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Hello my dear Splinterlands friends. I Hope you all are very well. I'm fine too. Today I am going to describe you about a card. The card is very good in my opinion. So today I appeared with a review of this card.

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Life magic came naturally to Reega Sloan. As one of the top healers in her field, she was the first they would call to cleanse the sick and cure the wounded. Growing up in the city of Ulundin, she became renowned for her healing abilities and many came to see them, some traveling hundreds of miles in the hope of being treated. She always performed her magic at no cost, simply wanting to help others but as with anything though, the generous donations eventually dried up and Reega lost everything.

With her sanatorium closed, Reega was left destitute and wandering the streets. All she carried was the journal listing everyone she’d ever helped, a token to remember those that were once in need. Bitterness soon grew within and she would often be heard cursing about her poor treatment, especially after all she’d done for others, until the journal became her only motivation, to visit every person she’d ever helped and demand a fee for her aid. But people either saw her coming and ignored the knocks at their doors, or they cruelly laughed in her face. After this she decided to travel beyond the city of Ulundin, and search for the outsiders she had aided, hoping that they might treat her differently.

On her journey, Reega encountered a rogue band of Chaos Legion warriors. One of them was badly injured with a broken leg and his companions were about to leave him for dead when she walked by. Without warning the warriors attacked, and Reega desperately drew upon her Life magic to defend herself. During the skirmish, a stray bolt of elemental energy struck the injured warrior, immediately repairing his broken bones. The others stopped in amazement, marvelling at this incredible feat of restoration. They quickly brokered a deal with her, promising their leader would pay a hefty fee for someone with her power. And so she was brought to the Chaos Legion initially as a healer, but this soon changed when they recognised the true potential that lay within her.

Reega has often wondered at the magic that has grown within her since joining the Chaos Legion. Sometimes she can feel the chaos energy, wriggling inside like a parasite that craves more of the life blood she can channel. It quickly became apparent that every time she used her healing abilities, her power grew stronger, artfully twisted by the taint of chaos and subtly transformed to be more aggressive. It wasn’t until she was confronted by patrolling soldiers from Ulundin that she understood the real changes that had occurred. Chaos-fuelled magic enveloped her, twisting tendrils of purple energy into the nearby Portal Spinners that had accompanied her and enhancing their attack. The result was so devastating that not a single soldier was left standing. As they writhed and cried out in pain on the ground, Reega smiled; she didn’t feel like helping any of them.
Had Reega really earned the title of general? Occasionally the creeping doubt crossed her mind but then who else had achieved as much as her? Who else had become as feared throughout the land? No-one, and the chaos legion owed her greatly.

Only yesterday she had taken the great city of Canhurst; with its giant stone throwers and great ballistae, her army hadn’t suffered a single loss and all because of her power. Legions of portal spinners had been able to stand beyond the range of the defenders and pummel them with their attacks because her power had given them the reach. Cloaks of defensive energy that had been cast above the city hadn’t even stopped her soldiers attack because she’d enchanted each and every missile, giving it the power to break through the veil and strike the defenders beneath.

Nobody could match her in the field and any that underestimated her were quickly educated. So, did she deserve the title of general? You’re damn right she did and anyone that told you otherwise was looking at a noose around their neck.
I am very very grateful for your support everyone.
I am sure you liked it. Friends, thanks for giving your precious time to my post. Stay safe & have a great day ahead.

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