Splinterlands Daily Quest Stream Replay - August 22, 2022

Today was a great day, beginning with an epic commencement streak of 10 noble victories in the battlefields of Splinterlands, leading to a place in the Diamond 1 League.

It, as all good things tend to, not last for as long as I had desired. It was not long until my competition unleashed their beard-seeking missiles into my cardboard box which I call a home (hence my nickname as holoz0r the homeless) - petition to have a custom Splinterlands title made up, please...

There were some really classy opponents encountered along the way, and I have to really shout out this team composition which absolutely destroyed my usually unbeatable tactic of Llama + Creature.

Go watch this replay, it's something special.

Then, go watch the whole stream replay if you valued your sleep over staying up to watch me shiver in awe at my opponent's skills.

Until next time...

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