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Hello my dear Splinterlands friends. I Hope you all are very well. I'm fine too. Today I am going to describe you about a card. The card is very good in my opinion. So today I appeared with a review of this card.

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Chaos Legion

RARE Earth Summoner

The fearsome woman now known as Obsidian grew up in the remote village of Stonebluff as the last remaining Earth mage. Each year, Earth elementalists went off to compete in the contest, leaving Obsidian to train the next generation of warriors. She wished to join the contest of champions, but the village elders advised her against it, saying she needed to stay behind and focus on training others to use Earth magic.

She grew resentful of the way she was treated, knowing she was better than previous mages before her. So, she planned her revenge. In a mine near the village, she taught classes on Earth magic and gained the trust of her students. Her teachings were strenuous and those who could not follow techniques were punished, forced to magically hold obsidian above their heads until it fell on them. She eventually learned to use obsidian to enhance the powers of others. And there was one apprentice she took under her wing. Someone who carried equal anger in his heart. She amplified his abilities in combat practice against other students, making him stronger and more ferocious than his opponents.

The village sat at the bottom of a cliff in the Tower Mountains where frequent rock slides occurred. Not a problem for mages gifted in Earth magic, but Obsidian and her apprentice no longer cared for the village. She saw it as an opportunity to leave behind her old life and find a challenge worthy of her power.

She sent her apprentice to cause a massive rock avalanche. Standing at a distance, she used her power to amplify his own. Her other students rushed to stop it, but they were not up to the task. Not against such raw power. The rocks and debris fell, covering her home, leaving it a ruined field of boulders and dust. She and her apprentice were the only survivors. Word spread of the disaster in the mountains and only whispers remained of Stonebluff.

Obsidian walked away with her head held high knowing she had proven them all wrong. She and her apprentice vanished across the sea and made their way from town to town. They heard of the terror of the Chaos Legion and followed their wake of destruction until they caught the attention of Silus of the Rift. To show off their power, she amplified her apprentice's magic to control and torture Silus' enemies. Silus made Obsidian a close advisor, a tool used to gain information through cruelty.
Obsidian stood calmly several yards back, watching her young apprentice. His robes rustled in the wind as he held his hands up high, struggling to bring down the rocks on the village below.

Obsidian's hands weaved through the air, and she stretched out with her mind. As her energy and her apprentice's connected, she amplified his powers.

He shouted out at the surge of energy coursing through him. The mountains shook, the very ground rumbling beneath their feet. And then the rocks began to fall.
I am very very grateful for your support everyone.
I am sure you liked it. Friends, thanks for giving your precious time to my post. Stay safe & have a great day ahead.

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