Delegation of my hive tokens to earn passive income

Hello Everyone, I will talk about my journey in Hive Platform.
First, I was just enjoying and playing Splinterlands when i have time. Through engaging with my fellow player i found out that you can earn passively in Hive.
Then, i have researched and study on how to earn passively.
I tried to post on @splintertalk about my battle on splinterlands and earn SPT token.

Last week, i bought hive token and stake some of it.

Due to busy schedule in work. I can't upvote everyday, so i decided to delegate my token.

120HP delegated to @tipu. It gives me 0.023 hive per day.
10HP delegated to @wrestorgonline. It gives me woo token daily.
20HP delegated to @leo.voter. It gives Leo token
I also have other token which i also delegate.

LEO token delagated to @india-leo.
BEE token degated to @bee-curator.
WorkerBEE token delegated to @ph1102, It gives BEE token payout every 7 days.

Other tokens such as
ALIVE delagated to @lolz.alive
CENT delagated to @lolz.cent
CTP delagated to @lolz.ctp
LEO delagated to @lolz.leo
MEME delagated to
NEOXAG delagated to @lolz.neoxag
PGM delagated to @lolz.pgm
THGAMING delagated to @lolz.thgaming
WAIV delagated to @lolz.waiv
WEED delagated to @lolz.weed

This give me lolz token everyday.

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PS. You will earn more ALIVE tokens if you add #AliveAndThriving too as we have a curation project looking for that tag with the largest ALIVE stake in the tribe behind it.

  • The 4 points of #AliveAndThriving, the first point is mandatory, then add one or more of the rest, share your journey to thrive in life.

Made in Canva


@quekery you !PIMP, the HiQ Smart Bot has recognized your request and will start the trail now. !PIZZA

Delegate HP to @hiq.hive, BEE to @hiq.bee,
PHOTO to, FUN to,
ONEUP to @hiq.oneup or PIMP to @hiq.pimp
to support the HiQ Smart Bot and its trails,
and grab "massive" rewards!

If you have at least 10 HIQS staked
and your daily limit is not exceeded,
then juicy votes will follow!

Check out HiQ - The Hivestyle Magazine,
fomo into HiQs - The Support Token
& vote our fucking Witness!

This is a semi automatically created manual curation. !LOL
Currently this sexy Smart Bot is in the testing phase though.
For further questions, feel free to contact @hiq.redaktion via comment or Discord.



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