Future SBT Logo


How's everyone doing today/tonight? Today I would like to touch up on a few things for SBT that has been talked about with me about ideas for the token.

Recently, someone had reached out to me asking if the logo for SBT was permanent. I had stated that the logo is the best I have at this time. I would like to reach out to people who are currently involved with SBT asking,

How do you like the current logo?


Link to survey to submit responses.

I personally like the current logo but it feels like something may be missing something. What are your opinions?

Do you have a suggestion for a new logo?

If you answered yes for a suggestion. Feel free to comment your ideas for a logo that may be used to create a more permanent solution to what we currently have already. @master.splinter may be able to pull off something that will blow all of our minds. Thanks @master.splinter for the logo you have already created!

If you think you may have a better idea for an SBT logo. I had an idea that would be pretty cool for the SBT community. My idea is that the community creates the logo. The logo then is submitted to me by mentioning @itzninjafool in a post using #SBTLogo as a tagline. I will then add either download them or screenshot (depending on if download is an option) and then create another post with all of them whereas the community then votes for the logo they think is best for a permanent SBT logo. The process of this permanent logo contest will last until February 6th, 2022. At this time I will create a post announcing the winner. If there is a draw by this time, I will then hold a vote for the top logos.

Let's See Those Ideas and let your creativity flow. This should be fun!

Aside from the Logo...

SBT Current Issued Supply - 269,000,000 (at time of posting this)

This is over a quarter of the total available supply that has been issued. As the giveaway continues to spread.

Momentum has slowed down to almost a complete halt as far as interest in the coin. That is fine. The reason that I say this... is mainly due to the ideas that have been brought to my attention as for how to proceed with the upcoming year for SBT.

Ideas that have been brought to my attention

"Basically, start an "SBT Battle of the Day/Week," which could definitely be its own very simple front-end, where people can bid SBT on the battle they want to win (this SBT could be burnt, or maybe 50 burnt 25/25 the two opponents in the battle - or 40/10 W/L or something)"

"Then, the winning battles are minted as limited edition NFTs (an actual video of the battle), and sold for SBT. Split for the market, the winner/both players, and some burnt again?"

This idea sounds really cool and I would like to implement it into the coin. This adds another achievement value to those memorable fights that some may cherish greatly.

Another suggestion-

  • This idea was suggested by @zaza and @zitron who recommended this use case.

The idea is a raffle system. This would basically be bidding with SBT that would then be burnt. The raffles will include cards, SPS, DEC, and other things yet to be discussed. This system would be added to a server in discord (currently in works) allowing SBT holders to opt in on these raffles.

I would like to link up (again) with @zaza to find out how the system works completely and make it a great reason to keep your SBT instead of immediately selling. Some of the receivers have done this upon receiving taking small profits instead of holding to see what will happen with this token. Paperhands have been shredding their own cards essentially, as well as, other things that will be included in the raffles. So, I have to ask... Are you still holding?

The last suggestion-

  • Many of requests have asked for a command system within peakd about using !SBT as a way to tip posts with SBT that is staked. I would love to make this a possibility. I have not been able to figure out a way at this time to make this happen unfortunately. This is a great suggestion and if (we) the SBT community can connect with someone to help make this happen, I will certainly do so.

  • First thing's first, that would mean I would need to unlock staking for SBT. Staking will certainly become available sometime within the upcoming months. But, due to my hacked Splinterlands account recently, it will take longer than initially anticipated. This could happen sooner rather than later, depending on whether or not some of my investment will pop within the upcoming weeks. Only time will tell. Patience will be required at this time. I appreciate and thank you in advance for understanding.

Some of the many posts that have been made based around SBT is creative to me and I would love to continue supporting projects out there that have been issuing it. Please reach out to me through, best is, discord NinjaSpar7an#3846, or on peakd via dm and we can discuss issuing more SBT to further support your projects. Please do not hesitate. My goal is to share this token with the community, as many of you already may know. And many of these projects allows room for more SBT interest.

Further Notes

I would like to apologize to anyone that may have mentioned me in an SBT post and I haven't responded. I have seen some great content and get distracted easily (kids mainly but also ADHD) and sometimes forget to respond. Also, I am heavily involved in a lot of projects that I am trying to maintain momentum with. And would like to take this time to say I am sorry if I had forgotten to respond. It is a lot to keep up with.

Some of you may know that I have recently taken a bunch of kids into my home. I now have 9 kids living with me and they require a lot of time and attention. If you happen to dm me, do not sit and wait for a response from me. I will eventually get to you. I try to stay active within all of the stuff I am involved with on a daily basis and I will definitely get to you when I see you reaching out to me. Thank you all who are already active within the SBT community! We will likely see this coin grow into something that will benefit the entire community within the Splinterlands realm.

Lastly, the discord server should not be much further of a wait. Please bear with SBT and continue to have patience. Please follow if you have not already to stay updated with the progress of SBT and the journey we will have within the SBT community. Thank you all again! I hope you all have a happy 2022 with luck and strategies to continue your success journey between cryptocurrency and NFTs.


I though this post would be full of activity. Xmas season took the momentum...

Anyway my idea is to have 2 monster hands in this before the fight starts pose, SBT would be written around them in a circle. Below the Splinterlands banned and behind the hands the Hive Logo.

Paint does not allow much artistic freedom, neither do my painting skills :D

Something like this, but as mentioned the hands are monster hands and a Hive logo can be in opaque behind the hands.


Thank you for the cool idea. I will see what I can come up with. Paint.net is a great paint program that I use regularly and allows for more freedom. Great idea!