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Chibi Dinos, a leading NFT basketball game, is making waves in the world of blockchain gaming with the launch of their latest initiative, Invennium. This modular, back-end platform solution aims to revolutionize the process of building web3 projects, providing brands with a cost-effective and efficient alternative to creating a dedicated development team from scratch. Alongside Invennium, Chibi Dinos is set to release their highly anticipated game, Primal Hoop, which will leverage the power of Invennium to deliver an engaging arcade-style experience featuring basketball and dinosaurs. Let's delve deeper into these exciting updates and the upcoming developments.

Invennium: Empowering Brands in Web3:
Invennium, the brainchild of Chibi Dinos, is a comprehensive platform designed to enable brands to kickstart their journey into the web3 space. By leveraging Invennium's modular architecture, brands can quickly establish their presence in the blockchain gaming realm without the need to build an entire development team from scratch. This approach offers significant cost savings and accelerated development timelines, giving brands a competitive edge in the rapidly evolving world of web3.

Primal Hoop: The Genesis of a Unique NFT Basketball Game:
As the first partner project of Invennium, Chibi Dinos introduces Primal Hoop, an innovative NFT basketball game that blends the excitement of basketball with the charm of dinosaurs. Primal Hoop will reside within the Genesis League Sports ecosystem, offering players an immersive gaming experience with its arcade-style gameplay. Combining collectible NFT basketball cards with thrilling in-game action, Primal Hoop aims to captivate both sports and blockchain enthusiasts alike.

Noteworthy Updates and Features:

5 Year Anniversary Event: Chibi Dinos recently celebrated its 5th anniversary with a special event, highlighting the brand's dedication to the blockchain gaming community.

Enhanced Settings Options: Users can now customize their card settings to have their cards locked by default, ensuring added security and peace of mind.

Market Cleanup: Various improvements have been implemented to enhance market performance. Users will no longer experience delays in the active market items API, with canceled or completed items immediately appearing in the completed market item section.

Survey Boosts Update: The initial duration for purchasing survey boosts has concluded. While survey deeds can still be conducted, the options for adding Building In A Box, Time Crystals, or Unstable Totem boosts have been discontinued.

Bug Fixes and API Enhancements: Several issues have been addressed, including rounding errors in the in-game market display, correct WAX address notification during transfers, and the addition of a low-price-by-level sort option in the market query API.

Future Developments:
Chibi Dinos and the Invennium platform have an exciting roadmap ahead, including upcoming features and improvements:

Land 1.5: Enhancements to the land system, such as plot clearing and resource production, will provide players with a more immersive and dynamic gameplay experience.

Asset Staking: Chibi Dinos plans to introduce asset staking, allowing players to earn rewards by locking their assets within the game ecosystem.

Market and Bridging: Further developments to the marketplace and bridging functionality will enhance user interactions and trading opportunities.

Land Surfing: An intriguing addition to the gameplay, land surfing promises to offer unique and exciting experiences for players to explore.

Ranked Battle Changes: Chibi Dinos aims to improve the ranked battle system, introducing new mechanics and rewards to elevate the competitive gameplay.

SPS Staking: The introduction of SPS (Soul Power) staking will provide players with increased earning potential based on their staked SPS holdings and different league levels.

Splinterlands, the popular blockchain-based trading card game, is commemorating its five-year anniversary with an exciting event that promises players an opportunity to win a plethora of valuable prizes. This event, lasting for 30 days, will provide participants with chances to earn rewards by burning DEC or DEC-B tokens. With over 3,500 prizes available, including titles, land plots, booster packs, and more, Splinterlands' anniversary celebration is set to be a grand affair.

Event Details and Prizes:
The anniversary event is scheduled to commence on May 30th, 2023, during the scheduled maintenance window, and will run until June 29th, 2023. Players can access and participate in the event through a dedicated tab on the Splinterlands website's shop page. By burning DEC or DEC-B tokens, players will earn points based on the number of tokens burned.

Throughout the event, players will receive three points for each DEC or DEC-B token burned initially, and the number of points earned will gradually decrease each day. On the final day of the event, players will receive one point for each token burned. It is essential to note that tokens must be burned through the special event page in the Splinterlands shop to count for the event. Other methods of burning, such as manual transfers to "null" or guild building upgrades, will not be considered.

The prizes for the event will be awarded based on two categories: leaderboard prizes and random giveaway prizes. The players with the highest number of points at the end of the event will secure coveted leaderboard prizes, including legendary titles and land plots. The top-ranked player will earn "The Burninator" legendary title and one tract, while subsequent ranks will receive various combinations of legendary titles and land plots.

Additionally, players will have the opportunity to win random giveaway prizes for every 10,000 points earned during the event. These prizes consist of valuable items such as land plots, alpha packs, beta packs, untamed packs, nightmare packs, Riftwatchers packs, and even the rare Runi card. Participants can potentially win one item from the prize pool for each 10,000 points accumulated, regardless of their leaderboard ranking.

Guild Power and Future Benefits:
Apart from the enticing prizes, every DEC or DEC-B token burned during the event will contribute to a player's Guild Power (GP). In the future, when the Guild Power feature is introduced, players will be able to apply their accumulated GP to upgrade guild buildings. This transition will replace the requirement of using DEC tokens for guild building upgrades, enhancing the value and utility of Guild Power.

The Guild Power feature will allow players to carry their GP with them if they leave or are removed from a guild, enabling them to reapply it to a new guild. This means that burning tokens during the anniversary event will provide players with double the value, as they will possess Guild Power that can be used to offset the upgrade costs of guild buildings in the future.

As a smaller player, I am excited to participate in the 5-year anniversary event of Splinterlands. I have contributed by burning a total of 33,837 DEC, which has earned me an impressive 101,236.541 points. With this point total, I have a 10x chance of being selected for their organized events where prizes can be won. Additionally, I have accumulated 33,837 guild points, which can be used when joining a guild for building upgrades and other benefits.

The total amount of DEC burned by all participants in the event currently stands at 334,228,271.076, while DEC-B burned amounts to 154,374,094.595. It's inspiring to see such active participation from the community, making this anniversary event a truly special occasion.

I want to express my gratitude to all of you for the love and upvotes. Your support is truly appreciated. Let's gather in the battle arena and showcase our skills. I also want to extend my heartfelt thanks to Splinterlands for creating this amazing game. Your continuous development efforts and commitment to growing the player community are truly commendable.


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