Bot extractors have gone so it is time to remove Vouchers and Soulbound


I've been cruising through the Splinterlands platform and trying to consider it from a New Player's perspective.

What I found were lots of "things" and "stuff" hitting me in the face like a wrong turn in a Norwegian Bathhouse.

Break the Game's Complexity Down

People should be able to try before they buy.
This should be a lesson within itself.
What is a Splinter?
What is a Summoner?
What are Monsters? Abilities?

Give them a taste of Level 1 through to Max. It can explain the different abilities, the notion of Web3 and the possibility to use your Rewards earned to further deepen your experience.

Then, once they have tried the game, considered the potential access to other features, then they can buy a Spellbook.

Tutor Phase

This would lead to a Tutor Phase & the knowledge required to start your own deck.
I see most of this should be done in-game.
This could possibly lead to a relationship with 3rd party developers to integrate store transactions. I also consider a small fee for the Splinterlands Company should also help to fund the development of New Player Experience.

Intemediate Phase

Then once the Player gains some experience with the Basics, then they can be exposed to the other elements of Splinterlands.

I see we could possibly simplify the Guild structure. I also ponder why we need different "Potions" within the Guild that could just be a universal Potion in the Game. This could streamline the Terminology being used.

Remove SKINS as a separate item.

We still have a SKIN selection within the SPL menu structure.
I see SKINS as a future revenue stream and would prefer it incorporated within the GLINT store to bring it in line with the Game's new structure.

NFTs need to be Transactable /Transferable /Tradable

I see NFTs should all be game usable both within the game, and to trade, sell or stake.

I understand the potential risks that come with it. However, I believe that people who like to collect everything, powerup quicker and shouldn't be restrained from achieving their optimal tinkering on their accounts.

Whether it is staggered, restricted or however it is concocted, so long as people know that there will be a free market outcome at some point.

Remove Vouchers & Soulbound

When I consider a New Player, the currencies with which to buy items should be simplified.

We want the DEC/SPS Flywheel.

Credits are useful for a FIAT direct transactions.

Glint, a Game Reward currency for flexibility of use within a Store, and perhaps in other areas.

Convert DEC from Land Staking into "SAND"

Much like we have Guild Power to use within the Guild Environment, I also see that same potential to be applied to Land.


When Land was created it was meant to assist in reducing the DEC supply.
We now have 57% tied up in LAND & the DAO.

If LAND DEC got converted to "SAND" and only useable within the Land Ecosystem, then we eliminate 1.5 Billion DEC which could leak back into the general economy.

(While the DAO should have a plan to utilise its 1.7 Billion DEC as it is a resource that is valuable to the Community).

Overview to Simplicity

Again, my main brainstorm was to map out the Splinterlands Game in a piecemeal way.

I may have missed some things or they could be placed in a better order, yet I feel we need to break the game down into its moving parts. Then we can change, debate, modify, merge, delete, and whatever else you'd like to tinker with it all.

But if you are a New Player entering the Splinterlands Game - how should it be presented to you? How do you minimise being overwhelmed? How do you hint at the complexity while keeping it accessible?

That is where I feel we are at.