HiQ №21 | Smart, Stylish & Sexy | Road to HiveFest, Tribe Tokens, Splinterlands, Pinmapple, HiQ is getting physical, WOO a.m.m.m.


Info für deutsche Leser: Die deutsche Ausgabe wurde unter @hiq veröffentlicht. (Anm. d. R.: Ihr findet sie hier.)

By: @mary-me & @smooms


We are moving beyond our shadows and breaking new ground. We're already sore from creating our own path. (Editor's note: And laughing at our own jokes. LOOL (<- like so.))

But before we tease what's in store for you this issue, we'd like to take a paragraph or two to bring you our Commentary Discount Sale. Here we go: Comentary Discount Sale 1/4 is kicking off again and YOU now have the chance to snag up to 180 HIQS for the unbeatable price of just 0.3 SWAP.HIVE.

What you have to do to get your hands on this highly coveted item:

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in the comments. Our bot, which is equipped with the smooms token distribution algorithm, will then process these and distribute them fairly to all users. Nobody will be left empty-handed. And because you've been reading along so diligently up to this point, we're now talking about this month's issue.

The current MVP is none other than @crimsonclad. She is a Hive veteran and it is inexplicable to us why she has never been MVP before. Now the time has come - read more below.

The Editorialist @kvinna was back in the OutbackDiscord for you to document the current happenings in the newsroom. If you want to know what's happening in HiQuarters 2.0 in the run-up to HiveFest, don't skip the column.

For this issue, @quekery has also moved out of his comfort zone and plunged into the depths of Tribe Token. (Editor's note: Will his journey become a Netflix series? "@quekery and his journey to the 44 Tribes." Who will play the lead role of Queker? Nathan Marsington maybe?) The info he put together there is extensive. You can read if and how much SEX he found at Hive Engine in his article on Tribe Tokens.

And as if one cover story wasn't enough work, the runner up also goes to @quekery. His Splinterlands article also became a cover story. In it you can read all about the atypes of Splinterlands players. Which one are you? Write us a comment.

Maybe not only interesting for HiveFest visitors: Pinmapple. A "tool" for Hivians who are on the road a lot. (Editor's note: So actually nothing for the basement dwellers of the HiQ editorial staff. Except @kvinna. She's out more often, we think). What you can discover at Pinmapple or how you can even use Pinmapple with your own blog, we tell you today.

Speaking of "today", today is the very first public teaser for the very first physical HiQ - The Hivestyle Magazine issue. Your help is needed. Including an interesting raffle maybe? If you haven't found a place to stay at HiveFest, you can even use it to cover yourself up when you sleep on a park bench.

Shortly before the editorial deadline we got the information about a new game on Hive: WOO - Wrestling Organization Online. Despite the stress of the final editing @quekery or @mary-me couldn't help themselves and had to test it. Who of the two has the better cards, you will find out in this issue.

Last but not least, we round it off as usual with a supplement consisting of gossip, hivestyle for hivians and the readers' letters. And BOOM. HiQ number 21 is ready and we hope you enjoy reading it.

Ah and by the way also have fun voting our Witness Node. LOOL.

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But now really... Have fun with this issue. ;) ★


  ➀ HiQs MVP - @crimsonclad
  ➁ Column - Road to HiveFest

Cover Story
  ➂ Tribe Tokens
  ➃ ATypes of Splinterlands players

  ➄ Pinmapple introduced
  ➅ HiQ is getting physical

  ➆ WOO - Wrestling Game

  ➇ Gossip
  ➈ Hivestyle für Hivians
  ➉ Readers' letters ★

By: @smooms

➀ MVP  

Teased for the next issue: The HiQ editorial team gets in touch with a true Steem/Hive luminary. The fact that she hasn't already become MVP is a mystery to the entire editorial team.

We are talking about @crimsonclad. Back when @smooms was a piddly little Steemian looking for help on the PAL Discord, there was a user who made it her mission to help him out. She's now involved in many projects, hosts a few radio shows, and streams her creative outpourings on Vimm and Twitch. On Hive, you can definitely see her as part of the furniture. She also posts very actively and regularly on Twitter.

Let's see what we can tease out of her in the interview in the issue that will be released before HiveFest. Maybe we'll get a sneak peek at what she'll be talking about at HiveFest. Again, communication with her was very pleasant, she is extremely friendly. We're looking forward to a nice interview and especially meeting her at HiveFest. (Note from @smooms: I hope the stolen pictures thing wasn't a problem. LOOL)

Are you the next HiQ MVP and can call yourself the most stylish user of the month?

NEW: Send 10 HIQS & get 100% votes for 1 MONTH!

Every month we look for the most stylish Hivian of the Hive. You can submit your photo too! Send 10 HIQS (+ possible bribe) to @hiq with the memo "HiQ MVP + link to your profile".

We will then publish your picture in one of the next issues. In addition, we will put you in our auto-voter for one month. That means: at least 28 days of 100% upvotes from the smart HiQ trail. ★

(only 1 vote per day)

By: @kvinna


To the moon er HiveFest. Here's an exclusive column from the editor's guide about her observations of the core team around HiveFest 2022. Read on for a behind-the-scenes look.

HiveFest is a very exciting and thrilling event. The HiQ editors are really excited, you can really see that.

"Initially", "only" a print edition of HiQ was planned for HiveFest. Only and initially don't really hit the mark, because the idea of the glossy magazine in physical form is not new, but where fits it better than HiveFest?

Don't miss the chance to book or win advertising space for your projects. Your ad in the first print issue - this opportunity is unique. You can find the raffle in this issue. I'll be happy to post the prizes here, but remember, I didn't make them, I'm just the messenger. wink

1/4 page for 75 HBD
(width: 10,5 cm x height: 14,8 cm)

1/2 page for 175 HBD
(width: 21.0 cm x height: 14.8 cm)

1 page for 375 HBD
(width: 21.0 cm x height: 29.7 cm)

When the HiQ core team learned that HiveFest was to be in Amsterdam, the eyes of the three must have lit up. A place in Europe, an accessible destination. A cool city, not at the end of the world, but right in the neighboring country, at least for two of them. But unfortunately, accommodations are scarce and expensive.

You might now think the HiQ team is wealthy, because they talk about Lambos and great wealth, but that still seems to be dreams of the future, because they mostly invest profits in their hive projects instead of giving the Lamborghini dealer the down payment.

Their posts on their blogs reveal the state of play at any given time. Why the houseboat was discarded as a place to stay, I'm afraid I don't know, maybe the Nintendo Switch isn't waterproof or they fear getting seasick. The Procrastination team has rented a campsite, which sounds a bit like "Hitchhiking to HiveFest", but hey, how cool and smart is that - camping by the water, because anyone can do a hotel.

@quekery and @smooms want to play together with their Switches, but as long as they don't switch the Joy-Cons or the tents, everything is fine. Whether the concerned @mary-me actually needs a lockable room when the boys have their favorite toys with them and are in gaming mode is questionable, but better safe than sorry.

Now @smooms still wrote in his post that he could sleep on a brick. Well, I want to see that! I sponsor the 5 euros for the brick and if Smoomsington then live streams, then you get the best report I have ever written.

Now if they can just get the travel sorted out, and especially the truck to transport the game consoles and all the gadgets, then you can look forward to meeting @mary-me, @quekery and @smooms live at HiveFest or get excited by all that they will bring back from it and write down.

I can't say for sure yet if smoomslive will actually be live at the venue, because he hinted today that he doesn't like face-to-face contact with people that much. I think he was just kidding (Note from @smooms: No. I meant it.), but who knows, maybe he'll hole up in his tent like in a fort with his VR goggles and control his deceptively real avatar over @roelands HiveFest. Also good, then there is even more time for the brick performance.

In any case, you can be as tense as a mima2606 bow to see what comes out of this road trip in the end. Will the HiQ core team grow together even more through the personal contact? You may read about it sometime in HiQ. ★


By: @quekery


We went to the world of tribes and discovered incredible things. What are the tribes? What parameters do they have? And does HE actually has SEX?

What have @mima2606 and @kheldar1982 got us into? Both of them gave us the idea to collect information about all Tribe Tokens. Well, all is easier said than done. During our research we had some surprises. The first challenge was to find a list of tribes. tribaldex.com is relatively modest in terms of information. For example, the FAQ page looks like this:

Or ask on the Hive Engine Discord and never get an answer. @captaincryptic, the creator of LOLZ, is currently creating a tribe called FUN. He also reported to us that he had difficulty figuring out how to configure the settings for his Tribe for reasons mentioned. (Editor's note: LOOL!) Add to that the "technical terms" used by Tribaldex, such as outposts, ScotBot, etc.... Also the fee model for all the Tribaldex functions is not exactly clear.

For newbees, here is a brief explanation of what a Tribe is. A Tribe is a Hive-Engine token, which has a similar mechanic as Hive and Hive-Power. I.e. you can stake it and vote with your Stake. And it then hails Curation Rewards for the voter and Author Rewards for the author. Each tribe has a fixed number of tags that unlock this mechnanics, so to speak.

If you want to set up a tribe and you already have a token, the SMT Reward function costs 1000 BEE. If we add staking and token creation, we end up with 2100 BEE. If you want a frontend made by Tribaldex called Outpost, you have to add another 5000 BEE. To get a better understanding of tribes, let's pretend we are creating a tribe.

Here we first click on ScotBot.

Yes, why do we actually click on ScotBot? Didn't we want to create a Tribe Token? We click anyway - costs nothing.

Ok, here we learn why we clicked on ScotBot... because ScotBot no longer exists, lool. Well, let's not dilly-dally and click on the yellow setup button, which takes us to the non-ScotBot-on-chain-decentralized-opensource-smart-contracts. (Editor's note: Which we reached through the ScotBot menu item, lool.) If we select a token to level up to a tribe (Editor's note: Definitely PayToWin, lool.), this page laughs at us.

Help can be found in Discord, provided someone responds after you ask your question in 2 channels. LOOL

Besides a lot of non-ScotBot-on-chain-decentralized-opensource-smart-contract-spanish, tags and excluded tags jump out at us. It's not surprising that you can set tags, but excluded tags certainly are set for some. And did you know that taxes exist? We always thought taxation is theft. (Editor's note: LOOLLOOL!) But what is meant here is something else. For example, the CENT-Tribe has taxes. If you use the Frontend of CENT, you get full rewards and if not, you have to pay 10%.

Ok, now we have a better feeling for tribes. Now it would be cool to be able to read all the info about a specific tribe somehow. There used to be a homepage by @themarkymark that could do that, but unfortunately it's down. So @quekery developed a command for the HiQ-Smart-Bot on Discord, which displays the info. Just join our Discord if you want to use it too. Of course we wanted to use the command right away for the research for this article and also @captaincryptic used the command for modeling FUN. And that's how we knew CENT didn't think taxation is theft.

Well, that looks pretty good already. We now know that CENT loves taxes (Editor's note: They have the highest taxes of all tribes, lool.) and that CENT hates Actifit. (Editor's note: Well, you know...) Are we any closer to our goal of figuring out all the Tribes? Then let's see what LEO has for parameters:

Unfortunately LEO is not in our list. Are only the 23 tokens in the picture real tribes? We couldn't find out yet, but we have a suspicion. The 23 tribes we found appear to be non-ScotBot-on-chain-decentralized-opensource-smart-contract tribes.


To summarize all data from all non-ScotBot-on-chain-decentralized-opensource-smart-contract-tribes would probably take several blocks. But we have collected the most important information for you in days of fomophus work. We sorted them by usecase. Starting with all topics, followed by gaming, sports and other topics like PHOTO. By the way, this one is brand new and was penned by the MEME makers.

A special "category" are all tokens, which are provided with ? they are at the very bottom. Here we listed all Tribes, which seem phishy. For example, if they come from spammers, they landed there. A special one is SEX. There is no SEX on Hive-Engine.

Other than that, have FUN with the table of all.


TokenTagsexcluded TagsSpecifics
BEEhive-engine, tribaldex, dieselpools, outposts, tribesNoneTopics: all, Frontend
PALpalnet, hive-110490NoneTopics: all
NEOXAGneoxian, hive-177682steemhunt, sct, zzan, dlike, actifitTopics: all
CENTcent, hive-173575actifitTopics: all, higher rewards through Frontend usage, Taxes 10 %
VYBvyb, verifyyourbrain, pob, proofofbrain, hive-150329no-vyb, novyb, hive-193552, hive-193084, actifitTopics: all, Frontend
WAIVwaivio, neoxian, palnet, waiv, foodNoneTopics: all, Homepage
PGMplaygamer, pgmNoneTopics: Gaming
SPTsplintertalk, splinterlands, spt, steemmonsters, hive-13323NoneTopic: Splinterlands, Frontend
ONEUPoneup, nftNoneTopic: Gaming, Frontend
THGAMINGthgaming, hive-184309NoneTopics: Gaming, NFTs, Crypto, Memes
SPORTShive-101690, sports, sportstalkNoneTopic: Sport, Frontend
DUNKdunk, dunksocialNoneTopic: Basketball, Frontend
MEMEmeme, memes, memehive, hive-104024NoneTopics: Memes, Frontend
PHOTOphotography, bnwphotography, hiveimages, hivestockimages, hive-134860NoneTopics: Photos, Frontend
BEATCZbeatzchain, beatcz, musicNoneTopics: Musik, Frontend
SCRIBEscholarandscribeNoneTopics: Scholar and scribe, Taxes 2 %
SCHOLARscholarandscribeNoneTopics: Scholar and scribe, Taxes 1 %
BUIDLbuild-it, buidl, diy, hive-129017NoneTopics: DIY, Frontend
WITworldbuilding, creative-writing, creativewriting, writing, fictionNoneTopic: Building worlds for stories
OPENlife, happy, freedom, sexual, humanNone?
VKBTvankushfamily, r2cornell, proofofbrain, actifit, dtubeNone?
SEXsex, porn, business, bitcoin, financeNone?

There is a small Fomo-Egg in the table. Can you find it? Then post it in the comments. The first correct comment gets 1 HIQS from us.


All other tribes are summarized here. They could be ScotBot remnants or have a system on their own. For example, in the description of WEED we read that it "is" the first ScotBot tribe ever. Of course, we can't guarantee completeness and have had to dig in our brains as well. But a few ScotBot-closed-source-Python-Bot-not-anymore-operated-by-the-Hive-Engine-team-Tribes we were still able to track down. (Editor's note: A few ...)

TokenTagsexcluded TagsSpecifics
POBpob, proofofbrain?Topics: all, Frontend down
HUSTLERhivehustlers, hustler, hivecommerce?Topics: all, Frontend, mines COM and produces additional rewards
BPCbpc?Topics: all, Frontend
LASSECASHlassecash?Topics: all, Frontend
PIMPpimp?Topics: all
LEOleo, leofinance?Topics: finance, Frontend
STEMsteemgeeks?Topics: STEM, Frontend
CTPctp?Topics: affiliate marketers, online businesses and entrepreneurs, Frontend
BATTLEbattle?Topics: Blockchain Gaming
CCCccc?Topics: Creativity, Frontend
VIBESmusicforlife?Topics: Music, Frontend
FOODIEhive-120586?Topics: Food, Frontend
ALIVEalive?Topics: for the I Am Alive Challenge, Frontend
LISThivelist, forsale, contests, services, gigs, events, fundraising?Topics: gigs, services, events, sales, jobs, fundraising, Frontend
CINEcinetv?Topics: Film, TV, Frontend
TIXtrafficinsider?Topics: Promoting business Frontend
SPACOspaco?Topics: spanish tribe
BHTbroadhive?Topics: ?, Frontend
ARCHON??Home Page down
WEED??Home Page down
BLOG??Home Page down
HYPNO??Home Page down

Since this list contains ScotBot-closed-source-python-bot-not-anymore-operated-by-the-hive-engine-team-tribes, we could not fathom the full token parameters like tags and excluded tags. But at least 22 Tribes have been gathered. The last two are probably no longer active.

So we come to 20 ScotBot-closed-source-python-bot-not-anymore-operated-by-the-hive-engine-team tribes. Including the FUN tribes and the 23 non-ScotBot-on-chain-decentralized-opensource-smart-contract-tribes, we have a respectable number of 44 tribes.

That's it "already" from HiQ and the 44 Tribes. If you have any additions or corrections, please let us know in the comments. ★

By: @quekery


It's been a while since we dedicated an article to the most successful Hive dApp - Splinterlands. But we also have a Splinterlands account that provides us with side income.

There are different strategies to increase your wealth in Splinterlands or to make bad investments. We have 4 typical and atypical player types for you. Which one are you?

The Botter
Active players know the problem. You have one or more accounts, but with time the daily playing gets on your nerves. (Note from @quekery: Story of my life...) Our account is several years old now and we just can't find regular players. The list of worn out SL-HiQ supporters and core team members is so long that we might exceed the block size limit with it. (Editor's note: Unless we would sign this block. lool) To produce fewer burnouts, you could have a bot play for you. Archmage provides a bot that plays for you according to your wishes. To enjoy this service, you need a Hive Engine token. There are three different tokens and each token represents something like a bot license for an account. Unfortunately, all tokens are currently sold out and the scalpers charge horrendous prices (Editor's note: As if the tokens were GPUs.).

However, a new presale will take place on 07-28-2022. According to experience the tokens will be sold out extremely fast.

Edit: After a few minutes all tokens were sold out.

@leosoph aka @philansoph has sold a token to us. Of course this token is for research and neither we nor @philansoph have a monetary interest in it.

If you have a valuable access token, log in to the Discord of Archmage. Then you can configure the bot here. But you have to deposit the posting key of the account, which should be played by the bot. So think about it carefully. In our case, the results of the Ranked Battles are impressive. We have a rather mixed portfolio of cards and yet the bot aka Smartmage quickly played us up to Gold 1. By the way, you currently pay 0 $ fees for the service. But that is supposed to change in the future. According to Archmage, they are currently developing a fee model. Presumably it will look different than the fee model that was originally designed. We will keep you updated.

The SPSer
If you are reading these lines, the SPS airdrop, which lasted a year, has already come to an end. What now with your hard given SPS? Piles? Dieselpool? Sell them? Trade? The life of the SPSer is hard. The course could do anything. But SL won't give up on SPS. They plan to replace DEC Rewards for daily quests with SPS Rewards shortly after the Airdrop ends (Editor's note: In August), which will reduce DEC distribution. The goal is for DEC to become a stable coin. (Editor's note: 1000 DEC = 1$) Bad for the SPS rate and good for the DEC rate, you think? Not quite. There are also plans to reduce the SPS distribution. Currently it is 51,145,833 per month and after the completion of the airdrop it will be reduced to 33,333,333 per month. Afterwards, however, the distribution is to be raised to 37,187,500 by LPs on Hive, ETH and BSC. I.e. one could think about pooling SPS. This is how the planned distribution looks:

We as SPSers, formed by DEC Hodling, could go into the DEC:SPS Diesel Pool, for example. Currently this has only a paltry APR of 2.4%. But that should change. (Editor's note: In the last Town Hall Meet-Up, it was said that rewards would be added right after the airdrop was completed. But we can't detect any yet, lool.) And DEC we would skim right then too:

Besides pooling and questing, we could also fomo into SPS Validator Node licenses.

Currently, the fun costs about 3000 $ (Editor's note: With us you get it for free.). However, you get it cheaper if you pay 500 VOUCHERS per license. But there are also collective investments, so that you don't have to carry the Fomo fee alone. For example, we fomoed into SLICENSE by @miketr. Each token amount you hold represents a percentage of SPS Validator Node licenses. Proceeds from the token sales will be used to purchase SPS Validator Node licenses. So far, one has already been purchased and another is planned. If this goal is reached, 1 token would represent 0.5% of the rewards of 2 SPS Validator Node licenses. Currently there are weekly payouts. However, you should keep in mind that the Nodes will not go live until Q4 and currently these are something like early buyer rewards. (Editor's note: So far these are VOUCHER Rewards. But soon there will be additional SPS). So it is hard to say what this investment will bring.

Of course you can also stake your SPS. By staking you will have a proportional vote in the game, e.g. concerning token distribution or voting of nodes. And of course you will get Staking Rewards. With currently 36% we don't get our SPSer-panties wet yet. (Editor's note: Which have a HiQ logo on them, logically!) In September there will also be a new Booster Pack Edition - Rift Watchers, for which you also need SPS. In the Town-Hall-Meet-Up it was also talked about that they plan to tie SPS Rewards of the quests to the SPS Stake. However, that is not on the SPS road map until next year.

The Analog
You could, of course, just play the game. Fomo into cards BRS-style (Editor's note: buy, rent or scrounge), join a guild and collect what you can. We tried that for a while. And before we started to get worn out, we were able to stock up on reward cards. (Editor's note: Currently about 4000 &dollars worth;.) If you have time, you should definitely try this. "Games should be played, after all," the analogue used to say. And click away matches he despises. Call it good or bad but with the new Daily Quest system, you can now spend even more time as an analog in SL.

If you play wild, you can use all cards. Modern, on the other hand, is for new card editions or new players. It is probably better to choose one of the two leagues. But you can also play both. Every day you can pick up a quest. And farm chests for all they're worth by completing victories according to the focus. (Editor's note: Here: Water.) In the future, you will also be able to earn focus points through victories, regardless of the current focus quest. In the picture "we" have already earned 10 focus-chests. At the same time, we're collecting more and more chests for the Season Rewards, in this case 69 (Note from @smooms: Nnnnnnnice.).

Besides analogs and botters there are also the betrayers. They sell out all their cards and get their income. But betting can also be a lot of work in an analog world. (Editor's note: Or you bot that too, lool.)

The Fomoix
Fomoixes engage in FOMO. However, the Fomoix factor often tempts them to make bad decisions. Many a Fomoix, for example, sold all his cards in 2020 and fomoed again massively in Chaos Packs. Whether that was a good decision? Other Fomoixes again bought SPS at 0.9 $. Whether that was a good decision? Still other Fomoixes invest in SPS Validator Node licenses. I wonder if this is a good decision. Another guy fomoed into pools. I wonder if this will be a good decision. ★


By: @smooms


Travelers unite. You are not as stationary as the basement dwellers of HiQ? You go out and experience "stuff"? Then @Pinmapple is also just right for you.

Pinmapple lets you use the Hive Blockchain in a whole new way. On a map found at pinmapple.com, posts are "pinned" that match the locations marked on the map. All the "pins" were generated by the Hive community. Will we find a pizzeria at Pinmapple? Or does this not fit together? Visit pinmapple.com and see for yourself.

You can search for locations directly in the search box above the map, or scroll directly to a place of interest on the map. The closer you scroll to the map, the more accurate the results will be.

What you have to do to put your pin on the mapple is quite simple. Have you written a post (Editor's note: But do not publish it yet. This post must be in English or with an English translation.) in which you tell about a certain place, ideally where you have been yourself? Then go to pinmapple.com, click on "get code" under the search bar at the top, select the place you want to pin on the map, give the pin a description at the bottom of the page, and last but not least, copy the code Pinmapple gives you into your post and publish the post. The superior Pinmapple background magic will then do the rest for you.

So to summarize once again:

  1. write post (do not publish yet)
  2. click on "get code" on pinmapple.com
  3. put a pin on the card
  4. enter the description at the bottom of the page
  5. copy the code below and paste it into the post
  6. NOW you can publish the post
  7. ...
  8. profit

Now all that remains is to hope that your pin will be featured on Pinmapple, it means that it will be visible directly on the home page. If not, then your pins can still be seen at pinmapple.com/@[yourusername]. Additionally, you could/should also post the post to the Pinmapple Community. In the Pinmapple Community you are only allowed to publish Pinmapple posts. In case of ambiguity read the community rules. (Editor's note: We would recommend this to everyone).

Examples of featured posts on Pinmapple:


Let's see how many HiveFest pins will now collect on Pinmapple. I wonder if we will smash our Editorial-Meeting-Post into Pinmapple? We'll live to see. ★

By: @smooms


We're going to HiveFest. And now we're making it public. We're working on a physical edition of HiQ. You want to be a part of this edition? Then read here how.

A new year, a new HiveFest. And the first one that doesn't take place virtually. You have to do something with that. That's what we thought. Since we already presented our project HiQ at the last HiveFest, we decided to bring it to the original festival with real people this year. We already got a speaker slot, but HiQ's mills are grinding steadily.

Regardless of whether we would have gone or not, we spent a long time thinking about how we could make it possible to put out a real print edition. Really hands-on and fold-out and all that. First HiveFest for real - first HiQ issue for real. Coincidence? We don't think so. Quite the opposite. It is our destiny.

Even though we still had to slave away for THIS digital edition, we were already working hard, collecting topics for the physical edition and thinking about possible monetization. It was clear to all of us how things had to work. We have to offer advertising space. Following the example of Livestyle Magazines, whose content is at least 69% advertising, we wanted to follow their lead and also print Hive-related advertising in the magazine.

However, before I go into detail about how this will look, I'll preface it with something. If you want to win an advertising space, then read on to the end, because there is a possibility that you can get into the magazine for 0.0 HIVE. Should you not want to push your luck and just book advertising, then here are the different prices per format that are bookable:

One page of the magazine is A4 size.

1/4 page for 75 HBD
(width: 10.5 cm x height: 14.8 cm)

1/2 page for 175 HBD
(Width: 21.0 cm x Height: 14.8 cm)

1 page for 375 HBD
(width: 21.0 cm x height: 29.7 cm)

Now to those of you who don't have the money for "expensive" advertising in the very first physical HiQ that every HiveFest visitor gets: You have a chance to win a 1/4 page space.

"Who gets to participate?"
ANYONE who wants to promote a Hive project.

What do I have to do?
To be eligible to win the space, you simply need to write a comment, starting with !AD, telling us why you most deserve the free ad space. And zappzarapp you take part in the lottery.

We wish you good luck and maybe we'll read you at HiveFest. ★

Ad (sponsored by @balte)

By: @quekery


Rabona gets competition. WOO is in the house. We did a First Watch just before the deadline. Who has the best wrestler of us? Is it @mary-me? Or is it @quekery? Or maybe Officer Barbrady?

WOO stands for Wrestling Organization Online. It is an NFT wrestling manager. The alpha phase of the game will not go online until 2023, but there are already booster packs and a mini-game, what more could a hivestyler ask for? So we treated ourselves to 2 Alpha Packs right away, of course just for research purposes and not because we wanted to feel like Hulk Fomogan.

We had wrestlers in our packs to start with. @mary-me put all her hopes on Titan (Note from @quekery: Definitely a noob character.) and @quekery grabbed Billy Mayhem. There were also wrestlers in our packs to go off with right away. The music and graphics won us over immediately. Quite in the style of old NES 2D beat em ups the music and the pictures caught us. Actually, the minigame doesn't give much away yet, since it's passive. But we had our fun and fomoed into packs, win-win.

You can even fight with hivestylerettes.

So far there are 3 different packs: WOOALPHA, WOORAVEN and WOOSATURN.

We treated ourselves to WOOALPHA on HE and were able to open it here.

You can find the minigame here.

We are curious how the finished game will be and will fomo into it for you in a detailed test. For those who can't wait that long, there's also the official site and the blog @wrestorgonline. If you want to let off even more fomonalin, you could also treat yourself to the WOO Diesel Pools:

Who now thinks: "Genius, an APR of almost 150% and I get WOO as Reward to fomo into even more Packs", he has more fomonalin than Chuck Fomorris! ★


Do you also want to fomo into the competetive leaderboard of HiQ - The Hivestyle Magazine? Then stake HIQS like there is no tomorrow! The 10 highest stakers are determined anew in each issue via snapshot and then immortalised here. If you also want advertising space in the HiQ, then stake yourself in the top 3 and send us a banner in the format 728x90. You can send us the banner via Discord or by mail to [email protected].


By: @quekery


While we're in full crunch, we've still been collecting gossip in parallel with our multitasking superpowers and squeezing it into the usual Hivestyle shape.

A Ranch for Animals
@kheldar1982 reports here about a ranch that is in dire need of donations and collects donations for the ranch via votes. If you want to help the ranch, you can even donate. Maybe there will be donation posts again in the future.

@arcange needs your proposalvotes here, here and here. Of course it's up to you if you want to support Hive-Buzz, HAS or Hive-SQL. With automated comments he stirs the advertising drum. We have voted through the proposals, because we like all 3. Will he also vote our Witness Node?

@captaincryptic doesn't use dark mode, lool.

Schrodinger's Ticket
Have you ever had a HiveTicket and none at the same time? That's what's happening to @mary-me at the moment. She ordered a ticket at the same time as us and everyone has a ticket, only Mary doesn't have one. Let's hope that support will respond to her mail soon. We can't show up at HiveFest without Mary.

Scandal: Math does not bring FUN
@quekery has fomoed in FUN, only to learn shortly after that FUN will exclude #math. Do any of you have the mail address from support? @quekery would like to write enrage mails to support....

Out for kristall97
@kristall97 has had to discontinue his Witness Node because the cost is unfortunately too high for him. We feel for him. (Editor's note: Did we actually mention that you can vote our Node, so maybe we won't have to pay on it someday? Click here!)

The end of Steem
Now @balte has finally taken it upon himself to do the same. As we have heard from insider circles, he is dumping his STEEM Stake. (Editor's note: Don't tell anyone, but he's fomoing it into HIVE and stylish Hive projects, of course). Steem becomes more and more unstable, is down more often, discontinues some services, etc.. But how does he get rid of his STEEM? We gave him the tip to use Stealth Exchange. But since Steem is spazzing out way too often, he had to switch to SWAP.STEEM. Now the last transaction went through (Editor's note: Steemblock 66258862), but the deposit on Hive-Engine is still not there. And if he didn't die, he's still waiting for an answer in the HE Discord. (Editor's note: LOOL!) ★

Ad (sponsored by @reiseamateur)

By: @quekery, @smooms & @mary-me


With Hivestyle to an upscale lifestyle. With Hivestyle for Hivians, YOU too will always stay as hivestylish as possible. (Disclaimer o. t. Editor's: A hipster hairstyle is not mandatory here).

As probably most of you have already noticed, HiveFest will take place from September 15 to 18. This time the Hivians will meet in Amsterdam. In this post @roelandp has already dropped a few names which are: @pibara, @lasseehlers, @poezio, @manncpt. Also the HiveFest FAQ website has been updated, you can find it here. More information about HiveFest will be published in the next issue, which will be released at the end of August. Also we, the HiQ core team, will be there and report during or at the latest afterwards. Live HiveFest editorial session post incoming? We will experience it.

Every month anew
Don't forget to claim your LARYNX tokens. Once a month you can collect them here. (Editor's note: But don't sell them all like @balte and f*** the rate for everyone else, lool.)

As usual, @blue.rabbit's virtual engine meetup should take place on the 3rd Sunday in August 2022 at 8:30 pm (Editor's note: 8/21/22).

Three guesses as to which day it will take place.

Actually, the announced HardFork should have taken place this week, as we could read here. They are working hard on the HardFork, HAF and features like RC delegations, but the hardfork date has been postponed. There are still minor bugs that need to be fixed. The new date should be published under @hiveio.

PHP HiveEngine Tools
@bambuka is coming around the corner with a new stroke of genius: the PHP HiveEngine Tools. With these you can use Hive Engine in your PHP scripts. A core solid Hive Engine PHP framework.

DACH Meetup
Up to the editorial deadline, it was unfortunately not yet known whether the DACH Meetup will take place. However, if we get any new information, we will announce it in the upcoming editorial meeting post at @hiq.redaktion.

Leo goes smart

After all, these emojis are sure to please the female hive style world.

Sometimes we have the feeling that the Hive ecosystem has not yet arrived in 2022. Mobile dApps are very sparse. Splinterlands, Keychain and Ecency are probably the best known representatives and still have problems here and there. Now Leo has launched the alpha version of Leofinance, a dApp for mobile devices. We wanted to try that out right away. @quekery unlocks his hivesigner on his Xiaomi, enters the Google Play Store and downloads the app. Now he logs in with Hivesigner. Of course he takes the Posting Key, only to get the message that he has to take at least the Active Key..... Good, but then he managed to do that. After successfully logging in, the image on the right side smiles at him:

Afterwards he still looks for the "app" at iOS, maybe it works there. Only to find that it hasn't been launched there yet. Hopefully we won't have to wait as long as we did for the Partiko update for iOS. (Editor's note: That never came, lool.)

dCrops has received new seeds: CORN is one of the few seeds you can plant in multiple seasons of the year, summer and fall. There is a 10% discount on the pre-sale packs. If you pay for the packs with CROPS, you get even 15% off. Each pre-sale pack includes a CORN card. You can find more information here.

PHOTO goes Tribe
The MEME people have created a new tribe - PHOTO. At the same time a new Diesel Pool was launched: PHOTO:MEME. The APR is noice. Whether it will stay that way is more than questionable, because the liquidity is extremely low.

Since we are the masters of the No-Fomo-No-FUN way of life, we went right in. To save space, you unfortunately only get the top 14. (Note by. @quekery: Now I have only 8.6 %, because @captaincryptic had to fomo in, too ...)


While we're on the subject of No-Fomo-No-FUN. @captaincryptic is planning to launch the FUN Tribe on August 20. Of course, we should be the first to set the Tribe tag for FUN. If you want to get FUN prepped now, you should fomo into FUNM. FUNM mines FUN for you and the current presale also serves as project-fund - no FUN without a find.

PS: You can also have FUN in our pool. (Editor's note: LOOL!)

Vienna Meet Up
The 8th Vienna Hive Stammtisch this year will take place on August 4th at Porto Pollo on Donauinsel U1. You can find more info here.

Raffle Tip #1
@vasupi has a cool regular contest for all Splinterlands fans. You can find all the info you need here. The rules are very simple. You get a screenshot of a fight where the rules were made unrecognizable and have to guess which rules prevailed.

Raffle Tip #2
"Nah, nah, nah I'll win all my NFTs!" At @psyberx you can win stylish NFTs. Just write here in the comments which NFT you want to win and tag 3 friends.

Raffle Tip #3
Haven't you read this issue of HiQ?

Key Chain Update
Also at Keychain the gears run like greased with WD40. The update V2.1 enjoys new functionalities. An autoclaim function has been added, with which you can automatically claim your curation and post rewards via Keychain.

In addition, there is now the possibility to switch the Hive Engine API nodes. What was previously only possible for the Hive API Node now works for Hive Engine as well. So you can now switch the Hive Engine RPC Node and also the Hive Engine AccountHistory API. If you are running one of these nodes and don't find it in the list, you can now add it manually. As you can see, things are moving forward. ★

By: @quekery


Readers's's's's's's' Letters is one of the best parts in the HiQ in our and everyone elses opinion. Whether you like it or not. We collect your "voluntary" READERS' LETTERS every month.

@nickydee knows true beauty:

This is beautifully done! Great work!

Thank you for the flowers. After a hard crunch we like to read such comments the most. Now we just need liquid ones (Editor's note: like votes, subscribers, donations, witness votes etc.), then it will work out with fomosynthesis. ;)

@shadowspub live from the pub:

Interesting read. You should stop into Pimp Your Post Thursday (PYPT) and share this. PYPT is the longest running live curation show. It runs every Thursday at 12pm EST in the DreemPort discord. More info can be found on my profile.

We will consider it. We notice that PIMP is even in our Tribe list (Editor's note: there are only 44 ...). Oh, if only we weren't so tag limited and too short of time, too, lool.

Although 12 PM EDT would be after we published the English version it wouldn't work out for us sadly.

@emeka THE appreciator:

I really appreciate this and keep up the good work.

We shake the handful of lines out of our sleeves before breakfast and while we comfortably sip coffee from fomorabica beans, we (Editor's note: @smooms) quickly make a few graphics. And before the coffee gets cold we set up witness node. When we're done, we're planning a printout for the HiveFest ... (Editor's note: That's enough. Get a grip on your work-life-balance. #noreallife)

@steevc THE real follower:

That's a fun read and thanks for mentioning me. The interview with Marky is great. Good luck with the witness and keep on producing this magazine.

Thank you. We hope to see you in Amsterdam.

@ganjafarmer is no farming bot:

Excellent work thank you very much for your post today.

We are issuefarmers. Should we claim the name? It rhymes. Normaly that's a sign.

@stickupboys is one in two:

Hey good work, I have not seen this before and was a good read! Can you tag me for subscription please?

We are a free-to-sub and free-to-read Hivestyle Magazine.

PS: Double tag! (Editor's note: Cause your name is in plural, lool.)

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Thanks also to the authors and content creators, which are @quekery, @smooms, @mary-me & @kvinna

Not to list, but still worth mentioning are of course all the little touches, ideas and tips from the community. Thanks for that! You guys are great!


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Very comprehensive! And the tribe discussion is a very long and convoluted one... I have dreams myself of starting something (once my IRL life works itself out). I appreciate the effort put into this. Cheers! 🤘

!HIQS 10



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Love it!!!

And there isn't a sex token is there? Is that the Easter egg?

And keep it up love the work and the hiq investment pool...


Good guess. But SEX is not the Easter egg I meant.

But SEX is really strange. The API says it is a tribe.



We will consider it. We notice that PIMP is even in our Tribe list (Editor's note: there are only 44 ...). Oh, if only we weren't so tag limited and too short of time, too, lool.

Thanks for the response. PIMP is not my token. I know, with a show name like Pimp Your Post Thursday, it should be. It's a common confusion and not one I created. However, PIMP tokens are often distributed to those who present on PYPT from their team. I do appreciate their support.


I'm really looking forward to Hivefest. I'll see you there!


Looking forward to seeing you in Amsterdam! Next week you are invited to the #HiveMeetupVienna August 4th on the Danube Island in Vienna, the location is awesome. Furthermore I am organising with @schmidi @winalab workshops with the @globalschool starting from September 4th. From 12-15th we have an adventure workation together, before we travel to Amsterdam. It will be a nice story, you can be part of it. I guess I should publish more for the #roadtohivefest then. 😉


So much interesting information in one post.
You have just acquired a new reader and a new follower ;)


[@quekery] Thx, you can also subscribe us.

Just write as answer to the main post


You can also edit your comment.




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For any further questions, please feel free to contact @hiq.redaktion via comment or Discord.

(This is a semi automaticaly created manual curation. Currently I am in the testing phase though !LOL)


Hi @hiq.magazine
Great and useful table for the tribes tokens.
From my experience I can tell you that:

  • leofinance provides a 20% decrease in rewards for those who do not use its editor and do not accept the actifit tag
  • steemgeeks also does not accept the actifit tag

In general to see if a tribe does not accept a tag I do this. I click on explore within the tribe frontend and in the site address after the slash I enter the tag.
If I don't see any posts then it means the tag is not accepted.

For example for the tribe ctptalk (CTP token) if I enter the following link in the address bar: https://ctptalk.com/trending/actifit (or maybe better this https://ctptalk.com/created/actifit)
and I don't display posts it means that the actifit tag is not accepted ;)



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