HiQ №13 | Smart, Stylish & Sexy | HiQs genesis, Interview with GuiltyParties, dCrops, Splinterlands, HBDs, hive.vote Trails a.m.m.


By: @quekery & @mary-me


This is usually where the editorial comes in. In our first English edition we start instead with THE instruction manual. Learn how the HiQ is built. This is our style - smart, stylish & sexy.

  1. The Editorial
    If you quickly want to know what it's all about, take a look at the editorial, the first article in each issue, where you'll be briefed on what to expect in the issue.

  2. The Table of Contents
    Each article in HiQ has a number and a category. Normaly, the table of contents would also be clickable, but the current PeakD version just doesn't manage it. I guess we have to check again. (Editor's note: The first time we checked, the table of contents worked again shortly after. The next update tore it apart. The second inquiry remained without success. The life of a hivestyler is paved with PeakD stones).

  3. The MVP
    The most valued poster can be nominated by you every month. Send 1 Hive (+bribe) to @hiq.redaktion with a memo + link to the potential MVP's post. You can win one month of autovotes from the HiQ Trail. For more infos on the HiQ Trail, check out the article on hive.vote.

  4. Column
    The column comes right after the MVP and is more reflective and episodic in nature. Sometimes it is simply an editor's opinion on a topic. The column can be very personal and also provide insight into editorial life. The column is the only part of HiQ that does not necessarily have to be Hive blockchain related.

  5. Categories.
    In our magazine we feature the categories "Cover Story", "Gaming", "Apps & Tools", "Community" and "Hivestyle". (Editors note: And sometimes "Contests") For the first English issue, we cover how we became HiQ in the 1st cover story. We can only recommend the three-year odyssey to everyone. The 2nd cover story is an interview with a HiveWatcher. A huge shout out to HiveWatchers for this opportunity. Things are heating up in the gaming category. Whether you're after booster packs or want to become a hivestylish farmer, there's something for everyone here. In Apps & Tools, you'll get an explanation from our full-time Witness/hobbyalcoholic as to why the ████ we need HBD. Oh well, vote @satren, vote @altonos and last but not least vote HiQ.

  6. Hivestyle for Hivians
    Here you will find the smartest and most stylish news on the way to becoming a sexy hivestyler. We cover the most important news for you in short style. Also important dates, like the announcement of the Hivefest you can read there.

  7. Gossip
    The german community wanted Gossip and you want it too. Just send us some gossip via encrypted memo and we will reward you for sure. ;)

  8. Readers' letters
    We love readers' letters. Send us love, hate, gobbledygook or what ever as letters to the editor. If we don't get any letters, we'll get some from you somehow, don't worry.

  9. Acknowledgements, disclaimers and subscribers.
    At the bottom of every issue you will find acknowledgements, disclaimers and subscribers. Maybe you want to donate something? Then that's where your username will end up. (Editor's note: Like a hall of fame, so to say.) Or you want to work with us? (Editor's note: Please send applications with 1 Hive (+bribe) and application letter + cv in the memo to @hiq.redaktion. ;)) Then that's where your man/woman-power will end up. Or you want to subscribe to us? (Editor's note: Just write the word ABO in the comments. After all, you want a non-cancelable subscription, too) Then in the list of subscribers is where you end up. (Editor's note: And get a mention, every time a new issue of the HiQ gets released. Just like that. Totally free.)

  10. Humor
    There are only 10 types of people who understand our humor. But we don't want to offend, so we are often the target of our own humor attacks ;). (Editor's note: And friendly fire is off. ;))

  11. Upvote Button
    In the comments you can find our, so called, Upvote Buttons. Here you can (Editor's note: But you don't have to) give our authors a "bonus upvote". We put a lot of work into every issue. Every graphic is self-made and almost every sentence is read several times by the HiQ team and if necessary annotated. Unlike dApps, we can't generate any other income for the magazine, so we rely on upvotes and donations. Of course we also appreciate other support and comments. The upvote button can also be used to see who did what. You can also give direct feedback to the author here.

  12. Payout
    Post revenue and donations are divided according to our payout key. 50% goes to the core team (Editor's note: @mary-me, @smooms and @quekery). The core team are, so to speak, the bosses of HiQ and also bear most of the responsibility. 1/6 get the supporters. Supporters are people who help us regularly and irregularly. They have to share this pot. The remaining third ends up in the coffee fund. This is used to finance expenses, investments, bonuses and giveaways. There is also a secret raffle in this issue. We also use this payout key for other projects we do.

  13. Communtity
    As if we had planned it, this list ends with point 13. We are a community project and want to stay one. There is only one rule: Read the HiQ. Just come up to us with 1.5 m distance (Editor's note: That is 4.92126 ft in uncultured units.)- we don't bite. Unless we find coffee cup rim stains on our magazine prototype, then, sorry to say that to you, but you're out. ★


  ➀ HiQs MVP - @smooms
  ➁ Column - Ideal! Empyreal! With more sexappeal!

Cover Story
  ➂ Open your history books. HiQ's genesis.
  ➃ GuiltyParties from HiveWatchers faces up to our tricky catalog of questionnaire.

  ➄ I'm Faaaarmer... a licky boom boom down - dCrops
  ➅ The Booster Presale is in the starting blocks. You need infos? Be our guest.

Apps & Tools
  ➆ More, That you wanted to/should know about HBD.

  ➇ How to join a trail, but smart. You can join our trail like this.

  ➈ Hivestyle for Hivians
  ➉ Gossip
  ➀➀ Readers' letters ★

By: @smooms

➀ HiQs MVP  

For the first time in the history of HiQ, an MVP was suggested to us by a user. Who the choice fell on is both great and unbelievable. He has been a user for a long time and has never been MVP.

Who is it about? Do you really want to know? It is @smooms. As a hivian of the first second, it's hard to imagine the German community without him.

As a co-founder, core team member, author and graphic designer of HiQ, he has made a name for himself at Hive. He always appears as a helpful person, which unfortunately is often misinterpreted and exploited by some. Unfortunately he doesn't post that much on his own profile anymore, because he has his hands full with his editorial tasks.

Take a look at his profile and give him a follow. Also check out @r0nny. He was the culprit who made the MVP suggestion. All that as a newbie reader too. You old timers can take a leaf out of his book.

(Note from @smooms: I felt a bit schizophrenic writing about myself ;))

Are you HiQ's next MVP? Do you want to call yourself the most stylish user of the month?

NEW: Submit 1 HIVE & get 100% votes for 1 MONTH!

Every month we are looking for the most stylish hivian of Hive. You can submit your photo too! Send 1 HIVE (+ bribe) to @hiq.magazine with the memo "HiQ MVP + link to your profile".

We will then publish your picture in one of the next issues. Additionally, we'll put you in our auto-voter for a month. That means at least 28 days of 100% upvotes from the smart HiQ trail. ★

(only 1 vote per tag)

By: @mary-me


After months of back and forth, it has now been decided that the HiQ will also be published in English in the future. The plan is to publish the 1st English-language HiQ on September 30, 2021. (Editors note: Well... duh...)

The publication rhythm of the German edition will not change. It will be published as usual on the last Wednesday of the month (Editors note: EST of course. Because we are european af.). We try to target midnight for release. It worked out well until now. So for you it will be the last or first Thursday of the month. Fucking complicated. But feel free to write "ABO" in the comments below the issue, then you'll be mentioned as soon as the new issue is online. (Editor's note: Even if you don't want it, we'll still mention you. loooool. Once a subscriber always a subscriber). And on top of that, it's completely free.

This means more work for the Core Team, of course, but we're happy to do it. No joke. We, the core team of @hiq (@quekery, @smooms and @mary-me) have fun with it. We work very well together and would actually like to work more on the HiQ and connected projects. The problem, as always, is lack of time. (Editor's note: We also have to grind Mir4 sometimes.) However, it would be feasible for us to invest more time if it would be financially more profitable (Editor's note: Than Mir4.).

The next step on our way to independence is now the English edition. The new account for it (Editor's note: Yes, a new account again. We discussed this extensively and came to the conclusion that a pure English account is the best solution.) is @hiq.magazine. I (Editor's note: For people who can't read scribblers, @mary-me.) had the honor of claiming it. This is a big step in the right direction, I think. We'll see how the new stage of the project unfolds, but I'm very confident that the big wide world will love HiQ. :D

We'll see where the road takes us. Anyway, we're just getting started and we're not tired of bringing you quality content. Admittedly, the humor is "different" (Editor's note: And doesn't always translates that well in english. Woa woa woaaaaaaawawawawaaaaa.). However, readers can be sure that every joke, every spike and, of course, every piece of information (Editor's note: We are actually an infotainment magazine.) are approved semi-democratically by the editorial team. On average, three people think about each sentence. (Editor's note: And are amused by their own jokes.)

I once suggested recording parts of HiQ's publishing crunch time and smashing it out. You can't imagine it unless you've heard it for yourself. :D Especially when @smooms reads aloud. You have to know, every line is read out loud during the production. (Editor's note: This is when the "editor's notes" are mostly created. Except this one. It was added by @mary-me during the writing process. She is already a proven HiQ editor first class)

For my part, I see it as a challenge to publish in English additionally, because it is new territory for me. Still, I look forward to spending time in the HiQuarters Discord (the usual sneak peek ;)), because it's most productive with capable friends. (LUV)

The HiQ opens a new chapter and we, the editors, are glad if you, the community, support us. Only if you have fun and enjoy our content, we will be really successful. (Editor's note: And bang, @mary-me has hereby earned herself an HSBI, as her post-production is formatted in an exemplary manner.) ★

By: @quekery


On the occasion of the publication of the first English HiQ issue and an increasing readership, we also want to tell our smart, stylish and sexy story, the story of HiQ.

It's 2018, and on a distant chain, let's call it STEEM (Editor's note: Any similarities to real chains are purely coincidental.), two very very small steemys named @powerpaul and @quekery had a vision. They saw the controversy within the DACH community and thought to themselves, "What kind of kindergarten are we dealing with here?".

The vision

They had the idea to found a satire magazine on chain (Editor's note: And to this day the only one.) and to parody this kindergarten. But at the same time the magazine should offer serious and informative content. The layout was to be based on famous German-language print magazines. The layout was already part of the satire, as well as our writing style. That's where it started. Ideas are all well and good, but from where do you get the funds for such a project?

A plan that wants to be implemented.

We scrounged up an account from @greece-lover called @steemillu and announced the first issue for 10/22/2018. We drummed up publicity and slapped out the first issue. Before that happened, we tossed around a few nights and gathered a lot of ideas. It was a creative effort that was second to none.

For example, we invented the bonus upvotes for authors, which is like a comment that is upvoteable. It points to the work that the corresponding editor has done. In this way, we can, for example, reward authors, permanent freelance authors and guest authors additionaly. After all, we were young and needed the STEEM. (Editor's note: And STEEM needed us.)

The first issue was a huge success. We got delegations, for example from @shaka and @redpalestino, as well as some donations so we could do giveaways.

There also is a huge Easter Egg hidden in this issue, regarding the first issue. If you discover this Easter Egg, write it to us via encrypted memo. We will give away juicy prizes among the entries. The deadline for entries is 10/05/2021.

We received a lot of praise. But some also eyed us with suspicion. At that time we appeared once a week. Thus some users held us for agents of a considerable German-language print newspaper, whose name Bild we do not want to reveal. Probably they just couldn't believe the output and quality that a handful of steemys could produce.

The story continues

We were extremely happy about the success. But you also have to keep in mind that up to now, there hasn't been much profit. We divide the post income between 4-6 people and that for a good three days of work per issue. But we had and still have a lot of fun doing it. Besides all the crunch we were constantly working on new ideas and projects.

From the beginning, the project was meant to be a community project - by the community and for the community. So we recruited new people for our team like @isarmoewe or @nessos. For a while we also had a second issue, the "Community-Transparent", which was also published once a week.

Later on @kaeptn-iglo hired on our boat (Editor's note: He surely has one himself, but only he and his fish-stick-crew are allowed on board.) - a true satirical force of nature. Also @satren celebrated more and more guest appearances in its issues. Founding member @powerpaul, however, found less and less time to work on the magazine, he disappeared and the project died.

Dead said live longer.

Supposedly it died. One could also describe it as falling asleep like Cinderella. (Editor's Note: Not the Prime Video one, the cartoon one from Disney.) After several months @alucian reunited the team. Since @powerpaul still had no time, our team was strengthened by @smooms, the graphic designer of hearts and a guarantor for ingeniously bad jokes.

New team, fresh wind and we became better and more successful. (Editor's note: And fresher. And supperiorer. And odderer.) Unfortunately, @alucian also withdrew and our post output became significantly lower. Until today we suffer from a chronic lack of editors. It's just more profitable on your own blog. (Editor's note: Yet!)

Highlights from long forgotten times

A highlight is of course the first issue. Here we interviewed @naturicia, who was a detective for Steemcleaners.

The article by @powerpaul about @peppermint24 caused quite a stir. (Editor's note: The article "The fallen prince".) That is held against us until today. You can't please everyone. And since each issue is written by several characters, sometimes churning articles arise.

The horoscopes of @flamo also had their fans. However, we discontinued them because they were too costly for @flamo. @kaeptn-iglo also provided some highlights like the legendary scrounger tips or the article "Die Splinterlands, die". (Editors note: Which is not German for "The Splinterlands, the".)

We have special memories of the issue just before THE Fork. Custom Justin and his ValenTronsGate created a lot of buzz, not only with us.

A new era begins

There was a lot of excitement when Hive went live. We (Editor's note: @smooms and @quekery) were also faced with the question: What now? We put our heads together and thought about what to do now? Stay on Steem? Switch to Hive? Double posts? Triple posts? (Editors note: We don't like Blurt because we can't claim the account @hiq there).

We decided to go to Hive. A large part of the German community switched to Hive, which was the main reason for us to switch as well. But we had a problem with the decision. We couldn't call ourself STEEMillu on Hive, so we had to come up with a new branding.

@smooms thought massively about a possible concept. But once the penny dropped, HiQ was born. Instead of being fresher, supperior and odder, we are now smart, stylish and sexy. The layout of HiQ is not based on boulevard magazines, but on lifestyle magazines. Nevertheless, it is to remain satirical, informative and serious, with a stylistic evolution in a new and better direction.

And HiQ also hit like a bomb. Very often we read in the comments that the HTU values on our posts should be triple digits - which already describes its success whithin the community well. But the project fell asleep again. Approximately two point five people was just too few man-/womenpower for such a project.

And then along comes Mary

Our team was strengthened by @mary-me from Australia (Editor's note: No. From Austria. :P) and nearly instantly she became a core team member. There were rumours on the streets stating she's not real, but we can assure you, @mary-me is very real - for real. (Note from @mary-me: Ja eh?!) Her editing, organizational and team communication skills have enriched us and brought us regular post output. Now we're a monthly magazine.

Our next step is @hiq.magazine. (Editor's note: Well... here we are. Wohoooo.) Now we not only delight the German Hive communities, but also the whole world. (Editor's note: If they understand at least english of course.)

A stylish era begins: HiQ Magazine's genesis! ★

By: @leosoph, @quekery, @smooms & @mary-me


A new era is beginning for us. Just like in STEEMillu, we start the first issue (Editor's note: In a different language, though.) with an interview.

@guiltyparties was at our disposal, who didn't hesitate to answer our hard-hitting questions. For those who don't know: He's one of the three main contributors to HiveWatchers. Alongside @logic and ████████. During the interview, @guiltyparties stated that HiveWatchers is not the only thing he is involved in. You can read what @guiltyparties answered to our questions here - in this issue of HiQ. (Editor's note: And in the German issue of the HiQ too. But in German.).

HiQ: Thank you very much for your time. We have to admit that we are noobs still when it comes to HiveWatchers. That's one reason for this interview. I'm sure many Hivians feel the same way. But before we get into the nitty gritty: Who is @GuiltyParties? And what is your role at HiveWatchers?

GuiltyParties: I'm one of the HiveWatchers along with two of my partners.

HiQ: Good and bad things circulate on the streets about HiveWatchers. What is HiveWatchers mission?

GuiltyParties: To address fraud (plagiarism, identity theft, post fraud, etc) and exploitation (phishing, botnets, farms, etc) on the Hive blockchain. We believe in treating everyone equally irrespective of background, wallet size, location, language, ethnicity or gender.

HiQ: You have no insight into the structures of HiveWatchers as an outsider. How is HiveWatchers organized? Do you have hierarchies?

GuiltyParties: It's very simple. There are three HiveWatchers at the moment. Two of us have been there for years and one is fairly new. We work together in different roles.

HiQ: What kind of technical tools do you use to identify offenders?

GuiltyParties: Our best technical tool is our experience. We don't focus on the person but rather on the act. To identify fraud and exploitation we rely on our own blockchain-based investigations and on reports from the Hive community.

HiQ: How do you actually finance yourselves? And is it true that there are "bounties" for reporting potential abuse?

GuiltyParties: We have an operation proposal out to assist with financing but much of the work we simply volunteer for. We do give out rewards for good reporting as a thank-you to the community members who took the time out of their day to assist with anti-abuse efforts.

HiQ: We sometimes get the impression that a shoot-first-ask-questions-later mentality prevails among you. Let's clarify this impression: You detect possible plagiarism. You give the author the opportunity to justify himself, but he still gets flagged instantly. (Editor's note: At least we could observe this in justified and unjustified cases). What would you say to critics?

GuiltyParties: We always leave a comment on new instances we encounter. Often, unfortunately, the person is actually a repeat offender with such high frequency that leaving comments on every post is unrealistic. Other times they are an identity thief, which is zero-tolerance.

There are other times we don't leave comments, particularly if the account is part of a botnet or appears to be part of one. Sometimes malicious operators will try and 'throw' us by making it look like an account is part of their network or the account is actually compromised. Where that happens we will quickly notify and assist the victim with recovery.

HiQ: We were once flagged, back then, on another platform whose name STEEM we don't want to mention, by @mackbot and didn't know why at all. Upon our inquiry in Discord, this circumstance hadn't really changed and we didn't know what we should have changed or could have done. What would you advise in such a case? Is it better to forget your account and create a new one?

GuiltyParties: If you didn't receive a clear response in Discord, simply ask again. Sometimes messages get lost in the volume. It also pays to be patient as we're all in different time zones. It's also important to read the comments left. They are not bot comments; they're simply standardized in format. Never leave the Discord without getting a response because the issue may be a hacked account, meaning time is of the essence.

HiQ: With all the critical questions we also see that one should not simply let abuse run free. How could the critics be met in the future with the development of HiveWatchers and what do you have planned for the future?

GuiltyParties: Hivewatchers is likely one of the oldest community-operated anti-abuse initiatives in the blockchain space. It can't survive without being constantly re-evaluated and updated. We change our approach based on the Hive ecosystem and apply a cyclical process of feedback and improvement.

We welcome all constructive criticism as it assists us in keeping Hive free from abuse. The only type of criticism we discard is that which is discriminatory in nature. It's not uncommon to receive messages aimed at getting preferrential treatment for some people over others. Since we believe in human equality, we do not and never will entertain giving 'free passes' to anyone simply based on their physical attributes or ability to write eloquently in the English language. We will also never entertain the regular requests to 'pre-emptively ban' those from certain geographic areas of the world.

HiQ: And last but not least possibly the most important question: If you hit yourself and it hurts, are you strong or weak?

GuiltyParties: Probably a bit of both.

HiQ: Thank you for this historically important interview. We don't want to be "that kind of people" and let our guest have the (almost) last word. Now is your chance to say a few words to our readers. Of course, you may also greet family and friends. After all, we have such a wide reach that you're about to become famous. ;)

GuiltyParties: Thanks for the opportunity. I'll use it to remind everyone to keep your Hive account keys stored securely offline, not in your email. ★

By: @kaeptn-iglo


Why must a teaser for dCrops have three lines in the right column? This must be 3 lines long at HackMD because of the float in the right column! Because we are stylish at the highest level - so the editorial team.

Who doesn't like a farming simulator like this? When I was little, I loved to play Harvest Moon: Back to Nature. The disadvantage: You wasted a lot of time without getting anything in the end. Well, that has come to an end with dCrops!

Or is it already over before it really begins, and why? Let's first take a closer look at the game itself. The game is very minimalistic. You simply buy a few packs, just like in Splinterlands or dCity (which are not available at the moment, because all packs are sold out already - there will be more soon!) and start using the lands and seeds available in the packs at the right season (15 Days/Season).

Unfortunately, you still have to plant each seed on land individually, as there is still (I hope this will be available soon) no way to grow or harvest everything at one click. (Editor's note: Next Colony players exactly know what our Mr. Iglo is talking about.)

The harvested crops end up in the inventory and can be exchanged for CROPS. Of course, you can also sell your seeds and lands on the marketplace. There are a few rascals everywhere (the gaysumption of innocence applies) who hope that instead of spending CROPS on the market, someone will pay their prices in SWAP.HIVE.

At the moment there are only a few active players and since it definitely has potential, we from the HiQ editorial team would like to see interested people joining this game - go for it.

Note to @louis88: Community work is not about reffing yourself 10 times for a game with side accounts you own or have control of, like @louis89, @louis90 @louis91, @loupigs, @steemtwins, @cr0w and @fyn, you should use this Link instead ;)!

Of course, the gaysumption of innocence applies here as well, because it could be, that @louis88 was just doing a security check - just to show that dCrop's secondary accounts are removed from the Ref. contest, where there are 25 packs worth 50 USDollares to be won for 1st place after all ;-) ★

By: @kaeptn-iglo


It sometimes can get nasty in the newsroom. Imagine you are in Iglo's shoes as part of the editorial team. Iglo has worked out this mind game for you.

Just like that, @quekery asks me if I want to do last minute short news about the Splinterlands presale. I told him that I would have to read up on it first and that it would be connected with work.

Whereupon @quekery said, that he already sent me the necessary information. I replied that if @mary-me would read it to me, I would be willing to write a Short-News, to which @mary-me said (acoustically clearly annoyed by me), that she had enough to do herself.

I then asked if I should just write that the Presale starts on Oct 18 and ends on Nov 17? "No Iglo," said @mary-me "that's way too little!" (fully annoyed again, of course) To which I asked if mentioning the name of the new Chaos Legion edition was enough. To which @quekery replied, "Iglo, you sloth! Don't annoy @mary-me like that!"

Me: "Is it enough if I write that 1000 clocked SPS generate 0.35185498926 vouchers according to current calculation and 1 voucher gives the right to buy a pack?" @queker and @mary-me at the same time: "NO!!!" @smooms on it: "Loool"

Me in response: "What if I write that if you have 50 vouchers and buy the packs, you are guaranteed to get a limited promo card and you have to stake about 5000 SPS for it?" To which @mary-me: "Iglo now shut the fuck up! We're working here!"

Whereupon I said: "Donn schreibts eichan Scheiß selber, zefix numoi (So write your shit yourself, dafuck!)! And that each pack will costs 4 dollars doesn't matter, so fuck it!"
@smooms: "Loool! The short news are ready now!" ★

By: @satren


It is time again to address the topic of HBD. A long long time ago there was already an article about it, in a time before the HiQ. In a time before @mary-me.

Upfront. Many ask the question why we have HBD at all. That can be explained fairly quickly if you look at Bitshares. Bitshares is one of the predecessor chains of Hive. They already had a DAO fund. However, it had the problem, that it only worked with its own Bitshares tokens. This token fluctuated, however, which meant that many developers and marketing chatterers could not safely cover their costs.

As a solution, a central fund account was formed that paid out a fixed amount according to USD. To change this, HBD was introduced so that developers, merchants and many others would have a fixed equivalent.

Where does the value of the HBD come from?

For each HBD, there is one USD of virtual Hive in the system. The rate is set by the Witnesses using the price feed. Each witness deposits a Hive rate in USD in a block round. The average of these Hive prices result in the current value of Hive in USD.

The system now deposits Hive worth one USD for each HBD according to the price feed. This amount of Hive is flexible and virtual. A month ago, for example, there were about 25 million Hives deposited this way. Today it already goes in the direction of 50 million Hive. This Hive can be retrieved by the conversion.

The Conversion

There are two conversion mechanisms. One from Hive to HBD, where half is paid out immediately, the other half in 3.5 days. 5% of those Hive will be burned. There is also a conversion the other way around, which is much older. This one converts HBD into Hive.

The HBD to Hive conversion takes 3.5 days to pay out the Hive. Whenever you have to wait 3.5 days, the system does not work with the value of the Hive at the current moment, but determines the Hive rate over the next 3.5 days and pays out the average of the hive accordingly.

How to get HBD?

As long as the HBD print rate is above 5%, you get HBD through posts. 50% of those rewards are paid out liquid. As long as the virtual Hive, with which the HBD are deposited, are not worth more than 10% of the value of the total ecosystem. If they are worth more, the HBD print rate will decrease. Other methods to get HBD are the already mentioned conversion methods, the DAO-Fund and the interest on HBD in the savings.

**Why the printing rate?

HBD are IOUs in that sense. The problem is, if there are too many and the Hive price drops, we quickly have a high inflation. And that's exactly what we have right now. 10 million virtual Hive were created within a few days. That's roughly half as much as inflation was supposed to generate this whole year.

How will it continue? Nobody knows. But there are only two ways how HBD can be distributed again. Either users buy HBD for under one USD and convert them to Hive, or the Hive price rises to the point where HBD deposit less than 10% of the total market. For that to happen, we need about 10 million fewer virtual Hive behind the HBD, so the Hive price would have to rise by about 20 cents. (Editors note: Ask @satren what he meant. As for the authors, we are clueless.) ★

By: @mary-me


Effectiveness and automation are a double-edged sword on Hive. Is it allowed to outsource votes? HiQ has a trail that anyone (Editor's note: who dares) can join.

Trails are a useful tool to effectively use one's voting mana. Often you don't have the time to distribute votes yourself, so a trail can be helpful. According to our mathematician, it is best to vote down to 85% voting mana every day. It would be a shame if accounts hang around at 100% for days when they could be collecting curation rewards via votes.

To join a trail, go to hive.vote and log in there using Hivesigner. If you have never used Hivesigner before, go to "register" and enter your Hive username and the corresponding active key. You can check the permission for hive.vote at https://peakd.com/@yourname/permissions and revoke it if necessary.

After logging in for the first time a message appears which you have to click away. Some people already failed because they did not read what is written there. For a happy use of hive.vote you only have to give a permission to hive.vote. There is a button in the middle of the screen. Click on it and confirm everything via hivesigner.

From now on nothing can stop us. Then click on "Curation Trail" in the menu on the left. Now you can select a trail from the list or search for a trail yourself. Here in the example we take the HiQ trail.

Then just click on "follow". This is basicaly already the whole witchcraft. But now you should have a look at the "settings". In the example "scale voting weight" is selected. This means that your voting weight is determined by the percentage of the trail head's vote and your account votes accordingly. (Editor's note: @quekery's Mathsense is tingling: for example, if you have set 50% and the trail head votes with 50%, then your vote will only be 25%. Because 50% of 50%. Easy.)

A relatively new feature is to also vote comments in a trail. If you check "vote comments too", then you will also vote the comments that the trail account votes.

If you don't want to worry about crowded voting mana anymore, join the smart, stylish and sexy HiQ trail (Editor's note: hiq.redaktion). There's nothing more convenient than automatically dusting off curation rewards. ★

By: @quekery & @satren


Only a trained hivestyler is a good hivstyler. Check out the latest hive shit. There is something for everyone. But not for Steemys, they should read other articles.

Meet Up Vienna
The Meet Up Vienna will take place again on October 7th 2021. As usual, @manncpt will be responsible for the organization. Even if the Reallife-Meet-Up will take place in Vienna (Editors's note: This is in Australia.), principally all Hivians are invited. You can find the invitation here.

Virtual DACH Meet Up.
As it is well known, @satren always has the best ideas when he is delirious. In the last Meet Up there were already overlaps with other dates. This time it's only the Day of German Unity (Note of Saren: since when do I care about holidays?), which overlaps with the virtual Meet Up. So if you're fluent in German, you can join us on October 3rd, 2021 here.

Instead of WINE there is now WINEX. Apparently there were problems with the original WINE token. So most WINE lovers got a 1:1 airdrop. Then let's hope that the supply is sufficient to boost alcoholism (Editor's note: More likely @satren's.).

Hivefest 6
November 12-13 is the 6th Hivefest. Unfortunately, the Hivefest will be in VR again, as a reallife Hivefest would be difficult due to the current determination in Holland. For this, the entrance is free and so is the journey. The whole process from registration to execution will be similar to last year. In the link above you can find more details about the conditions. Organizer is @roelandp.

Witness Altonos
Did someone delete the internet? We don't think so. @altonos is our latest Witness from the alleged German-speaking world (Editor's note: We're not sure if Berliners really speak German). You can always leave a vote here for sure.

Transparency note: This post did not come about because Altonos bribed us by regularly donating Hive to us, he only does that because he is a good Hivian. Do you want to be a good Hivian too? Then vote for him. (Editor's note: And give us money pls).

@nbs.gmbh: What were the northern Bavarians thinking again? Isn't it enough that we already have the developers behind Beem in Erlangen? No! 30 km further in Nuremberg the next troop sits around. Is a hive valley being created here? We report!

The first appearance already ended in an upvote massacre. (Editor's note: Don't give @jelly13 any hints.) How many hundred dollars of votes were distributed? We don't know - but were on the front lines for you. @smooms even almost lost an eye when the votes came flying in! How could he have kept playing MIR4 like that? (Note from @smooms: Well AFK, like any normal MIR4 player.) ★

By: @quekery


The latest Gossip is back in the game. Since we will be covering the entire community in the future, you are invited to provide us with new material. Maybe we also throw in a bounty as well.

The most toxic community
According to @jelly13 aka @jelly-cz the German community is the most toxic community a chain has ever seen. So we wonder why he spends so much time "analyzing" and fighting it. Many (Editor's note: Us too.) have given a lot of thought to what his motivations might be. His posts and comments have been pored over. People tried to talk to him. People tried to understand him. The result: impossible.

His gibberish is completely incomprehensible. Sometimes it is about the style of certain posts. Sometimes it is about alleged conspiracies within the German-speaking community. Sometimes it is about his hatred for German speakers. @balte didn't want to bear all this anymore and flags @jelly13 now until he stops flagging (almost) only german speaking content. Result: impossible. We even found contest posts from german speaking users that he voted, eventhough he usually flags exactly these kind of posts. See through @jelly-cz? Result: impossible. (Editors note: See? You don't have to learn German anymore to read our Magazine.)


Balte and Red be nice.
On the Chain, which we used before the word Hive was even invented, a small disaster took place. @chriddie interviewed @redpalestino with the goal of revitalizing the German-speaking community with old hands. One phrase from @redpalestino could be interpreted as if @balte had been causative for much beef on Steem. You can read the whole story here.

The end of the GSB
Some of you may still remember the German community "GSB". It was led by @greece-lover for a long time. Up to now, he still kept the steam on Steem. Now, however, he has announced that he does not want to be involved in any German-language community on Steem. In addition, his community is to be rebranded. If you still dare to join Steem, you can read about it here. (Editor's note: Let's hope no dick picks are posted there, then). ★

By: @mary-me, @quekery & @smooms


Every month we receive countless letters. We try to answer them all, but the more fans we get, the more difficult it becomes. But we read every comment and are happy about every word. Thank you all so much.

@borsengelaber babbles himself to the top:

Cool thing your German Hive Magazine! I'll have a look regularly, for Hive newbies like me there are some exciting things in it.

Yes, please have a look. We publish once a month and soon also in english.

Measuring time in Hive blocks is really nerdy! But then again, that's blockchain. You can also measure time in hourly wages or other things. So why not in Hive blocks?

You wouldn't believe how hard @quekery's nipples get when it comes to numbers. But we all secretly like it somewhere. Well numbers. Not @quekery's hard nipples.

@pundito notes with thanks:

Once again a very successful issue!
Thanks for this and keep up the good work!!!

Not for this. We have a mission. Like the Templars. (Note from @quekery: If it goes after me, rather like the Pythagoreans. However, they were brutally slaughtered. Hmmm....) And this, of course, we proudly pursue with our heads held high. We won't give up until everyone knows we're the smartest, most stylish and sexiest. (Editor's note: And also the only ones who make a magazine. loooool. [Note to editor's note: Two unique magazines. TWO!])

@yangyanje smartly notes:

Didn't know you could format so awesome here. Mega good editorial! So impressive.

That's how it is... And you can do it too.

<div class="push-left">
The text is now floated to the left....

<div class="push-right">
And the text here is now floated on the right...

Why don't you test it out yourself right now?

@r0nny deflowered the comment section:

Once again a simply brilliant special edition, I can hardly get out of laughing again! Only one thing I missed, the call for the election of the next MVP... And since it seems that no one has ever dared to do it, but he has been secretly wishing for it for a long time (a little birdie told me that!):
MVP: @smooms / I think he has earned it #NOHOMO but LUV

Well, first time.... You actually won the vote. Your MVP suggestion was taken among all the entrants. ;) HSBI goes out.

@dragon-ti has dollars in his eyes:.

Great issue! Thanks for mentioning it: am still a flame!
I also have to say thanks to Balte. When he voted then really awesome. I'm really happy when he does it again.

This letter won't make Balte manage to keep his voting mana.

@miketr can google:

alternative persona

Incredibly, to which new word creations the @hiq.redaktion comes so. If you search this term on Google? Gotcha! Must out myself and it is true, immediately ran into the pharmacy! Since I was aware for the first time, I'm not a man. And YES the test was positive - I am pregnant!

Call the child Heiko, if it becomes a boy. Sounds almost like HiQ. (Editors note: "Persona" is a pregnancy test in Germany. But we use the word "Persona" in several occasions. Why you ask? Because we are able to.)

I already had such new word creations. 3 years ago already on Steem, sorry for the S-word! Steemoholic! I was able to beat the addiction, or rather switched to harder drugs and now hiveoholic! Hive on!

You are not up to date with the latest hivestyle trends. You may say Steem again now, but should mention that Steem was a long long while ago. At the dawn of the block era. Hive is an acceptable drug, though. Like caffeine, nicotine or alcohol. STEEM then is more like crystal meth.

@bulldog-joy is full of joy:

smile... even if I only get half of it sometimes, lol. Clearing my throat... I'd like to make a quick note that the tag is #PUD. Power Up Day (#POD). Small typo in the text, but that can happen to any genius.

Have you assumed O's gender? Maybe it also defines itself as a U. Besides, we are such geniuses that we can brand U as O. May the Hivestyle be with you.

@mima2606 rattles affectionately:

I'm looking forward to it and I'm very excited. I am most excited to see who is the Hivestyler who will be MVP!

Everyone is MVP at heart. But only HiQ's MVP is THE hive persona par excellence. If you read the answer to your letter first, then you can be really excited. Should you have read the issue chronologically, then: awesome right? @smooms really deserves it.

I love your work and I'm glad that you exist and that you run the store. I'm well informed about Hive but also the older ones discover new interesting topics with you. That's good and should stay that way.

Love us, only us!

I'm curious to see how it will be accepted. (Editor's note: referring to the announcement of the English edition.) In any case, I wish you a lot of success and it would be very, very good if the English-speaking community, of course, also much larger, gets to read the hivestylish shit.

The "hive shit" you mean. But yeah. There we give you a crisp highfhive and an amen bro.

@balte poetry straight to the heart:

Once started with a great ambition
and your content is unique.
You gave the people here one definition
what a press should make public.

Sorry, english is not my mother-language.

Yes dear @balte so unique,
Also a little mad, son.
Readers brimming with critic,
the good and also bad one.

@patriamcaritatis wants HiQ to become successful:

This is a great idea, which will hopefully bring you further. I hope for good success and wish you much success... The English speaking community will thank you.

We have two rules:

  1. We only have good ideas.
  2. If we are bullshitting and fail hard, rule 1 applies automatically.

@alucian loves PR:

You may be tight, but we are [ENG/GER]

The Nivea must have slipped.

(Editor's note: Enger means tighter in german.)
Are you getting paid for the product placement?

@ynwa.andree in runnig gag mode:

Oh, now I can write: I am very excited!

Well. What should we say. We don't want to sound ahead of ourselfes. But we are so professional, that a release leaves us cold. (Editor's note: For real... we are shitting ourself every release anew.) ★

Donors: @monkaydee293 550 YKWTIM & @oliverschmid bzw. @nextcolony 300 YKWTIM, 200 HIVE, 75 USD & @balte 395 YKWTIM, 1330 HIVE, 35 HBD & @platuro 15 YKWTIM, 100 ENG, 1 Boosterpack, 9.99 YKWTBDIM & @greece-lover 110 YKWTIM, 3 YKWTBDIM and temporary delegations & @jeenger 10 YKWTIM, 29.9 HIVE & @schlees 10 € & @quekery 20 YKWTIM, 2 YKWTBDIM & @powerpaul 0.101 YKWTIM, 2.152 YKWTBDIM & @chappertron 2 DWSWTBD & @remotehorst23 1 DWSWTBD & @meins0815 0.35 YKWTBDIM, 0.179 YKWTBDIM & @louis88 10 Hive, 5 SBI, 5 BEER & @detlev 24 BEER & @commentcoin 100CC & @muelli 3 HIVE & @condeas 498 SWAP.DOGE & @satren 132.87 HIVE & @fw206 10 HIVE & @lauch3d 5 HIVE, 6 HBD & @who-knows 0.22 BNB & @manncpt 10 HBD & @altonos 10 HIVE, 7 HBD

Delegators: @balte 16,000 HP & @uwelang 2,000 HP & @photobook 100 HP & @carmate 5 HP

Immeasurable thanks go to all the donors, delegators, upvoters, rebloggers and subscribers!

Thanks also to the authors and content creators, which are @quekery, @smooms, @mary-me, @satren, @kaeptn-iglo, @leosoph & @schlees.

Not to list, but still worth mentioning are of course all the little touches, ideas and tips from the community. Thanks for that! You guys are great!


The opinion of individual authors does not necessarily reflect the opinion of the editorial staff or the publisher. If an article is published under an alias, the true (profile) name of the author is known. We reserve the right not to print submitted text contributions if the content contained therein is questionable or massively violates the boundaries of morality and order. Image material or raw image material is, unless otherwise stated, from pixabay.com or is screenshoted.
Editorial Core Team/Publisher: @quekery, @smooms & @mary-me
HiQ - The Hivestyle Magazine is a project of the HiQuarters team.

If you're stylish and smart, you're subscribed to us: @alucian @atra-aranea @balte @bitandi @blue.rabbit @btcsam @carolinmatthie @chappertron @cloudlynx @cultus-forex @dauerossi @ditsch @dieradikalemitte @flamo @florian-glechner @flows @fredfettmeister @hatoto @ischmieregal @jeenger @kadna @kaeptn-iglo @klausklaus @konstice @kryptodenno @lammbock @leosoph @markus.light @mary-me @misan @mwfiae @lauchmelder @louis88 @platuro @powerpaul @pundito @quekery @querdenker @nessos @remotehorst23 @satren @sebescen81 @shakkei @schmidi @simsibee @smooms @solarwarrior @syalla @tribemieregal @tibfox @twinner @vugel @yoshi-and-family @zockerpeine


@kaeptn-iglo was involved in:

- I'm Faaaarmer... a licky boom boom down - dCrops
- The Booster Presale is in the starting blocks. You need infos? Be our guest.
- Rich in Omega 3
- beebay Commissioner for Marketing

@quekery was involved in:

- Rebranding
- Math-Nerd-Tipps
- Editorial
- Hivestyle for Hivians
- Open your history books. HiQ's genesis.
- GuiltyParties from HiveWatchers faces up to our tricky catalog of questionnaire.
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@mary-me was involved in:

- Everything for the quota
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- Correcting jokes and insiders
- Ctrl expert
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- GuiltyParties from HiveWatchers faces up to our tricky catalog of questionnaire.
- Editorial
- How to join a trail, but smart. You can join our trail like this.
- Readers' Letters

@schlees was involved in:

- Proofreading under pressure
- Mangoslicesupplier (Editors note: Dried tho.)

@balte ? @nbs.gmbh ? are these german companies like @appics ? :D i support any sort of hive magazine or hive publishing

hahaha hive posst go by so fast you can SERIOUSLY influence what people do just by posting fast map ideas like i do lol



Hmm, i am not a company, i am @balte😁, @nbs.gmbh is a company indeed.
@hiq is a free press project.
Best regards.


@satren was involved in:

- More, That you wanted to/should know about HBD.
- Hivestyle for Hivians
- Cum sareneffusion
- Chabo
- Witness of DACHistan

@smooms was involved in:

- Graphic, Rebranding & Logo Creation
- Main translater (If there are errors... sorry...)
- HiQs Most Valued Poster
- GuiltyParties from HiveWatchers faces up to our tricky catalog of questionnaire.
- Readers' Letters
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Check out the last post from @hivebuzz:

Hive Power Up Month - Feedback from Day 29
Hive Power Up Day - October 1st 2021 - Hive Power Delegation

Jetzt machen die den Quatsch hier sogar noch in Spanisch. 😵


That was a long read. 👍 Thank you for all your efforts.


I am deeply impressed! Best regards.


Nice, u made a magazine! but make the cover nicer, use canva


we need to all be making hive magazines

heres mine


we should keep making these magazines

who is @newsflash ? amazing job, we need to really make hive a journalism hive

but i forsee some assholes in charge of hive witnesses deciding for all of us that we have to censor anti vaccine "miss info' after they get some letters saying theyre gonna be liable for medical terrorism or some scarey shit lol

i bet most witnesses will cave to that pressure in EU and USA. we need witnesses to be completely anonymous without any people just stake holders. on @telosnetwork this is possible to run a smart contract witness and have it always on, no hard forks, stuck forever in no censorship mode. now have AI clouds of self reproducing nanotech be what broadcasts the signal, everrywhere, theyll try to block it with emps lol, but the grey goo will win because we will have to use it to fight the government lol

all thanks to our hive magazines



This is really awesome I thought the article was a two days read lol.
Keep up the good work moving


Thank you for making and ENG edition of HiQ Magazine. It will take me a while to read this issue, and I hope I make a contribution to it in the future.

It's too late for me to upvote this post, so please accept this slice of !PIZZA instead.


It's too late for me to upvote this post, so please accept this slice of !PIZZA instead.

[@quekery] Only for this scenario we have the posts on @hiq.redaktion which are also in English. You also can leave an "ABO" with the "command" "ABO". Stay tuned for the this weeks issue.



Ah, OK. Thank you for the clarification and the other engagement tokens!