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There are those who may think the Realm of Silence is a place of deep dark caverns. That could not be further from the truth. It is a region like any other in the Splinterlands that is full of homes, cities, and cultures. There are even universities that specialize in the study of magic, music, and geography. One such underground species that excels in academia are the Venari.

They created the Institute of Application that acts as a center of study for spells and tinkering. Those who wish to become fluent in spellcasting train to become Spellsmiths: masters of creating and using spells. It is through this knowledge they research and experiment with magic in order to unlock new ways to harness mana and the elemental forces.

A Venari Spellsmith is so dedicated to the art of spellcasting that magic itself became a part of them. While they themselves can manipulate magic to damage foes, magic burns through their veins. Upon death the radiating Mana explodes from their bodies, harming everyone around the Venari.

- from Splinterlands official monster lore


Monster Introduction

VENARI SPELLSMITH is a monster from the Venari clan who specializes with magic to debuff enemis and increase the damage from counter abilities like Magic Reflect, Thorns, and Return Fire.

Being a Neutral monster with Amplify ability, you can easily combine this with any Splinter or Elements.

Stats & Abilities

VENARI SPELLSMITH has a magic damage of 1 at its initial level and can reach upto 2. It's health ranged from 2 to 4 as well, while its speed can go from 2 to 3. It's a 4 mana monster and a Rare type card which means it will mostly be available anytime.

At its initial level, it has CLEANSE ability. It gains AMPLIFY ability at level 4 (Silver League) and gain REDEMPTION ability at max level.


DISPEL - When this monster hit an enemy, it clears all positive status effects on that enemy

This ability can remove the buffs provided by monster's abilities like Protect (+2 Armor), Swiftness (+1 Speed), Strengthen (+1 HP), and Inspire (+1 melee damage). The buffs or additional stats provided by the Summoner will not be affected or remove by this ability.
This ability will become one of the best to use when you know your opponent has a lot of buffs ability.
AMPLIFY - Increases Magic Reflect, Return Fire, and Thorns damage to all enemy monsters by 1

This ability is good to partner if you have monsters with Thorns (for melee), Magic Reflect (for magic) and Return Fire (for ranged). We also have Summoners that provide these abilities:
- Lir Deepswimmer from Water who provides Return Fire
- Mylor Crowling from Earth who provides Thorns
- Owster Rotwell from Death who provides Magic Reflect
REDEMPTION - When this Monster dies, it does 1 damage to all enemy monsters

This is a good way to deal damage even at the last moment. This will be a good combo to use with Resurrect.


Summoner Compatibility

Owster Rotwell is a Death Splinter which provides Magic Reflect to all friendly monsters.

Having an AMPLIFY ability, this will increase the damage dealt by Magic Reflect to enemy monsters.

In Death Splinter, only Weirding Warrior (Epic, Level 4) has the Amplify ability. This will only be available at Gold level and above. For Silver league, the only way to get Amplify is thru Venari Spellsmith.

Lir Deepswimmer is a Water Splinter which provides Return Fire to all friendly monsters.

Having an AMPLIFY ability, this will increase the damage dealt by Return Fire to enemy monsters.

In Water Splinter, only River Nymph (Rare, Level 4) has the Amplify ability. This will be available at Silver league, similar with Venari Spellsmith (Rare, Level 4). If you need limited resources and can only have one monster with Amplify ability, I will propose to use Venari Spellsmith as you can use it with almost all Splinters.

Mylor Crowling is an Earth Splinter which provides Thorns to all friendly monsters.

Having an AMPLIFY ability, this will increase the damage dealt by Thorns to enemy monsters.

In Earth Splinter, only Queen Mycelia (Legendary, Level 2) has the Amplify ability. This will be available also at Silver league, similar with Venari Spellsmith (Rare, Level 4). Comparing Queen Mycelia with Venari Spellsmith, I would prefer Queen Mycelia due to its Protect ability. Protect provides 2 Armor to all friendly monsters, while Dispel can only remove the buffs from 1 enemy.

Monster Similarity

These are the monsters with Amplify ability similar with Venari Spellsmith. Queen Mycelia and River Nymph are the closest in terms of mana requirement and league that can be use as well as the magic damage.



Featured Battle

Magical Counter

Battle Condition
Rule #1Fog of War: Monsters lose the Sneak and Snipe abilities.
Rule #2Healed Out: All healing abilities are removed from Monsters and Summoners.
Mana Cap14
Allowed SplinterFire, Water, Death, Earth, Dragon

It's a match will low mana capacity and no healing abilities. I choose Death Splinter since there's a lot of low mana monsters I can choose from. I also anticipated my opponent will use a Earth splinter with Obsidian for full magic damage.


  • Owster Rotwell: I opted to used Owster Crowling instead of Thaddius Brood since the Magic Reflect with Amplify ability is much better than reducing the damage of magic damage and health provided by Thaddius Brood. Also, Owster Rotwell has a lower mana cap (3 mana) than Thaddius Brood with 4 mana cap.


  1. Corpse Fiend - is a zero mana monsters from Death Splinter. Zero mana monsters are vital in low mana battles. Also, it is a good decoy to absorb magic damage and reflect it back

  2. Chaos Agent - is a one mana monsters from Neutral Splinter with no-attack but has Dodge ability. It also has a 3 health which is again can be use as a decoy to absorb damages from enemy. With only 4 health, it dealth a total of 4 damage to enemy monsters thru Magic Reflect and Amplify combo.

  3. Venari Spellsmith - our featured monsters has the Dispel and Amplify abilities. Dispel is not much of a help but the Amplify is really a great combo for Magic Reflect.

  4. Venari Bonesmith - from the same Venari clan as well, has the Poison and Life Leech ability. Life Leech provides additional health for every damage dealt to enemy monsters. Since healing abilities

  5. Weirding Warrior - is a 2 mana monster with Shatter ability to destroy the target's armor upon hit.

Melee Counter


Battle Condition
Rule #1Armored Up: All Monsters have 2 Armor in addition to their normal Armor stat.
Mana Cap14
Allowed SplinterFire, Death

Since we are limited with Fire and Death splinter only, there'a high chance that melee monsters will be chosen and monsters with Sneak or Opportunity in case Fire will be selected.


  • Thaddius Brood: I opted to used Thaddius Brood instead since aside from the magic damage reduction, it also reduces the health of enemy monsters. Somehow cancelling the additional health provided by Tarsa.


  1. Cursed Windeku - is a melee monsters from Death Splinter with Thorns ability. It is the most widely used monster right now in Death as a first position monster or the tank. This monster is great against melee monsters because of the Thorns but also has the self Heal ability at higher levels.

  2. Venari Spellsmith - our featured monsters has the Dispel and Amplify abilities. The Amplify ability increases the damage return by Cursed Windeku's Thorns effect.

  3. Corpse Fiend - is a zero mana monsters from Death Splinter. Placing this monster at the backline for absorbing the Sneak attacks from enemy. Since it has a low health, it will also attracts the Opportunity attacks.


Take Away:

Amplify ability is really a great ability to partner with Thorns, Magic Reflect and Return Fire. Even though the Amplify effect will not stack up, you can still use two monsters with Amplify ability. When a monster with Amplify ability dies, the Amplify effect will be remove as well. Having two monster with this ability gives you a backup.

In terms of choosing which monster to buy in order to use Amplify ability, I would suggest buying Venari Spellsmith instead of Queen Mycelia or River Nymph. Being a Neutral monster allows it to be more available compare with Splinter specific.

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