My welcome back post!!

Hello lovely hivers!! How are you all doing. Feels good to be back and better after a some months, now I’m back and here to feed you all with my newly acquired skill and profession in Art.

Ever since I took up my art skills, i have been looking for a better application of it that can get me more quick audience and monetization. And luckily for me i was able to learn how to draw permanent tattoo. Did my 3 months training which ended novermber 2023 and i boughg my tools and set up by the first week in december.

It was so expensive as i have thought but i was fortunate to be able to get the dragonhawk mast flip pro tattoo pen. The most expensive at the shopping outlet, (the attendant was happy). I love it because of the shape and tge batter last longer than others.

I got everthing i need to start my profession at a medium level because i still need things like spa bed, work space stool and a tattoo printer for more perfection but for now i print letterings outside but i rely on my art skills to draw nice tattoos for my clients.

Before leaving lagos where i went to buy the set up, i didnt forget to take pictures with my tools, i set up the needle catridges to form my brand name and put my pen inbetween.

H_P. But presently ive rebranded it into Keeyz Artistry which combines all of pencil artwork, tattoo and ink art, then painting.
I will be doing all as i pray time and life permits me to fufil the maximum potential of my talents where i will be taking significant role in all aspects of Arts. Because i do it all with my heART!!
Thanks for your time.