Splinterlands Brawl Report #8 - 01/31/2022

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Pizza 1 is rank #1 once again. With me fighting on novice A/B fray. I have a total match of 6 with 1 opponent who fled a match. So for preparation, just like the usual rented all the Common up to epic A/B with a few legendary. Almost lost the battle link, luckily I found them using peakmonsters.

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1st Match

Rule: Equalizer, Spreading Fury
Mana: 19
Splinters: Fire, Water, Life
Battle: Watch battle

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This time I go with Fire + Sneak build since they have a pretty low mana monsters which is definitely good for Equalizer Rule.

Malric Inferno+ 1 Melee, which I've decided to go with Sneak
Cerberus4 Mana tank with heal and decent spead
Goblin ShamanWeaken Ability
Enchanted PixieRemaining 3 mana, put on #3 so that I can continue with sneak attacks
Kobold Miner2 Mana Sneak
Orella Abadon2 Mana Sneak at #5 so he can obtain enough bloodlust before tanking
Elven CutthroatSneak #6 so he can some tank for sneak enemies
  • First impression - That heal + Rage could be a problem against high speed enemy. he lacks damage to kill my tank fast.
  • Battle Summary - I was able to kill his water elemental at first round. Luckily my sneak monsters did not miss against him. after kill him, this was an easy victory. His tank heal does not do anything since I was attacking at the back.
  • Result - WIN!!

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2nd Match

Rule: Noxious Fumes, Close Range
Mana: 16
Splinters: Fire, Water, Light, Death, Dragon
Battle: Watch battle

Screen Shot 2022-01-31 at 7.57.11 PM.png

Alric StormbringerWanted to use water for Water Elemental
Alva The CrusherShield + Decent HP for the poison
Enchanted PixieRemaining 3 mana which could dealt a good damage agains opponent for 1 round
Water ElementalFor heal at the back and Close Range rule
  • First impression - His line up was weird, don't know why he did not use all available mana. This is a free win
  • Summary - This battle obviously goes into my favor. After breaking the opponent's armor he easily died with the combined attacks of my monsters + Poison
  • Result - Bonus WIN!!

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3rd Match

Rule: Weak Magic, Keep your distance
Mana: 23
Splinters: Fire, Death, Dragon
Battle: Watch battle

Screen Shot 2022-01-31 at 8.03.49 PM.png

With Keep your distance ruleset, I decided to go with Snipe monsters to make the opponents tank useless.

Jarlax the UndeadWith the exception of Selena Sky, All Summoner abilities are pretty useless in this ruleset so decided with Jarlax. Death monsters also has a good Snipe monsters compared to Fire
Undead PriesWeaken ability, 2 mana only
CentaurSnipe and I rather got this monster killed before my main damagers
Screaming Bansheethe only 1 decent with 3 mana, might not play a good role since I'm attacking using snipe
Twisted JesterSnipe with decent speed and damage
Whistling DamonOne of my favorite, Snipe ability and main damager
  • First impression - Sneak will be effective and with speed advantage and Snipe, I could easily kill his damagers
  • Summary - Snipe ability was proven useful. At first round I was able to kill his 2 monsters. while my tank still alive. And with speed advantage, I was able to kill all his attackers at round 2 before they landed an attack.
  • Result - WIN!!

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4th Match

Rule: Super Sneak, Taking Sides
Mana: 23
Splinters: Life, Dragon
Battle: Watch battle

With super sneak, to make sure that I can tank on both sides, I decided to go with 2 shields in front and back.
Screen Shot 2022-01-31 at 8.14.15 PM.png

Tyrus Paladium+1 armor which should be good when dealing against sneak attacks. The only available summoner for me this time LOL
Silvershield PaladinShield ability for tanking the front
Silvershield KnightInspire Ability
Feral SpiritHigh speed monster
Hugo StrongswordShield ability that will tank Sneak attackers
  • First impression - With his attacks focus on both side, I can kill his backline first before I receive a significant damage. Let's hope I won't miss too much.
  • Summary - Luckily, I only missed once against his Air Elemental and I managed to kill him at round 2. Using Feral spirit pays of compared to Cicatrice. After kill him, his damage was not enough to kill my monsters that has shield ability.
  • Result - WIN!! My strategy worked!!

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5th Match

Rule: Equal Opportunity
Mana: 22
Splinters: Water, Earth, Dragon
Battle: Watch battle

Screen Shot 2022-01-31 at 8.25.25 PM.png

I decided to go with Magic this time, Hoping that I can easily kill the enemies while ignoring their armors.

Alric Stormbringer+1 Magic
Spineback Turtle4 mana tank with decent HP and armor
CocatriceFlying ability and Opportunity bait hoping they will miss
Magi SphinxDecent life with 2 Magic dmg
Mischievous Mermaid2 Magic dmg with 4 speed
Medusa1 Magic Damage
  • First impression - That +1 speed could be messed up my plan
  • Summary - My positioning messed up this time. at first round I've managed to kill his 2 low HP monsters. But after that, It get's hard to kill hydra with that heal, speed and 3 dmg. His hydra managed to kill all my monsters.
  • Result - LOSS - my only lost to the game.

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End Result

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I love the breakdown that you do on this one with each moster and your thought process.
As always go !PIZZA guilds, P1 has been tearing it up!


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