Water Elemental Focus

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By: @streetstyle
Just to let you know before we get any further the water element is one of my worst enemies. I don't have great cards but I do what I can with what I have. So I guess if everyone is ready to contine then here we go.


My summoners are not even leveled up at all. The highest summoner I have is a Level 4 and it's not even my card. It is delegated to me. I do rent some cards every now and then but not often and it's not usually for my water team.
Here are my Water Summoners
Lv. 1


The comparison of a glorified Tortisian summoner to a common tortoise is offensive to Bortus.

Vera Salacia
Lv. 2

Vera Salacia.png

Vera merely says that she found a special cave in the Frozen Hell.

Keyla Frendul
Lv. 4

Keyla Frendul.png

“Let's show this city and our contributor why we've earned our name.”

If I'm being honest Bortus is not really a summoner that I would choose and it's only because he is a Lv. 1 and only takes away -1 magic; so like I said I would not normally choose him.


I usually try to pick the summoner with the highest level but with my score recently it just goes to level 2 for now. Keyla is the card I pick for the most part as long as I have enough mana for her. If there is not enough mana then I always pick Vera because she bestows all monsters with the ability to snare their targets.

When picking my first hitter I have just a few hitters to choose from.

Sea Monster
Lv. 4

Sea Monster.png

The truth is, there are Sea Monsters big enough to swallow the Sea Monster that swallowed the ship whole.

Lv. 5


Since they can travel by air, ground, or sea, they are ideally suited for the task.

Torhilo The Frozen
Lv. 1

Torhilo the Frozen.png

This massive frozen bull is one of the Frost Giant’s only friends left in the world.

Wave Brood
Lv. 2
Wave Brood.png

A Wave Brood is a corrupted water elemental twisted by the Chaos Legion.

Djinn Oshannus
Lv. 4
Djinn Oshannus.png

They will fight against the Chaos Legion to protect the sixth mana gate.

The Djinn Oshannus is usually my first choice for my first hitter. He hits well and is quick. He reduces the damage of magic attacks. As well as having a nice amount of health. If I'm not given very much mana then I use the Sea Monster just because he can heal himself. I try not to pick the Wave Brood for my first hitter just because everyone aims for this card before battling others.


For my second place hitter I try to use cards that have the reach ability because they are best place in the second position.

Here is what I have for my second hitter:

Wave Runner
Lv. 3

Wave Runner.png

It's best to find land or make peace with your soul if you're unfortunate enough to face a Wave Runner.

Flying Squid
Lv. 3

Flying Squid.png

These aggressive predators shoot ink into the eyes of their prey to blind them before attacking with their lengthy tentacles.

Tide Biter
Lv. 1

Tide Biter.png

“They are within our sights. Get the crew ready for battle. Blood will stain the water this night.”

Unless I am in a Brawl then I use:

Relenor Cleaver
Lv. 1

Relenor Cleaver.jpg

Relenor Cleaver wields the heaviest axes in the history of the Axemasters.

I tend to choose the Flying Squid over my other reach cards because it's a better hitter; it's faster and have a few hearts as well. When I'm not given much mana then I use the Tide Biter. He doesn't hit very well but he's quick and low mana required. When I'm doing a Brawl I try to use Relenor Cleaver because he's a good hitter, has a decent amount of hearts and armor and not to mention he has Bloodlust as well.


For my third player I tend to lean more towards range or magic cards. They seem to hit better from this position rather than meelee cards. The only time I really ever use a meelee card is when it has opportunity or every now and then I'll use a sneak card.

Lv. 2

Deep Lurker.png

Deeplurkers are a poisonous fish that dwell at the bottom of the ocean and prey on the weak.

Wave Brood
Lv. 2
Wave Brood.png

Summoners distort the magic used to create the elemental, making it a chaotic and fearsome creature.

Sea Genie
Lv. 3

Sea Genie.png

Now he is prisoner to the ΛZMΛRÉ summoners, doing only their bidding and little else.

Feasting Seaweed
Lv. 2

Feasting Seaweed.jpg

Ten minutes, they would drain every ounce of liquid from you, desiccating you alive.

Most of the time if I'm given a decent amount of mana then I would choose Wave Brood just because he takes the cover fire for all monsters except first position. He is a good card for sacrafising while the others all battle it out. The other times I tend to lean more towards the Deeplurker for my third position.


For the fourth position I tend to go for a healer or an armor repair card. Occasionally I go for an affliction card; again that only depends on how much mana I am given.

Merdaali Guardian
Lv. 2

Merdaali Guardian.jpg

They prefer pacifism to conflict and are adept at healing and helping others through their connection to magic.

Scavo Hireling
Lv. 5

Scavo Hireling.png

They'd rather be paid in information, stories, and baubles as they love learning new things.

Captain's Ghost
Lv. 2

Captain's Ghost.jpg

The Captain simply could not cope with the fact that he would never behold the treasure, so he defied reality and life itself.

I go mostly for Merdaali just because she helps heal the first position but other than times I choose Scavo and it's because he helps repair the armor who has taken the most damage. If given a decent amount of mana then I usually choose the Captain's Ghost because affliction is helpful at times when battling strong opponents.


My fifth card is usually a sneak or a snipe card. For my sneak I don't have awful cards but also not many at all. I have a couple who have really helped me with some battles along the way. I don't have as many snipe cards as I would like but a shooter always helps.

Pelacor Bandit
Lv. 5

Pelacor Bandit.png

“We will protect your ships,” she said, folding her wings onto her back. “My flock is waiting. All I need is payment.”

Sand Worm
Lv. 3

Sand Worm.jpg

Sand Worms can swallow monsters of nearly any size with no need to chew. They can even snatch fliers directly from the air, extending out of the ground even higher than the arena walls.

Sniping Narwhal
Lv. 2

Sniping Narwhal.png

Sniping Narwhal can actually release the horn, launching it up to a mile underwater with precision. The cartilage material of the horn reforms in about 24 hours and is ready to be loosed again.

The Pelacor is one of my most used water cards because of the low amount of mana it uses but also the fact that it flys and attacks the last hitter. When I am given more mana I use my Sand Worm because he is a good heavy hitter. He doesn't have a bad amount of health either. The Narwhal is not a card that I would normally choose but if you need a sniper then honestly it's the only water sniper I have. My choices are limited but it helps.


For my sixth and final card I tend to lean more towards my lower mana cards just because I've usually use up all my mana by then but I still like to pick cards who can hit. Not to mention it also kind of helps protect my other cards for the time being.

Hardy Stonefish
Lv. 2

Hardy Stonefish.png

They can grow up to six feet in length and are wide and strong. Hardy Stonefish attack by slamming their rock-like skulls into their opponent, dealing crushing damage.

Battle Orca
Lv. 2

Battle Orca.png
There are many Orcas in the Splinterlands, but only a small group of them has been captured from the deep, tamed, trained, and made into Battle Orcas.

Honestly I go more for my Orca here and it's only because of his hearts. He protects my other cards from sneak attacks and also is a hitter himself if need be. When I only have 1 mana left I pick my Hardy Stonefish because he is my only 1 mana card who hits.


So I guess that is usually my water element line-up. If you have any questions or even if you have some adivce for me about how I can improve my line-up then please let me know. Thank you for taking the time to read my post. I very much appreciate it.

My water elemental team is a but of a struggle for me but like I said my summoners are not leveled up very far but I manage for the most part. Again if you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask me. For those of you that have advice about my line-up I would very much appreciate it.

I would like to thank #SPLINTERLANDS again for the amazing game with the different focus quest it is helping me with working with all the elements and not with just the ones I'm use to. Now I am not just working a little more at it and understanding more as I go but I am also improving not only my knowledge but also my cards as well. So, thank you again for the game, something I can do in between breaks and just in my down time. So much fun.

I would also like to take the time to thank my guild for helping me along my journey. It has been a blast battling with all of you. Every one of you have always helped me with any questions I have asked no matter how ridiculous they were. We have had some laughs and we have also had sometimes where my computer would be figuratively thrown across the room. Some Brawls I tell you. Anyways Thank You Again! #WarLords you are awesome!!


For the final bit of my post I would like to show you some water elemental art that I have enjoyed. Let me know what you think. I will try to provide the artist name near their art so please give them some positives.

Flying Squid victartex.jpg

River Nymph DAVIDEAZUL.png

Thanks for reading until up to this point I hope everyone is having a wonderful day/night.

Your Friend,

Azmare The Water Splinter.png

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