Weekly challenge KULU SWIMHUNTER the fish hurling water 🌊 monster


Hi all,

again time for a new weekly challenge and this time it falls on the 🌊 water splinter with a common Chaos legion monster called Kulu Swimhunter. It's an archer unit with no abilities, however, it's quite cheap mana-wise at 4 mana. This gives you at level one, 2 damage and 4 health, which is not bad and can be a good option in matches with low mana.

When it levels up to level 6 it gains another attack to ultimately make it 4 at max level. Along the way it gains health and speed improving its utility. I would say that it's usefulness is mostly in low mana matches coupled with Kelya Frendul that boosts its armor and speed.

The stats

At the surface, it might now look as much but for the price in mana, it's a quite useful card specially in lower mana matches.


Battle preparation

  • 24 Mana
  • Target Practice
  • Little Leauge
    Water, Earth, Life and Death were available and my opponent had played very different splinters in the last games. With the target practice ruleset I wanted a non-melee unit with some more health to protect the back-line, I paired it with the Angelic Mandarin to help keep the health up. I put the Cruel Sethropod at the front, and also included the Merdaali Guardian to help keep the tank alive. At the back, I finished up with two Sneak monsters, the URaeus and Pelacor Bandit.

The Battle

The tactic worked quite well, the Kulu survived up to the 4th round, and at that time my opponent had only 3 monsters left and between my mandarin and guardian I was able to keep enough of my team alive to win the game.

Start of 4th round:

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