SCV Burn 10


Welcome to another SCV update and burn post, we enjoy being able to burn the token every week as it makes our stake more valuable.
We also wanted to keep the community up to date with the tokenomics and dividends. Remember we own 2 Splinterlands community validators and that is where the profit come from. However we also use the rewards from
this post to support the project.
Remember we have a buy back and burn in place weekly and also we use some of the dividends to create a buy back wall giving you liquidity! We split this 50:50 between the two.

Current Price
The price fluctuated massively this past week. Some tokens were bought off that market at around 800% the original sale price. Some were sold back into the buyback wall.
They have since tightened up and gone back to usual areas of trading.

All SPS rewards are being used as dividend payouts.
Dividends are distributed multiple times a week
Over 300 sps weekly are being distributed
Half the Voucher rewards are being used for buybacks the other half is to support the buyback wall. This current format is insuring investors are getting a very good return and tokens are also being bought off the market and burnt which is keeping the token price slowly trending upwards.
Note: Token price has never got close to dropping towards the initial buy price it has always remained atleast 2x. We are confident no other token can claim that.

Token stats
As you can see we have already burnt a substantial amount of tokens and we are working clearly to the plan.We love burning the tokens as it gives more value to everyone and there is 0 inflation on this token. The current token stats are as follows:

Total Supply

Circulating Supply

8.75% burnt

Burn time
This week we are burning 11360 amount of tokens this will help to increase the dividends to all the current holders. Burn baby burn!

Community holders
We wanted to tag community holders to keep them informed of the projects progress.
If you have any questions then please come to the Hive Builder discord where we are always happy to answer questions: or go to our website for more information about all of our projects:

If you do not want to be tagged in future updates then please let us know in the comments
and we will remove you.
Burn post are done once a week

@rachaeldwatson @cliffagreen


Thanks for tagging me, though sometimes takes few days without receiving SPS drip, I still love it.


They should be around 3-4 times a week. Daily would be a very small amount so we try sending more less times a week


🤗 thank you. I'm using my vouchers to swap for Dec to rent my favorite splinterlands nft😎 that way I can use all my cards when/if needed


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