Splinterlands Daily Quest Stream Replay - September 8, 2022

Today was a continued journey toward Diamond 2, a road paved with sadness and loss. I managed to at times touch the lofty heights of Diamond 2, only to be brutally put to the sword and come tumbling back down to Diamond 3.

At the commencement of the video, I did some analysis on Splinterland's upcoming expansion, Rift Watchers, and supplied a spreadsheet to views that shows how many packs someone might need to mathematically obtain max level cards for each league level, with no potions, based on drop rates of cards.

This is for regular foil only:


Make of this information whatever you will.

I gave away some Iza the Fanged Cards, courtesy of our beloved aggy, and recieved in exchange the humours of the Splinterlands community that was gathered to watch me lose many many games.

Hope you enjoy!

Until next time...

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The simple truth is that you are now dealing with real players now not just BOTS again lol