Hi everyone, today I wanna share an incredible and exciting battle that I had with the splinters of earth, it is also my first entry in the weekly challenge of splinterlands, you can also participate in the weekly challenge and receive great rewardsSHARE YOUR BATTLE Weekly Challenge!.

All Monsters have the Enrage ability.
Only Monsters with odd Mana costs may be used in battles.

Line up and Strategy

I wanted to take advantage of the ability that OBSIDIAN grants to all magic attacks I never thought that my opponent would line up an OWSTER ROTWELL summoner with magic reflect ability to all friendly monsters sacrifice MYCELIC MORPHOID taking advantage of the thorns he has at Lvl 3 it would cause some damage to the tank opponent, PELACOR MERCENARY melee attack and heal plus he can dodge attacks by having flying ability.

As i said before i was expecting a lineup with some magic monsters and MUSHROOM SEER is excellent to silence magic monsters also combined with OBSIDIAN it has a magic attack +3 REGAL PERYTON is very fast and also flying with a fast attack +2

SPIRIT HOARDER a little slow but with a magic attack +2 with triage ability, heals the monster the back line in this case MYCELIC SLIPSPAWN with taunt ability.


Round 1

My rival lines up 3 sneak monsters although I start attacking with REGAL PERYTON immediately the summoner OWSTER ROTWELL activates the magic reflect ability in the same way all the sneaks attack MYCELIC SLIPSPAWN ability for his tour ability although MYCELIC MORPHOID is eliminated he manages to weaken the rival BONE GOLEM attacker and it is also eliminated by SPIRIT HOARDER in the next attack also adds heal to MYCELIC SLIPSPAWN allowing it to withstand attacks from sneak monsters

round 1.jpg

Round 2

Round 2 my splinters continue a strong attack with magic but they are victims of the magic reflect ability MUSHROOM SEER is the first to be eliminated but my strength is PELACOR MERCENARY who due to battle conditions has enrage ability and a melee attack of +5 and has a heal ability, MUSHROOM SEER manages to activate the triage ability in consecutive rounds allowing MYCELIC SLIPSPAWN to continue in battle in this same round, it eliminated DISINTEGRATOR very easily.

Round 3

I continue attacking with magic and receiving the reflect, PELACOR MERCENARY is very strong, culminating in round 2, he received a powerful +8 melee attack from SAND WORM, even so, he manages to recover and return the attack, only leaving URAEUS, who is eliminated a magic attack.

round 3.jpg


I was surprised to see the summoner but OWSTER ROTWELL, my lineup was very balanced adding heal and performing magic attacks throughout the battle, the low Lvl of the monsters in my opponent prevented him from beating me the summoner OWSTER ROTWELL with magic reflect could complicate the battle.

misely rewiw.jpg

MYCELIC MORPHOID is a common very playable monster from earth edition chaos legion with a value of one mana at Lvl 3 adds thorns ability likewise at Lvl 5 doubles its speed, it is excellent for litle mana or low mana rules it is a monster strategic in my battle I used it to weaken the rival tank and protect my tank knowing that it was a bit slow.

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