Close Range - This ruleset makes ranged attacks work like melee attacks


We are in for another week of interesting matches in the Splinterverse and highlighting a particular ruleset. This week it is called "Close Range".


This week's ruleset is called "Close Range" and by looking at the icon you can already guess it has something to do with archery. And you are right! It basically makes ranged attacks equal to melee attacks.

En detail it reads: "Monsters with ranged attacks are allowed to attack in the first position."

Thus one of the hard restrictions on ranged attacks does not apply for this fight.

So here we are with one of my battles including the 'Close Range' ruleset. Find the full battle here:

Again this battle comes from brawl format (as mentioned before I still find it hard to find THE relevant battle for a given week's topic)


First and foremost one should mention that two other rulesets were also in place of which one ruleset gave all units the "Return Fire" ability. This means that each unit hit by a ranged attack will return some damage back on the attacker.
Looking at the opponent's lineup it looks a bit like a duel of Gladius cards. Both of our Gladiators were supported by healing abilities.


First round saw some action, but my Martyr unit did not want to leave the field...


...a lot of my other units did though and most of the time they pumped the enemy's Gladius unit.


So it happens that in the end it was just my Quora against a lot of the opponent's remaining lineup.


Luckily my Quora became a 'one hit wonder' (sorry for that one!) and her magic attack was enough to take the enemy Gladius unit off the board in an instant. The rest is history...

So that's it folks, the match has been decided and I won. But did you recognize? -Again the "Close Range" ruleset barely played any role. Although there are lots of ranged units for disposal to choose from neither me nor my enemy barely chose any. And the few ranged attacks fired barely played a role.

So what is to say in conclusion about "Close Range"?
-My personal perception is that you encounter this ruleset in quite a lot of matches. But my personal opinion is that there are not many matches when it becomes really relevant!

Finally if you are still not into the Splinterverse, but you consider joining? -Consider using my sign-up link, too:


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