Feel the Aggression of Chaos Dragon


This is my entry to the Splinterlands Share Your Battle featuring the CHAOS DRAGON. If you want to join in this challenge, you can check this link. Alright, let's start first with the monster's lore, then deep dive into its compatible summoners, monster's stats & abilities, and the highlighted battle.


The Chaos Realm has preyed upon many a world, opening rifts in time and space to invade the lands and take from its people. When they attacked Praetoria and the Splinterlands, it was first thought that the minions were compelled through the portal for their fear of the dark shade that lurked beyond the gate, the shadowed image of Uul. Eventually though, when the last of the armies stepped through, there came such a prodigious monster that at first, none could believe it was real. A nightmare dragged forth into reality.

As it flew through the spinning vortex, the Chaos Dragon let forth a violent shriek, so loud that it was felt in the far reaches of every Splinter. The people of Praetoria fell to their knees, terror taking the strength from their legs and the courage from their hearts. For an army of monsters can be fought, the land defended with righteous fervor. But when even the invading hordes are fleeing before such a beast, what hope can there be? The answer is none when the eater of worlds has arrived, the true devourer of existence.

Surely such a thing couldn’t be the puppet of Uul? How could anyone command a creature that has flown from one cosmos to another, feeding upon alien planets? But it was his most potent being, one that existed before time had conceived the very gift of life itself.

Lord General Reinold, of the order of the Silver Shield, sat astride his warhorse and looked out across the vast plains of Ixzoc. Lined formations of warriors stretched as far as the eye could see, from right to left, their tall pikes reaching up to the sky, threatening the sun with sharp spikes. Behind them were great square phalanxes of paladins standing to attention, their cloaks brushing against highly polished plate armour as they waved in the breeze. To either side were his knights, gilded lances pointed to the heavens adorned with pennants denoting the Order of the Shield.

Reinold thought back to their journey from Khymeria to Praetoria. It had taken weeks for the nation's admiralty to sail the army here and now they’d arrived he was unsure of where to go. ‘Close the chaos rift’ the council had instructed, ‘stop the creeping plague’, but this land was so alien from anything he’d ever seen. Aside from the small port at Blue Harbour, they’d not come across any great cities.

His attention was taken as a cloud passed before the sun…no wait, not a cloud. What could be so vast that it could blot the sun from the sky? He lifted his head and looked to where the shape moved. Jagged spikes jutted from the body and head, pointing in all angles before continuing along the back and onto the spine of its long tail that flicked at the air like a serpents forked tongue. The wings were so vast that Reinold swore they could envelope the entire continent in darkness if the creature wished it, or raise an immense hurricane if it were to beat them hard enough. Dark pearlescent scales warped from purples and blacks, to a sickening blood red that made his vision swim. And then it was gone.

The next he knew, a decaying blast of necrotic energy swept across the entire army. Plate armor instantly dissolved in the caustic discharge, skin and flesh bubbling beneath before putrefying into liquid filth. Not a soul was left standing, not one single soldier. Reinold looked down at his own body, a shimmer of white light about him, a persistent and repulsive purple haze pressing in on all sides. There was movement beside him and a cloaked figure stumbled forward into view.

“My Lord, I can’t hold this shield for much longer.”

Reinold felt his skin prickle beneath the relentless weight of chaos. “High Priest Lehin,” he coughed, his throat itching with an acidic burn. “Flee...save yourself. Someone must warn Khymeria.”

Then darkness took him and all was lost.


CHAOS DRAGON is one of the newest additions in the Dragon Splinter from the Chaos Legion release. It is one of the highest mana Monsters in Splinterlands. A legendary monster with monstrous stats.




At its initial level, it has a 3 Magic attack, 3 Speed, 4 armor, and 10 HP with the Flying and Scattershot ability. Flying increases its chance to evade attacks from Melee or Ranged attacks for non-flying monsters. While Scattershot allows it to attack random enemy. Taunt ability does not work against Monsters with Scattershot.


At level 2, it gains a Blast ability. This will be a good combination with Scattershot since it can spread the damage to more monsters.

In terms of stats, leveling does not increase its stats aside from gaining new ability.


At level 3, it gains Blind ability. This ability provides a 15% chance for enemy monsters to miss their attacks (physical and magic). The Blind plus Flying makes up 40% chance to miss already. This is very effective against monsters with low speed.


At level 4, it has increase magic damage by 1. Though it did not gain new skill, this plus 1 damage is already deadly since it has Blast ability.

Has an increased chance of evading Melee or Ranged attacks from Monsters who do not have Flying ability
This Monster's attack hit random enemy target.
Does additional damage to Monsters adjacent to the target Monster.
All enemy Melee and Ranged attacks have an increased chance of missing their target.
Card Prices and Rental Cost:

Regular foil CHAOS DRAGON is listed at 8.2 USD per card while Gold Foil is sold at 100 USD per card (lowest price). While cards can be rented at 2.5 DECs for regular foil and 41 DECs for gold foil (lowest price at marketplace).


  • Summoners that increases Magic damage like DELWYN DRAGONSCALE and ARCHMAGE ARIUS are the best Summoner for CHAOS DRAGON as it increases its damage.





Battle Condition
Rule #1Fog of War: Monsters lose the Sneak and Snipe abilities.
Rule #2Close Range: Ranged attacks may be used in the first position in battles.
Mana Cap48
Allowed SplinterLife, Fire, Water, Death and Dragon

With FOG OF WAR, Sneak and Snipe abilities are removed in this match. Monster's with Opportunity ability can target backline monsters prioritizing the one with the lowest health.


Quix the Devious reduce the Speed and Ranged damage of all enemy monsters. With the CLOSE RANGE rule, I anticpated that my enemy will use Ranged monsters so I used Quix the Devious as my summoner to counter. The Speed reduction also helps my team to increase their evasion rate.

Chaos Dragon has a 3 magic damage, 3 Speed, 4 Armor, and 10 Health. I place it in the first position because it has high HP and Flying ability which may help evade attacks from Melee or Ranged attacks.

Though the Scattershot will not be in effect when place at the front, atleast with this I can focus all my attacks on a single enemy target, which is on the front.

Djinn Renova has a 3 magic damage, 3 Speed, and 6 Health. It has Strengthen ability which increases the HP of all friendly monsters by 1.

Adelade Brightwing has a 2 magic damage, 1 Speed, and 5 Health. It has Armor Repair ability to regenerate the armor of Chaos Dragon and Prismologist. It also has Resurrect ability to revive fallen friendly monster with 1 HP. Aside from that, it also has a Flying ability which can help increase its evasion rate.

Scavo Hireling has 3 Speed, and 5 Health. It also has Armor Repair ability to regenerate the armor of our friendly monsters. And with the Camouflage ability, this monster cannot be targeted as long as it is not in the first position.

Position wise, I should have place it at the back since Prismologist and Venari Crystalsmith can still attack even when they are sent to the front because of the Close Range ruleset.

Prismologist has 3 Ranged damage, 2 Speed, 2 Armor and 4 Health. It has Blast ability that allows it to deal damage to monster adjacent to its target. Even though it was the target of Opportunity attacks, it survive becaus

Venari Crystalsmith has 1 Ranged damage, 3 Speed, and 5 Health at level 3. It has Tank Heal ability which helps our Chaos Dragon to regen its health from the damages it receive from enemy attacks.



Our opponent uses a Melee line-up with Daria Dragonscale to increase their melee damage. The Silveshield Assassin will not work here as its Sneak ability was removed because of the Fog of War ruleset.

The Flying and Speed reduction helps Chaos Dragon evade the attack from Goblin Mech. If that attack hit our Chaos Dragon, it will definitely bring the health of Chaos Dragon to half though I am still sure Chaos Dragon can survive the match due to the Tank Heal and Armor Repair from our backline monsters.

In the end of round 1, we eliminated Goblin Mech by focusing our attacks to it.



Ebemy's Dragon Jumper keeps attacking our Prismologist but we still manages to survive because of the Armor Repair as well.

At the end of round 2, we eliminated Manticor while maintaning the Health and Armor of our monsters.



In round 3, we were able to take down enemy's Dragon Jumper and dealt damage to Silvershield Assassin.



At this round, we eliminated Silvershield Assassin and enemy's Djinn Renova.



This was the end of the matched. Silvershield Sheriff won't survive our attacks.

Check this link to watch the full battle replay:

Did your strategy work?
  • My strategy is to go with a combination of Magic and Ranged attacking monsters. I also utilized the Tank Heal and Armor Repair to help my Tank sustain much damage from enemy barrages.
What will you try differently next time?
  • Given the same battle ruleset, there are a lot of possible line-up I can think of especially that 5 Splinters are available. I might go for a Life Splinter with full of Ranged monsters or go with Opportunity monsters.
VERDICT | Is CHAOS DRAGON a good card?
  • Definitely, CHAOS DRAGON is one of the most picked card especially for a high mana battles. It has a high magic damage with both Scattershot and Blast ability. Although I only used a level 1 card, it is still useful even at Gold league where I can already use a level 3 Chaos Dragon.


Splinterlands is a digital, collectible card game built on blockchain technology. It is similar in concept to games like Magic the Gathering and Hearthstone where you build up a collection of cards, which all have various different stats and abilities, and use them to battle other players in skill-based matches. By using blockchain technology, players can buy, sell, and trade their digital assets freely just as if they were physical cards, and all transactions are recorded publicly and immutably.

Use my referral link to register and I will give you some cards to help you start your own Splinterland journey.


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Thanks for sharing! - @lenonmc21

Your format is great, I really liked it, the content is fine, the only thing is that the LORE, remember to place the original source, as a recommendation try to address the LORE of each letter with your own words, without copying and pasting the original of the game, this will give more personality to your post.


thanks for the recommendation. I'll try to give my own version of monster's lore next time