Back to Basics - This ruleset changes the way your battle would have been, otherwise!


It is still some time for a new dive into the battle mage secrets of Splinterlands and to share a battle with you! ;)


The ruleset of this week is called 'Back to Basics' which is another ruleset I see quite often in my battles.
The rules are quite simple: "Monsters lose all abilities. Summoner effects are still active (IE: Yodin Zaku)."

This means all the fancy stuff you appreciated on your favorite monster unit is gone for this match and you can basically count only on its stats.
In the past I often referred to a given ruleset's impact on your match at hand. And I think 'Back to Basics' has quite a huge impact! With this ruleset it is all about your units' stats and there is no point in spending mana points on monster units with powerful abilities.

Deep dive into one of my battles including 'Back to Basics' ruleset:

Again this battle comes from brawl format (as mentioned before I still find it hard to find THE relevant battle for a given week's topic).


This brawl comes with a lot of side effects. Most important I was only able to choose from my melee units.
However I did what I always do when 'Back to Basics' comes up, I chose the units which had the strongest base stats. Furthermore I found it very advantageous to use Drake of Arnak as summoner because of the additional shield stat he would provide to my units and thus enabling them to withstand another hit by my opponent's units.
I hope my opponent went a bit likewise...


Well this fight was basically a series of one-on-one duels because only melee was allowed and no abilities like 'Reach' possible.
My Nectar Queen took the Elven Defender off the board, first.

round2 - long road.png

Then my Mustang took a lot of enemy units off the board up to the point....

round4 clear.png

...when it was Pelacor vs. Pelacor. But looking at the remaining health stats you might already guess who won the battle.

So as mentioned before this Brawl has some side-effects from other rulesets. However looking at the round's counter it was a very, very long lasting battle in terms of rounds. And it would all have been different if there was no 'Back to Basics' ruleset. E.g. my opponent's Twilight Basilisk would have had 'Reach' ability and thus giving my opponent a second attack. His Gladius unit would have the 'Bloodlust' ability and his Xenith Monk could have used 'Tank Heal' and the list goes on! Of course I would have chosen a completely different set of units.
But this is the point where I wanted to come to: This ruleset completely changes the way your battle would have been, otherwise!

That's it for this week here! You are stil not into the Splinterverse, but you consider joining? -Consider using my sign-up link, too:


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