Splinterlands Daily Quest Stream Replay - September 1, 2022

The start of a new season is always the opportunity for new success. In my case, it is also an opportunity for new failure. Today it was a balanced mix of the two, which is an amusing and interesting thing - particularly when I find myself starting off the season in Gold League, which is something that I have not done in quite some time.

As a result, I'm unable to use the true potential of all of my cards, and must battle my way back into Diamond. By the same token, it gives me the opportunity to "git guud" at lower leagues, and potentially consider entering some tournaments and such if I do manage to git guud at Gold.

The underlying plan is not stick around there for too long.

The results from the daily focus were rather exquisite, and I'm certainly not going to complain about them a single bit at all.

Until next time...

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