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A Leofinance curation account operated by Indiaunited community.
Tradeable tokens that may be transferred anywhere at anytime.
SPT can be converted to SPT POWER in a process called staking.
SPT Power
Influence tokens which give you more control over post payouts and allow you to earn curation rewards.
Tradeable tokens that may be transferred anywhere at anytime.
HIVE can be converted to HIVE POWER in a process called staking.
HIVE Power
Influence tokens which give you more control over post payouts and allow you to earn curation rewards.
+100.79 HIVE
HIVE Dollar
Tradeable tokens that may be transferred anywhere at anytime.


Author reward: 5.952209 SPT for india-leo/indiaunited-1673457503729
Author reward: 7.707747 SPT for india-leo/indiaunited-1673182992130
Author reward: 4.082443 SPT for india-leo/indiaunited-1672801581347
Author reward: 0.040188 SPT for india-leo/indiaunited-1672679258849
Author reward: 5.334648 SPT for india-leo/indiaunited-1672679280211
Author reward: 0.172512 SPT for india-leo/indiaunited-1672123440551
Author reward: 14.219870 SPT for india-leo/indiaunited-1671643950222
Author reward: 3.517022 SPT for india-leo/indiaunited-1671466978452
Author reward: 21.555487 SPT for india-leo/indiaunited-1671417433757
Author reward: 6.621052 SPT for india-leo/indiaunited-1671158586592
Author reward: 0.025362 SPT for india-leo/indiaunited-1671111537039
Author reward: 6.904678 SPT for india-leo/indiaunited-1670952498882
Author reward: 14.300976 SPT for india-leo/indiaunited-1670852636962
Author reward: 5.987287 SPT for india-leo/indiaunited-1670692703871
Author reward: 200.142450 SPT for india-leo/indiaunited-1669818207196
Author reward: 8.702704 SPT for india-leo/indiaunited-1669728517409
Author reward: 5.685364 SPT for india-leo/indiaunited-1669305110230
Author reward: 1.548820 SPT for india-leo/indiaunited-1669124654972
Author reward: 0.132457 SPT for india-leo/indiaunited-1669038165515
Author reward: 20.066199 SPT for india-leo/indiaunited-1669037956737
Author reward: 5.523793 SPT for india-leo/indiaunited-1668950179364
Author reward: 5.797516 SPT for india-leo/indiaunited-1668781172494
Author reward: 0.105231 SPT for india-leo/indiaunited-1668739532932
Author reward: 0.034340 SPT for india-leo/indiaunited-1668605667811
Author reward: 8.446131 SPT for india-leo/indiaunited-1668188884431
Author reward: 0.093351 SPT for india-leo/indiaunited-1668176127413
Author reward: 0.418974 SPT for india-leo/indiaunited-1668136666643
Author reward: 4.413423 SPT for india-leo/indiaunited-1667928694999
Author reward: 6.219741 SPT for india-leo/indiaunited-1667840511447
Author reward: 0.111089 SPT for india-leo/indiaunited-1667715069258
Author reward: 5.975115 SPT for india-leo/indiaunited-1667661547244
Author reward: 0.029459 SPT for india-leo/indiaunited-1667569126493
Author reward: 6.708590 SPT for india-leo/indiaunited-1667483696807
Author reward: 5.285626 SPT for india-leo/indiaunited-1667183713253
Author reward: 0.699225 SPT for india-leo/indiaunited-1667106701927
Author reward: 5.370561 SPT for india-leo/indiaunited-1666876263328
Author reward: 2.688440 SPT for india-leo/indiaunited-1666702116012
Author reward: 0.698531 SPT for india-leo/indiaunited-1666534279466
Author reward: 0.690411 SPT for india-leo/indiaunited-1666345357225
Author reward: 0.659920 SPT for india-leo/indiaunited-1666171105182
Author reward: 7.954629 SPT for india-leo/indiaunited-1665757513976
Author reward: 0.288399 SPT for india-leo/indiaunited-1665456599821
Author reward: 0.060253 SPT for india-leo/indiaunited-1664594142972
Author reward: 0.022245 SPT for india-leo/indiaunited-1664421655972
Author reward: 0.079271 SPT for india-leo/indiaunited-1664124978280
Transferred 182.929222 SPT to indiaunited
Author reward: 0.210921 SPT for india-leo/indiaunited-1662690285630
Author reward: 8.969686 SPT for india-leo/indiaunited-1662399572903
Author reward: 0.678169 SPT for india-leo/indiaunited-1661696860950
Author reward: 0.479519 SPT for india-leo/indiaunited-1661567925880
Author reward: 0.061163 SPT for india-leo/indiaunited-1661135045210