Unearthing Lost Legendary: Understanding the Logic Behind Legendary Monster Exclusion. Battle Mage Secret Challenge!

Welcome, fellow monster hunters and trainers! Today, we embark on a quest to unravel the secrets behind the enigmatic combat rule known as Lost Legendary. Have you ever found yourself in a thrilling battle, only to realize that your prized legendary monster cannot partake in the action? Fear not, for we will delve deep into the reasoning behind this rule and shed light on its purpose. So, grab your Poké Balls or summon your mythical beasts, and let's get started!

What is Lost Legendary?

Lost Legendary is a combat rule that removes all legendary monsters from a battle. This means that these renowned and often awe-inspiring creatures cannot be used in the midst of the action.

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It can be disheartening, especially when you've spent countless hours training and bonding with these phenomenal beings. However, fear not, for every rule has its purpose, and Lost Legendary is no exception.

Preserving Balance and Fairness.

The introduction of Lost Legendary stems from a core objective: ensuring equitable grounds for all trainers. Legendary creatures wield unparalleled might and distinct talents, often eclipsing those of regular monsters. Absent the exclusion regulation, battles risk tilting heavily in favor of trainers fortunate or adept enough to possess these formidable entities. Such a scenario would foster an unjust edge, dissuading less fortunate trainers and diluting the essence of fair competition. The implementation of Lost Legendary safeguards a balanced and inclusive environment, nurturing the spirit of healthy rivalry among trainers while thwarting the dominance of a select few.

Encouraging Strategy and Creativity.

In the absence of legendary creatures, Lost Legendary compels trainers to embrace innovative thinking and venture into uncharted strategic territories. This dynamic encourages the unearthing of hidden strengths within lesser-known beings, fostering skill refinement among trainers.

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The rule nurtures a realm where ingenuity and adaptability take center stage, inspiring the exploration of nontraditional team formations and underrated monsters. Through the promotion of unconventional approaches, Lost Legendary enriches battles with diversity and excitement, offering a refreshing and captivating dimension to the overall combat encounter.

Enhancing the Thrill of Discovery.

Legendary monsters, veiled in enigma, myth, and fable, are a rarity marked by awe-inspiring prowess. The exclusion principle amplifies the intrigue and eagerness enveloping battles involving these elusive entities. It introduces an additional stratum of fascination, magnifying the feeling of triumph when, following a series of trials, one gains command over a legendary's might. This constraint serves as a reminder that endeavors of great magnitude warrant dedicated struggle, infusing our role as trainers with an adventurous spirit. The exclusion rule underscores the notion that the pursuit of exceptional feats imbues our journey with a heightened sense of purpose and excitement.

Balancing Narrative and Gameplay.

Games frequently incorporate legendary monsters to create an engaging and immersive storyline. These fantastical beings assume symbolic importance within the game's world, with their narratives intricately interwoven into its lore. Lost Legendary serves to harmonize gameplay mechanics with this storytelling essence. Through the controlled inclusion of legendaries in battles, game developers safeguard the unique attributes and narratives associated with these creatures. This approach upholds the integrity of the game's plot, enabling us to fully grasp the magnificence of these monsters beyond their combat abilities. This innovative rule preserves the captivating essence of legendary creatures, underscoring their significance in the game's universe.

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The imposed mana Limitation for this specific battle was set at 27, a judicious allocation that allowed for the inclusion of vital combatants. In this strategic encounter, I made the deliberate decision to employ the Fire summoner alongside a selection of compatible creatures. A consistent preference of mine, the Legendary Summoner PLADO EMBERSTORM, assumed the role of my foremost contender.

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Renowned for his unparalleled capabilities, PLADO EMBERSTORM proves invaluable by enhancing the melee attack potency and swiftness of each ally on the battlefield. Yet his influence doesn't end there; PLADO EMBERSTORM wields the ability to significantly undermine the health of adversary monsters, further tipping the scales of advantage. This multifaceted approach, combining augmentation of friendly forces and strategic weakening of opponents, underscores PLADO EMBERSTORM's pivotal role in shaping the course of battle.


In my initial position, I strategically deployed the formidable Epic Fire Monster known as TUSK THE WIDE, a creature endowed with extraordinary Void ability. The encounter commenced with my adversary fielding a magic attack-oriented monster, which launched an assault against TUSK THE WIDE. However, the potency of the Void ability became evident as it effectively mitigated the incoming magical onslaught, preventing any substantial health depletion.

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Regrettably, while TUSK THE WIDE managed to withstand magical assaults, the remaining adversaries' monsters proved to be a formidable force, dealing considerable damage. The standout performer in the opposing lineup was the fearsome PELACOR ARBALEST, boasting an impressive triad of ranged attacks and a formidable double-strike capability. This conferred upon PELACOR ARBALEST the capacity to inflict a substantial 6 points of health damage within a single combat round.

In this intense encounter, the absence of a healing-capable monster in my selection proved to be a pivotal factor. Consequently, despite TUSK THE WIDE's valiant resistance, the relentless barrage of attacks from the opposing team culminated in its demise during the second round of battle. The intricate interplay of diverse abilities and strategic choices ultimately defined the course of this gripping skirmish.


The crux of this battle hinged on a clever deployment: a trio of sneaky ability monsters brought forth a dominant strategy. While the entirety of the opposing team's focus was directed towards pummeling TUSK THE WIDE, my cunning trio, adept in the art of sneak attacks, masterfully executed a maneuver that aimed to eliminate the rear-guard opponents.

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Standing in the forefront of the adversary's lineup were two potent ranged attack monsters, namely PELACOR ARBALEST and VENARI CRYSTALSMITH. Their considerable might posed a significant threat. However, the tide of battle shifted swiftly thanks to the calculated strikes of my stealthy allies. In a mere span of three rounds, the concerted efforts of the sneak ability monsters culminated in the demise of both the ranged assailants. This strategic triumph not only neutralized a major source of opposition power but also paved the way for a more attainable victory.

The narrative that unfolded on the battlefield underscored the effectiveness of tactical planning and synergy among diverse abilities. The precision with which the sneaky monsters executed their plan exemplified their tactical prowess. Ultimately, the comprehensive annihilation of high-profile adversaries bore testament to the potency of a well-conceived strategy, ultimately rendering the path to victory considerably smoother.


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With a calculated approach, each member of the opposing team met their defeat one by one, culminating in a remarkably straightforward victory for me. The efficacy of the strategy employed was undeniable, solidifying its status as the optimal choice. Consequently, my opponent found themselves devoid of any opportunity to mount a meaningful resistance against my tactically adept team.


Lost Legendary, though initially disappointing, serves a vital purpose in the realm of monster battles. By excluding legendary monsters, this rule maintains fairness, encourages creativity, enhances the thrill of discovery, and balances narrative with gameplay. It is a testament to the ingenuity of game designers and their commitment to creating immersive and engaging experiences for all trainers.

So, next time you find yourself in a battle where your legendary monster is excluded, remember the greater purpose behind this rule. Embrace the opportunity to explore new strategies and unleash the hidden potential of your lesser-known allies. And who knows, maybe one day, you'll uncover another legendary and bask in the glory of its power once more. Happy hunting, trainers!

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