Share Your Battle Challenge - Using Dragons in Battle!



Explain how I play the 30 Mana with Target Practice Ruleset.
First the account I will show is the Baltazar Scholar Account BLTZR-WIZARD-712 playing in Diamond.

  • Understanding the ruleset
    Target Practice: All Range and Magic attack Monsters have the snipe ability
  • It means that you control where the magic and range damage is going by positioning your none melee card to an advantageous position.


I choose Dragon Summoner Quix The Devious to increase the speed of my cards and reduce the range damage by 1.

With Target Practice ruleset in my mind I need to place my none melee at the back 6th position and no other range or magic to be placed. This means I can freely place front melee attacker, sneaker and with opportunity cards.

Chaos Knight in the first position as a tank because of the shield that reduces the melee or range damage but I will not worry about range or magic damage because of the ruleset. It has a giant killer that is so deadly for 10 or more mana cards in the first position. Inspire also is the good ability to increase the melee attack of all my melee cards.

Carnage Titan with shield is good to reduce the torns effect by 1. Now I have a total of 14 Damage in the first position. I think enough to kill a tank of the opponent.

Venator Kinjo to further increase my speed advantage to my opponent.

Stitch Leech will be my sneak high damage cards.

Celestial Harpy for the clean-up of low life cards of my opponent.

Pecalor Conjurer is the one that change the magic or range attacks of my opponents at the back. The high speed with flying, divine shield, phase will help miss or tank both the sneak or range or magic damage.

1st Round Buff/Debuff:


3rd Round:


4th Round:


Hope you get something for this battle that you can use when you play with Target Practice Ruleset.
Enjoying playing Splinterlands everyone!

Here's the link of the battle:
Battle Link


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