Equalizer - This ruleset (still) highly affects your choice of units


It is a new week and that means there is another chance for me to share a battle (mage secret) with you! This week it is about the "Equalizer" ruleset. In the past this has been one of my very favorite rulesets. Recently that has changed, however. It might be that "Equalizer" ruleset is not of such an importance for Chaos Legion units and as recently I play more in Modern format I might have an explanation for my impression. But let us have a look!


"Equalizer" ruleset has the following description and fine-print: "All units start with the same health, based on the highest health on either team.

Buffs and debuffs are done afterward - this impacts base health."

Okay as I see it the only real fine-print here is that the health each unit gets is the max of any unit on the battlefield (whether it is friend or enemy).
And I would add: You can still gain an advantage by boosting your health with buffs and abilities.

Let us have a look at one of my battles that included the "Equalizer" ruleset:

This battle comes from brawl format again (as mentioned before I still find it hard to find THE relevant battle for a given week's topic).


My idea had been to use some expensive units to take advantage of the mana cap and to use some (previously low health and cheap) units to attack the opponent's backline.
My opponent however had the idea to boost the low health of some of the Life Splinter's high-damage-units and mix it with some improved initiative.


Obviously my opponent's tactic looked to play out better than mine. Quix added some speed advantage to my opponent's line-up and well... it worked. My Goblin Mech got blown away in Round 1, already.


Meanwhile my units which tried to attack the opponent's backline had a hard time and were only able to take the Prismologist off the board.


All the while my tanks were hit hard and all of them had already vanished in Round 3 and so I should not expect victory...



So what is it that can I learn from this fight? First: "Equalizer" is still a ruleset with a lot of impact on that specific match. Second: Often enough high damage units go along with low health stat. The "Equalizer" ruleset makes that disadvantage disappear, though. It is therefore that I should have chosen units that were even more damage-oriented. And shall do it in future battles! ;)
As a sidenote one cannot overemphasize the importance of initiative when looking at this fight. Quix boosted my opponent's units while his Time Mage slowed my units.

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