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Hello my dear Splinterlands friends. I Hope you all are very well. I'm fine too. Today I am going to describe you about a card. The card is very good in my opinion. So today I appeared with a review of a card.

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The three hunters stalked toward Mount Praetorous in search of their prey.

The job board in Zul'kar Flare said it was a fire elemental, birthed from the flames of the volcano and wreathed in a whirlwind of magma. The price on its head was enough to put food on their table for a week.

Movement on the rocky slope ahead of them, and the hunters stopped. The thing before them was no simple manifestation of living flame. It was a man skinned of fire.

“It burns!” he screamed. “Oh, gods, it burns! I'm burning!” Then he threw his head back and laughed.

The three hunters exchanged a look, then they turned and fled back toward Zul'kar Flare.

The next day, on the town's job board, the constable posted a new notice: a bounty for a Radiated Scorcher. The price had tripled.

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