I Fought The Brawl Battle Under 3 Rule. Splinterlands Social Media Challenge!

  • Welcome to my Splinterlands battle blog! Get ready to dive into the thrilling world of strategic card battles. Join me as I embark on epic quests, unleash powerful creatures, and strategize my way to victory. Prepare for a gripping adventure filled with intense battles, valuable tips, and exciting updates. Let's begin the journey together!


  • In the vast realm of Splinterlands, where battles are won and lost, one fearsome creature stands out among the shadows - KOTRIPHUS BAYNE. This rare Death monster possesses an unparalleled strength that strikes fear into the hearts of opponents. Join me as we delve into the depths of its dark powers and explore its unique abilities.


Engaging in battles under specific rules in Splinterlands can be a challenging endeavor. The mana cap of 26 poses a significant constraint, making it crucial to carefully select suitable monsters for these battles.

In this article, we will explore the three battle rules:

Explosive Weaponry,

Rise of the Commons,

What Doesn't Kill You?

Each rule introduces unique dynamics to the game, demanding strategic thinking and a deep understanding of the monsters' abilities.

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  • Explosive Weaponry: All Monsters Have The Blast Ability.

The Explosive Weaponry rule amplifies the destructive force of monsters possessing the Blast ability. When a monster with Blast hits its intended target, the adjacent monsters of the target also suffer damage. This ability presents a dangerous power that can devastate the opposing team. Consider a scenario where a monster with Blast also possesses abilities like Snipe or Opportunity. In a single hit, this monster can damage the health or armor of up to three adjacent monsters. The more attack power the monster possesses, the more devastating the damage inflicted on the adjacent targets.

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  • Rise Of The Common: Only Common And Rare Monsters Can Be Used.

The Rise of the Commons rule restricts players to using only Common and Rare monsters. Splinterlands offers four types of rarity cards: Common, Rare, Epic, and Legendary. However, in battles governed by this rule, players must harness the strengths of their Common and Rare monsters exclusively. This limitation levels the playing field and challenges players to rely on their strategic skills rather than the sheer power of higher-rarity monsters. It encourages exploration and creativity in building effective teams with these more accessible cards.

  • What Doesn't Kill You?: All The Monsters Have The Enrage Ability.

Under the What Doesn't Kill You? rule, all monsters possess the Enrage ability. This ability triggers a powerful response when an Enrage-enabled monster is attacked and damaged. The monster's speed and Melee attack power increase, turning it into a formidable force to reckon with. This rule adds an element of unpredictability and intensity to battles, as each hit against an Enrage monster fuels its determination and strength. Players must be cautious when facing these monsters, as they become more dangerous the more they are attacked.

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  • Engaged in a fierce battle that presented numerous challenges, including limited mana and rigid regulations, I received thorough instruction on the art of strategically choosing my Monsters. Despite the daunting circumstances, I skillfully devised an impeccable lineup that proved to be the key to vanquishing my adversary and emerging victorious.



The legendary Death Summoner, Astral Entity, stands as an enigmatic force on the battlefield. Commanding dark energies, he bestows his allies with extraordinary powers. With a mere gesture, he grants his friendly monsters the gift of evasion, enabling them to dodge incoming attacks with uncanny precision. In moments of dire need, he invokes the power of resurrection, bringing fallen comrades back to life, and rekindling hope amidst despair. As if his benevolence weren't enough, Astral Entity's mystic abilities extend to his enemies as well. He effortlessly strips away two armor points from opposing monsters, leaving them vulnerable and exposed to his allies' onslaught. A true master of life and death, Astral Entity's legend reverberates through the realms, forever altering the course of battles.



Kotriphus Bayne, the rare death monster, emerges from the depths of the Splinterlands as a formidable gladiator. With 2 melee attack power and a sturdy 12 health, he strikes fear into the hearts of his adversaries. However, it is his unique ability, Bloodlust, that sets him apart. Every time Bayne vanquishes an opponent, he gains an incredible boost of +1 to all his stats. With each victory, his power, defense, and health surge, transforming him into an unstoppable force on the battlefield. This insatiable hunger for triumph fuels his determination, inspiring his allies and striking fear into the opposition. Kotriphus Bayne's rare presence in the arena is a testament to his relentless pursuit of power and glory.



The rare death monster, Venari Bonesmith, is a formidable creature with an astonishing magical attack power. What makes Venari Bonesmith particularly cool is its unique ability to inflict health damage on opposing monsters, regardless of their defenses. This relentless force ensures that no opponent can escape unscathed. Moreover, Venari Bonesmith possesses the Life Leech ability, which grants it an additional advantage. With each successful strike on an opponent's monster, it gains +1 extra life, allowing it to sustain itself and prolong its dominance in battle. The combination of magical prowess, unyielding health damage, and life-stealing capabilities makes Venari Bonesmith an extraordinary and fearsome presence on the battlefield. Facing this monstrous entity is an arduous challenge for any adversary.



The rare death monster, Life Sapper, may possess only 1 magic attack power, but it wields a unique and remarkable ability. Regardless of the opponent's defenses, Life Sapper can consistently inflict 1 health damage upon them. This ability grants Life Sapper an advantage in battles, as it can weaken its foes with every strike. Additionally, Life Sapper possesses the Life Leech ability, further enhancing its strength. With each successful hit on an opponent's monster, Life Sapper gains +1 extra life, allowing it to sustain itself and extend its presence in combat. Despite its seemingly modest attack power, Life Sapper's combination of steady damage and life-stealing prowess makes it a formidable force on the battlefield, capable of turning the tide of battle in its favor.


The Ravenhood is a group of raven folk residing in the Fenmoor Basin within Praetoria's Shimmering Coasts. Devoted followers of Nestal, the Goddess of Vengeance, Pestilence, and Disease, the Ravenhood hold grudges and seek retribution until justice is served, even if it takes years. They are fiercely territorial and safeguard their land and people with the help of the Wardens.

Tasked with patrolling the forests, plains, and swamps surrounding their settlements, the Ravenhood Wardens not only protect their territory but also uphold the laws of the Ravenhood and maintain peace. Whenever outsiders offend or harm the Ravenhood, it is the Wardens who ensure that vengeance is dealt with.


The Ravenhood Warden is a rare and formidable creature known for its unique abilities. With a potent ranged attack power, it can strike down enemies from a distance. However, its most crucial attribute is its Protect ability, which grants additional armor to all friendly monsters on the team. This makes the Warden an invaluable asset in battles, providing vital defense to its allies.


Baron Kutziq, a vampire hailing from an ancient lineage, maintained a facade of restraint and genuine care for his people. Despite his insatiable desires, he took from them sparingly, never exceeding his needs. The stones that composed Darkholde witnessed the secrets of this noble race, a people who loved their subjects in a most peculiar manner – relishing in their unique flavor. The Soul Strangler, a creature of nobility and opulence, resided in a world of luxury. Draped in exquisite garments, it moved effortlessly among the upper echelons of society, mingling with the aristocracy from other cities and indulging in prolonged soirées.


The Soul Strangler, a rare and deadly monster, possesses immense power with its two ranged attack abilities. Remarkably, this fearsome creature can be summoned into battle for a mere cost of three mana. Before the chaos gate opened, Darkholde, a towering city nestled within the frigid Blackworth mountain range, enjoyed a tranquil existence. Governed by the esteemed Baron Kutziq Neculai, a long-standing noble, the city appeared peaceful on the surface. Little did its citizens know the true nature of their governor.


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In my team, I possessed the awe-inspiring Legendary Death Summoner known as the Astral Entity. This remarkable summoner possessed the extraordinary power to bestow two additional abilities upon all the friendly monsters under its command. These two abilities, namely Dodge and Resurrect, proved to be invaluable assets in our battles.

The first ability, Dodge, played a pivotal role in ensuring the safety of our team. It granted the ability to evade and elude the ferocious attacks unleashed by the opposing team's formidable monsters. Such evasive prowess proved to be a vital defensive mechanism, safeguarding our monsters from harm and confounding our adversaries.

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During a fierce encounter, a sly adversary unleashed their crafty monster, the Undead Badger, endowed with a sneaky disposition. The Undead Badger, utilizing its sneak ability, sought to launch a ruthless attack on our valiant Soul Strangler, a formidable warrior in our ranks. However, thanks to the Dodge ability bestowed upon Soul Strangler by the Astral Entity, the treacherous assault was averted. The Undead Badger's strike failed to find its mark as Soul Strangler skillfully evaded the attack, leaving the enemy's monster frustrated and bewildered. The Dodge ability, provided by the Astral Entity, played a pivotal role in turning the tides of battle in our favor. It allowed our team to strategically outmaneuver our opponents, ensuring the safety and longevity of our mighty warriors. The presence of such a formidable summoner in our ranks proved to be a significant advantage, reinforcing our team's strength and increasing our chances of victory.

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There were two specific reasons why I strategically chose to include the two monsters, Life Sapper and Venari Bonesmith, in my team composition. These particular creatures possess a unique ability known as Life Leech, which played a crucial role in my decision. Allow me to elaborate on these reasons in detail. Firstly, the Life Leech ability granted these monsters the remarkable capability to replenish their own health whenever they inflicted damage upon any opposing monster from the enemy team. This attribute proved to be advantageous for my team as it ensured that Life Sapper and Venari Bonesmith would gradually gain additional health throughout the battle, enhancing their overall durability and longevity.

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Secondly, these monsters possessed another noteworthy ability known as Blast. In combat, magical attacks usually target an opponent's health directly. However, the Blast ability provided an additional advantage, as its damage output was also directed straight toward the health of the target. This meant that whenever Life Sapper or Venari Bonesmith unleashed a magical attack with the Blast ability, it would effectively bypass any armor or defensive mechanisms possessed by the enemy monsters, directly impacting their health. An important factor that influenced my decision was the observation that my opponent had predominantly chosen monsters with low magic power. Consequently, their team's monsters were primarily capable of inflicting damage on the armor of my team's monsters using the Blast ability. This strategic choice by my opponent inadvertently played in my favor, as the monsters in my team, with their significant magical attack power, could directly target and damage the health of the opponent's monsters by utilizing the Blast ability.

In summary, the inclusion of Life Sapper and Venari Bonesmith in my team proved to be an astute decision for two key reasons. Firstly, their Life Leech ability allowed them to steadily regain health throughout the battle, bolstering their survivability. Secondly, their Blast ability ensured that their magical attacks directly targeted the health of opposing monsters, bypassing any defensive measures. The specific circumstances of my opponent's team composition, with a lack of magical power, further enhanced the effectiveness of this strategy, ultimately giving me an advantage in the battle.

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The Gladiator Monster, KOTRIPHUS BAYNE, truly showcased his exceptional prowess during this particular battle, proving to be an invaluable asset to my team. One key factor that contributed to his remarkable performance was the employment of his Explosive Weaponry ability, which allowed him to harness an incredible surge of power with a single opportunity. Allow me to recount the battle in detail.

As the second round commenced, KOTRIPHUS BAYNE seized the opportunity to unleash a devastating strike upon the opposing team's monster, CURSED WINDEKU, utilizing his formidable melee power of 5. The impact of this attack proved to be fatal, resulting in the immediate demise of CURSED WINDEKU. However, the true magnificence of this moment lay in the additional consequence of KOTRIPHUS BAYNE's strike.

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With a resounding display of his might, KOTRIPHUS BAYNE's blow not only eliminated CURSED WINDEKU but also triggered a chain reaction that led to the demise of the adjacent opponent's monster, VENARI MARKSRAT, courtesy of KOTRIPHUS BAYNE's blast ability. The blast unleashed by KOTRIPHUS BAYNE's strike wreaked havoc on VENARI MARKSRAT, bringing about its swift defeat and adding to the spectacle of KOTRIPHUS BAYNE's triumph.

It is worth mentioning that KOTRIPHUS BAYNE possessed another formidable ability known as Bloodlust, which played a significant role in his exceptional performance. After successfully eliminating two enemy monsters in quick succession, KOTRIPHUS BAYNE's stats underwent a profound transformation. His attack power skyrocketed from 5 to 8, rendering him even more formidable in combat. Additionally, his speed experienced a similar enhancement, increasing from 5 to 8. This tremendous power surge elevated KOTRIPHUS BAYNE's overall capabilities to unprecedented heights, making him an exceedingly formidable force on the battlefield. Such was the magnitude of KOTRIPHUS BAYNE's newfound might that even in the presence of four or five opposing monsters, he would effortlessly overcome their combined forces, emerging victorious in battle. His enhanced attack power and heightened speed allowed him to effectively neutralize any remaining adversaries, firmly establishing his dominance and securing a decisive advantage for my team.


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It was a truly effortless victory for me in this intense battle. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to demonstrate the awe-inspiring power of my team's resurrection ability, as not a single monster from our ranks perished. However, in a mere two rounds, the combined might of my team's formidable creatures swiftly dispatched every single opponent in the opposing team, leaving no doubt in anyone's mind that we would emerge triumphant.


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