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Hello my dear Splinterlands friends. I Hope you all are very well. I'm fine too. Today I am going to describe you about a card. The card is very good in my opinion. So today I appeared with a review of a card.

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The Sunkai are a ruthless tribe of nomads who believe that the suns of the universe have empowered them with a pure purpose: to harvest all life so that it can be reshaped and renewed for a new beginning. In their religion, Sunkai Harvesters believe they are blessed by these suns with the power to harvest the life force of their fallen enemies, growing stronger with each life they reap.

In battle, Harvesters use their mighty scythes to attack their enemies from a distance, often from behind a well-armored Sunkai warrior. These scythes are especially effective against unarmed opponents.
The Sunkai Harvester stood over the corpse of the young warrior. He held his scythe solemnly at his side like a staff. Blood ran from its blade and dripped upon the grass. He turned his gaze toward the sun, took a deep breath, and closed his eyes. Then, he prayed softly.

“Your death is not the end, for a part of you shall live on through me, and through me, you shall reap, and together, we will sow a new beginning.”
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