Tradeable tokens that may be transferred anywhere at anytime.
SPT can be converted to SPT POWER in a process called staking.
SPT Power
Influence tokens which give you more control over post payouts and allow you to earn curation rewards.
-275948.171145 SPT
Tradeable tokens that may be transferred anywhere at anytime.
HIVE can be converted to HIVE POWER in a process called staking.
HIVE Power
Influence tokens which give you more control over post payouts and allow you to earn curation rewards.
HIVE Dollar
Tradeable tokens that may be transferred anywhere at anytime.


Curation reward: 2.349841 SPT for buildawhale/re-1717732802814530401-20240607t040136z
Curation reward: 2.463395 SPT for buildawhale/re-1717732802814530401-20240607t040146z
Curation reward: 2.405844 SPT for buildawhale/re-1717732802814530401-20240607t040157z
Curation reward: 2.453145 SPT for buildawhale/re-1717732802814530401-20240607t040054z
Curation reward: 2.190589 SPT for buildawhale/re-1717732802814530401-20240607t040105z
Curation reward: 2.140415 SPT for buildawhale/re-1717732802814530401-20240607t040115z
Curation reward: 2.295295 SPT for buildawhale/re-1717732802814530401-20240607t040126z
Curation reward: 2.244224 SPT for buildawhale/re-1717732802814530401-20240607t040013z
Curation reward: 2.524927 SPT for buildawhale/re-1717732802814530401-20240607t040023z
Curation reward: 1.983199 SPT for buildawhale/re-1717732802814530401-20240607t040034z
Curation reward: 2.403128 SPT for buildawhale/re-1717732802814530401-20240607t040044z
Curation reward: 2.470720 SPT for buildawhale/1717732802814530401
Curation reward: 1.894145 SPT for buildawhale/re-1717473602948206298-20240604t040136z
Curation reward: 2.319567 SPT for buildawhale/re-1717473602948206298-20240604t040147z
Curation reward: 2.151604 SPT for buildawhale/re-1717473602948206298-20240604t040157z
Curation reward: 2.190282 SPT for buildawhale/re-1717473602948206298-20240604t040055z
Curation reward: 2.396850 SPT for buildawhale/re-1717473602948206298-20240604t040105z
Curation reward: 2.229701 SPT for buildawhale/re-1717473602948206298-20240604t040116z
Curation reward: 2.311411 SPT for buildawhale/re-1717473602948206298-20240604t040126z
Curation reward: 2.271984 SPT for buildawhale/re-1717473602948206298-20240604t040034z
Curation reward: 2.355739 SPT for buildawhale/re-1717473602948206298-20240604t040044z
Curation reward: 1.842349 SPT for buildawhale/1717473602948206298
Curation reward: 2.078643 SPT for buildawhale/re-1717473602948206298-20240604t040013z
Curation reward: 2.115615 SPT for buildawhale/re-1717473602948206298-20240604t040023z
Curation reward: 11.498324 SPT for kojiri/kojiris-week-giveaway-special-card-every-sunday-641
Curation reward: 2.162872 SPT for buildawhale/re-1717214402710644921-20240601t040140z
Curation reward: 2.649358 SPT for buildawhale/re-1717214402710644921-20240601t040150z
Curation reward: 2.119420 SPT for buildawhale/re-1717214402710644921-20240601t040201z
Curation reward: 2.467573 SPT for buildawhale/re-1717214402710644921-20240601t040055z
Curation reward: 2.697527 SPT for buildawhale/re-1717214402710644921-20240601t040105z
Curation reward: 2.382666 SPT for buildawhale/re-1717214402710644921-20240601t040115z
Curation reward: 2.602264 SPT for buildawhale/re-1717214402710644921-20240601t040129z
Curation reward: 2.426873 SPT for buildawhale/re-1717214402710644921-20240601t040044z
Curation reward: 2.616533 SPT for buildawhale/1717214402710644921
Curation reward: 2.558717 SPT for buildawhale/re-1717214402710644921-20240601t040013z
Curation reward: 2.749017 SPT for buildawhale/re-1717214402710644921-20240601t040023z
Curation reward: 2.513865 SPT for buildawhale/re-1717214402710644921-20240601t040034z
Curation reward: 3.367156 SPT for kojiri/kojiris-week-giveaway-special-card-every-sunday-640
Curation reward: 2.673778 SPT for saachi/long-pending-winner-declaration
Curation reward: 8.792999 SPT for kojiri/kojiris-week-giveaway-special-card-every-sunday-639
Curation reward: 2.581088 SPT for kojiri/kojiris-week-giveaway-special-card-every-sunday-638
Curation reward: 4.149997 SPT for buildawhale/re-1716523202317381938-20240524t040136z
Curation reward: 2.511865 SPT for buildawhale/re-1716523202317381938-20240524t040146z
Curation reward: 2.312268 SPT for buildawhale/re-1716523202317381938-20240524t040157z
Curation reward: 2.632729 SPT for buildawhale/re-1716523202317381938-20240524t040054z
Curation reward: 2.571407 SPT for buildawhale/re-1716523202317381938-20240524t040105z
Curation reward: 2.342359 SPT for buildawhale/re-1716523202317381938-20240524t040115z
Curation reward: 2.760744 SPT for buildawhale/re-1716523202317381938-20240524t040125z
Curation reward: 2.302340 SPT for buildawhale/re-1716523202317381938-20240524t040023z
Curation reward: 2.631383 SPT for buildawhale/re-1716523202317381938-20240524t040033z
Received 14.204289 SPT from dorian-lee
Received 3237.620363 SPT from dorian-lee
Received 6772.946868 SPT from dorian-lee
Received 4510.8675 SPT from dorian-lee
Transferred 903.121297 SPT to dorian-lee
Received 7844.034911 SPT from dorian-lee
Received 5518.311347 SPT from dorian-lee
Staked 3825.375609 SPT to dorian-lee
Received 12551.471634 SPT from dorian-lee
Received 3112.707159 SPT from dorian-lee
Received 7361.170645 SPT from dorian-lee
Received 14170.2676 SPT from dorian-lee
Received 4714.813359 SPT from dorian-lee
Received 6061.980379 SPT from dorian-lee
Staked 11257.503814 SPT to dorian-lee
Staked 6179.283556 SPT to dorian-lee
Staked 908.822614 SPT to dorian-lee
Staked 3050.335824 SPT to dorian-lee
Staked 430.914222 SPT to dorian-lee
Staked 3394.492784 SPT to dorian-lee
Staked 1765.052908 SPT to dorian-lee
Transferred 380.192381 SPT to dorian-lee
Transferred 3248.77143 SPT to dorian-lee
Staked 1701.078403 SPT to dorian-lee
Staked 889.336772 SPT to dorian-lee
Staked 2924.455289 SPT to dorian-lee
Transferred 1478.426241 SPT to dorian-lee
Transferred 2561.165397 SPT to dorian-lee
Staked 674.395737 SPT to dorian-lee
Staked 660.273037 SPT to dorian-lee
Staked 1630.196431 SPT to dorian-lee
Transferred 1526.442118 SPT to dorian-lee
Staked 1571.70225 SPT to dorian-lee
Staked 1337.323596 SPT to dorian-lee
Staked 4198.711145 SPT to dorian-lee
Staked 2935.881426 SPT to dorian-lee
Staked 655.550336 SPT to dorian-lee
Staked 4053.265977 SPT to dorian-lee
Staked 3659.042937 SPT to dorian-lee
Staked 1005.19031 SPT to dorian-lee
Staked 661.504868 SPT to dorian-lee
Staked 2508.673556 SPT to dorian-lee
Staked 11621.342122 SPT to dorian-lee
Received 3873.877309 SPT from dorian-lee
Received 3727.2811 SPT from dorian-lee
Received 1191.448211 SPT from dorian-lee
Received 2592.013747 SPT from dorian-lee
Received 2321.691032 SPT from dorian-lee
Received 1159.579095 SPT from dorian-lee
Received 2084.503119 SPT from dorian-lee