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This was my first time joining the Weekly Challenge by @Splinterlands and it was a LUCKY MATCH.



Rule: Silent Summoners
Mana: 28
Splinters: Fire, Water, Earth, Death, Dragon
Battle: Watch battle

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Contessa L'amentTo access death cards
Bone GolemVoid Armor, magic was famous at lower leagues
Shadow SnitchSub tank, with sneak to help dealing with the tank
Silent Sha-viSneak - decent life and speed
Death ElementalSnipe - 3 speed
MantoidSnipe and sneak tank

This lineup was focused on attacking enemy backline with Sha-vi and Snipes. My tanks was focused countering the Magics which was popular in Bronze and Silver leagues.

Does this lineup work?

I'd say yes since I won the match. Putting Shadow Snitch at second position means a lot since it was able to absorb Fire elemental's Blast damage even though he was not dealing any damage against that Living Lava. My choice of tank was not so good but his armor definitely made him tank more attacks.

With Death Elemental and Mantoid combo, I was able to kill his monsters by Sniping them.

The biggest factor for this WIN was Silent Sha-vi and my opponent's positioning of his Serpentine Spy. Luckily my Silent Sha-vi attacked first and killed his Serpentine Spy or else it will be Death Elemental's death. Without him, Mantoid will have a hard time killing the opponents backline. Silent Sha-vi also managed to kill his Fire Elemental afterwards.

Screen Shot 2022-01-31 at 9.13.15 PM.png

My luck does not end there. On the last round, his Living Lava missed on Dark Elemental, that was only 20% miss chance!!! After that miss, Living lava died after the consecutive attacks from Death Elemental and Mantoid


Shadow Snitch

Screen Shot 2022-01-31 at 9.22.30 PM.png


  • Bronze: Might only be useful in Reverse Speed + Little League rulesets. Hardly used monster.
  • Silver: 2 Melee and 3 Speed will make him a decent attacker especially in Little League rule. Can also be used as subtank
  • Gold: This is where he starts to become a must, with 4 speed and 3 Melee he's become a damage dealer with only 4 Mana requirement.
  • Diamond-Champion: At level 10, having Dodge and 7HP will make him a decent tank at low mana battles and Little Leagues.


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