LUX VEGA When all you have is a hammer everything looks like a nail



When all you have is a hammer everything looks like a nail.

Recently I got my copy of Lux Vega. Lux Vega is the new neutral summoner that was released in conjuction with Splinterfest.


Max level Summoner

Lux Vega is a Max level summoner. This means that it can play any card you own except Dragon cards.

My deck is a mid level Silver deck. This means that I have level 3 summoner's and my commons are at level 4 and Rares are at level 3. I generally get to Gold 2 in modern league each season. Gold Allows me to play up to level 8 common cards and level 6 rare cards.

Why do I consider it my hammer

Lux Vega adds +1 speed, +1 Armor and +1 health to each of your cards each battle. I compare it to raising each card 3 levels above their current level. These stats make each card last an addition round or two in a battle.

I am still learning how to play with the card and have found a few places that I can't play it.
Little League. Costing 5 mana Lux Vega can not be played with the little league ruleset.
I think it mostly replaces Kelya Frendul my water summoner. It adds +1 health to each monster for just the cost of one additional mana point.

I debate selling my Kelya Frendul and using the funds to level up a few of my cards. I think I still need Kelya for little league battles.

Promo cards get a 10% bonus to ranked rewards points

Did you know that Lux Vega is a Promo card? That means that for each battle you get bonuses to increase your Ranked and Focus points. This helps to offset some of my penalties for using cards that are not at full level for my current league. My level 1 Shieldbearer is one example.
At 5.175 cost per copy it would cost me $20.70 to upgrade to a level 2. $124.20 to increase it to full Silver level 4. These cost are really not worth upgrading to at this time. Break even would be around 12,000 wins to get my money back.

If you wish to try out Splinterlands you can use my reference link.

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