to the long dress of Iziar, trying to achieve a balance of shades, but immediately highlighting the great green eye in the middle of his hood

-Step 3:

Then spend a good part of the time improving the colors of Iziar’s clothes layer after layer, again using layers in "soft light" mode while wearing "multiply" to settle shadows, and of course correcting by painting with a strong brush to have defined details, by the way, modify a little the upper area of the hood to make it more accurate to the original design.

-Step 4:

Since I was satisfied with the coloring of the character, it was time to work a little more in the background, the main idea was to make a sky with soft clouds and bright rays , so I was doing strokes in the sky and then softening them with the smudge tool to try to get some depth in the environment, but so far there was no manifestation of the great power of this storm giant, So I put hands to work to make rays around it, the trick to make rays is to draw the design in a new layer and using white color and then in photoshop go to "add a layer style> outer glow" and there select the intensity, color and size of the brightness of these rays, in addition another layer you can add a little color dodge to give more brightness to this glow.

-Step 5:

At the beginning of the post I said that to appreciate the true size of the giants on stage, it was necessary to compare them with something else, and that is why I had sketched a couple more people, but reached the point where everything in the painting I loved and it didn’t take just a couple of hours to paint this scene, but a few days, the truth is that I was lazy to detail this pair of humans and I think that already the sky helped to size the stature of this giant of the storm, so forgive me if it was illusory to see Annie and Cullie, the pair of peasants next to their ox which is spoken of in the Lords of Splinterlands.

But tell me in the comments if you can appreciate that it is a giant that measures more than four humans, and I hope you agree with me that the auroras were incredible.


I will leave you a GIF with the whole process on it, so you can better appreciate the illustration process.

See you in a future post!

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Woooow que nivel!!! Te quedo increíblemente arrecha cariño. 😱🤯🫣💖💖💖💖


WOW 😲 incredible art mate. Awesome to see the process!