RE: Game Economy, Rental Exploit, Incentives and the Future of Splinterlands


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Collection Power is meant to tie together earning capability with asset holding, and I'm a huge fan of the collection power concept. It pretty much states that if you wanna earn, you'll have to have some assets, and that ends up adding value to those assets, and as consequence to the whole economy. I'm not saying it is perfect, and I don't have knowledge enough to say that it shouldn't change at all. Maybe the collection power cap from each league should be reworked in some leagues, I don't really know that much.

But I agree with the second part a lot, there's very little incentive for you to play the game and get out of Bronze, and that is a must change for the future. Playing MUST be more rewarding than NOT playing.

I appreciate the comment and thought, THANKS FOR READING mate!