Splinterlands Art Contest Week 185! Entry

Hi Splinterlands Fam,

And this is yet another effort to create an art for the Splinterlands Art Contest Week 185!.

For this week, my inspiration of creating an art is the character DRAGON SPIRIT.
Since I was using an AI art generator, it did take me a while to get an image that I would consider to have a good representation of the character DRAGON SPIRIT. After a few trial and error, I was able to get this image below using the prompt "Mystical golden dragon Cinema4D"


And compiled the images' progress made into a video using www.phideo.com and uploaded to Youtube.

For the editing part - First, I went www.glitterphoto.net and used the recolor to change part of the background and used a glitter effect onto those parts to make it look almost like a dark aura hovering above the dragon.


Then I added a reflecting water ripple effect and border. And this is what it looked.


I then used www.gifntext.com to Add "DRAGON SPIRIT" text, and add Splinterlands logo.

added Splinterlands logo.PNG

and increase animation speed to 2x.

increased animation speed to 2.0.PNG

And below is my final product and my entry for Splinterlands Art Contest Week 185!

Final Dragon Spirit.gif

Hope you like this art that I made using simple and free tools online.

Have a nice day everybody!

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