I go on a 9 Battle Win Streak!! When Will I Lose With This Water Deck I Rented?

I keep winning with my water deck I rented

I highly suggest renting cards to increase your power and rank! This will increase your chances of striking gold at the end of season reward time! I am going to continue to try to increase my win streak with just a few rentals... but look out, when I make it to silver rank things get real tough!! How long do you think my streak will last??
scrnli_9_3_2021_114009 PM.pngscrnli_9_3_2021_113921 PM.pngscrnli_9_3_2021_113852 PM.pngscrnli_9_3_2021_113740 PM.pngscrnli_9_3_2021_113614 PM.pngscrnli_9_3_2021_113429 PM.pngscrnli_9_3_2021_113305 PM.png![scrnli_9_3_2021_111536 PM.png]

I suggest renting these cards!



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