RE: Splinterlands: The Illogical Concepts Of An NFT holder 


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What I don't quite understand is the reason why NFT and Crypto fans in general, feel the responsibility to explain something that was not invented yesterday and has been around for years....

To be specific, the sale and trade of Cards has been a market for more than 20 years, SecondLife has been a platform where people trade, buy and sell digital items, and that's not to mention the hundreds of communities of that style.
Even before Crypto became popular worldwide, the currency of hundreds of online games were used for various exchanges, and there are thousands of stories that can be told of people making money with games like World of Warcraft, and swords that sold for $200,000.

I feel that nowadays whoever does not understand this, is because he does not want to understand it and seeks to go against this system that seems illogical to him, and against those people there is no valid explanation.