5 Reasons to Start Playing Splinterlands Today + A LITTLE SURPRISE INSIDE!


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@Splinterlands - The name that's lately been a sensation in the blockchain gaming community. If you haven't heard about it until now, I bet you've been in the shadows for quite some time!

A quick google search will bring you all these headlines from some well-reputed sources including @dappradar, @bitmart, #techtimes, and #ndtv. Here's a recent article from capital.com about the top NFT games with Splinterlands reigning the throne!

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Well, at last, you're finally here - sifting through the blogs, reviewing every resource you can get your hands on about the game. Wondering if it really is a distinctive project or just another overhyped trash like most of what you've seen floating around lately.

I'll do my best to clear the air for you, hopefully making this blog your last read before you jump into your first Splinterlands battle!

Let's dive straight into the 5 most compelling reasons to start playing Splinterlands today.


If you have tried some other play2earn games before, most of them are nothing but a big fancy brag. Splinterlands defies that very standard notion of all these games that are rewarding close to nothing for hours of time and effort. You'll be astounded to see how many choices Splinterlands offers to earn within the game!

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For a more comprehensive breakdown on ways to earn money in Splinterlands, check out @rosiew's post unveiling the 21 Ways to Make Money in Splinterlands!


Some of you might not be aware but Splinterlands has been around for over 3 years now. This hidden gem finally came to light a few months ago and it's been getting the exposure it deserves ever since. It recently saw a daily average active user base of over 500k, making it the most played NFT play2earn game in the history of blockchain!

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The game has literally exploded and the numbers are unreal. In the last Townhall session, Richard (VP of Engineering) revealed that the game had about 10k daily active users back in the summer, now over 500k ! INSANE, isn't it?

Well, as someone who's been playing actively for about a year, I'm not surprised. For a game with such caliber, Splinterlands has so many milestones yet to achieve - putting it simply; this is just a warm-up !


The community engagement for this game is second to none! Over 150k members across several networking channels have played a crucial role in keeping the project alive and thriving. We recently saw an event happening in the Philippines- changing lives while building a strong, loyal community. How cool is that?!

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Also, props to the amazing content creators including @clove71, @marianaemilia, @rosiew, @bulldog1205, and others who constantly support the game and assist the players with great, insightful content!


The prime reason behind such a vibrant community is the team itself! They've left no stone unturned to captivate their prime audience and make this game a success. A spectacular game with 24x7 support on Telegram and Discord channels, weekly Townhall sessions every Friday for regular development updates, and Q&A are some of the pressing efforts by the team to keep its community loyal and in the loop with everything that's been going on what's ahead for the game.

@Aggroed clearly stated in one of the recent AMAs - "We're trying to make the game as much as yours as it is ours".

Here are a few things that validate the fact that the team is consistently working on this mission to involve the community in every possible way:

  • The team has set up a page (feedback.splinterlands.com) where you can suggest new ideas or vote on the existing ones. The site has since been flooded with suggestions, and the team has already started working on implementing the most requested features!
  • The frequent events and challenges with a chance of recognition from the team keep the community constantly drawn to the game. For instance, the Art contest allows players to share their self-made Splinterlands art with a chance to win booster packs! The recent 'share your battle' challenge encourages players to share their battles in return for an upvote and/or a reshare from the Splinterlands team!
  • The top 6 players on the Chaos Legion presale leaderboard will now get an opportunity to collaborate with the creative team led by @nateaguila to design their own custom card!

The team's evidently not only aiming to involve the community members in playing the game itself but also appending them at every step of the development and the direction of the game.


Just like myself, I can safely assume that most of you who're planning on getting started with Splinterlands are mainly attracted to the P2E factor.
Well, I can assure you, a few days of dedicated quest hunting and battles will make you pass over the very reason you started playing in the first place!
I remember the day when I got into Splinterlands - It took me hours to figure out the game but once I did, I've been obsessed ever since. You can expect the same (or close).
With so many features to explore - Battles, Daily quests, tournaments, trading/rentals to name a few, the game is guaranteed to keep you constantly devoted!

Once you thoroughly understand the playing mechanism, I can assure you this is the ONLY game you'll ever play!

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So, this was me presenting you with all the facts and statistics in my efforts to win you over to give Splinterlands a try. Time to sweeten up the pie! I'll give away an epic card to 5 lucky winners - first-time users only!

Djinn Chwala is an exceptional Dragon splinter card strong enough to give you a headstart in the game!


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Here's what you'll have to do:

I look forward to some great winning battles! Will definitely bring back good old memories of myself when I started my wild but fun Splinterlands journey!


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