Down the Twitch Rabbit Hole


I opened up my OBS to have a play around.
Just getting the updates happening, my chroma screen setup.
My youngins making mic and cam use a bit difficult when I started streaming.
BANG! In comes @holozOr with a RAID! My firs received RAID of consequence.
In tramped many a HolozOrian, some may have even been human, all to watch me undertake some pathetic battles. I was even gifted a card by a viewer and gained several followers.
It is quite daunting not to have a proper stream developed. There are many good Twitchers, with games, freebies, activities & many a well structured stream.
I'll have to lift my game.


Who knew that Splinterlands was a thing?



My struggle with winning battles shows. I am throwing many a theory in place to undertake some form of competitive stand.

It is a great game. Very fit for my type of piecemeal internet exploration. I can focus a lot, or a little, to battle my opponents.

With the dip in price of the SPS Splinterlands token allowed me to consolidate my holding that little bit more. This game is sure to ramp up as it matures. It will become a mainstream favourite once pathways of entry become simplified further.

I've rented cards out. Picked the brains of veteran players. Enjoyed the many players who hang around the Twitch streams.

Awesome development to the brains of the concept and I find it enjoyable and proud to support this game.

Rising Star


Many a Twitch streamer are also spruiking the Rising Star game.
It is a bit of a stretch for me, but I am giving it a go nonetheless.
I want my musician to become famous.

I'm just grinding at the moment. Not sure whether to invest in cards just yet.
I'm an illegal busker trying to make my way into the music scene.

Again, a good community to participate within. I am strongly supportive of any crypto game developers.

Keep it up guys!


The Crypto world is capitivating.

I'm a $hitCoin buyer. I love my LTHN, PGN, MSR and so forth.
I've enjoyed profits from HOLO and DENT in the early days.

So, I am bullish on the coins that I love. The developers are either rebooting or need to reboot in order to gain some traction. I love them nonetheless.
The communities on Discord and funny and cool.

I enjoy the CoinEx exchange & rejoiced in their 4th year celebrations.
This is my referral link if you want to join. CoinEx | The Global Crypto Asset Exchange. Register Now:


Home Education

The Government is scaring the crap out of me. I believe many have sold out to overseas interests.

I've always been concerned that they have become weak by using the FREE FIAT fountain to debase the currencies. Then they complain that their FIAT is converting to Commodities and Crypto!

The pandemic can be seen from many different perspectives. It all depends on your level of scepticism as to the circumstance.

Anyway, I object to my family having an experimental treatment that is proving not to work. That is my researched opinion - I'm not here to change minds.
I am a libertarian at heart and believe that people, who are not conditioned by fear, tend to regulate their behaviour dependent upon their needs. I do not want a homogenous society - I enjoy the variety that we have.


So, to ensure I maintain a level of choice, I am preparing the documentation of home schooling my children. The lockdowns last year identified some deficiencies of the school system. I was able to fill the void that my children had within their maths, english, critical thinking etc. Whether I venture down homeschooling will be dependent on the fearporn peddled by guvment.

I am using as my foundation for preparing for home schooling.

And time spins

The time flies when you are doing many an activity.

Crazy times and a brilliant entry into 2022.

Happy New Year Everyone!

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I recall often filling in the gaps for my youngest when they attended school. Don't get me wrong, the teachers were often lovely, but they didn't always have the time to break things down individually for those that may not grasp traditional methods. Ironically, it was my eldest's troubles that got me considering homeschooling when we moved and the new school wasn't living up to its shining reputation. Then an incident with a not so great teacher and my youngest cemented it for me. Never looked back and my youngest doesn't even recall "learning" during her homeschooling, but has currently been getting A and a couple of B grades in her SACE. We didn't particularly unschool, either, so it can't have been a bad experience, she remembers all her bad experiences vividly..

VIC used to be one of the easiest states to register for homeschooling. I hope that's not changed too much. I'm sure you'll love it!


I agree. My son is very good with maths but he was struggling with fractions.
It does seem he is a good at hiding from scrutiny at school.

I believe Victoria still has a pretty good system. Hopefully, the guvmint doesn't change it with the jibby jabb push (which I call "no gain, all risk")

My daughter's school is autism based and they have been awesome so far - hopefully, they will also keep from discriminating. Although, I wasn't allowed to attend the school Christmas bbq which fell 3 days before the guvmints arbitrary rules relaxed ironically.

Talking about the situation, they are keen to work through their "potential" school curriculum next week! I see many opportunities to introduce the Constitution, Crypto, FIAT, Commodities, Morals & Ethics, History in many Project based - especially, as my daughter has artistic skills and want her to focus on multi pronged skill attributes, gain more with less effort!!

Happy New Year!


She is certainly skilled. Those comics are a little dark and bringing back some memories of my own teen mind! 😅 Glad to hear you found a good school for her. I know many don't when their kids have autism.