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As Uul waited for the next rift to open and for the assault to begin he grew bored. Reaching for the roiling fumes above, he scooped a generous portion from the sky and toyed with it, morphing the noxious cloud into different shapes. When a fell bat swooped by, he tossed the energy that had grown within the swirling mist at the creature, and the two collided in a fusion of angry hisses. What flew out of the resultant vapours was truly a marvel indeed. A sleek, almost feline body cavorted through the air; with multiple eyes and a peculiar bat-like snout, it was a dragon dissimilar to any that had come before. And it was of his own doing. Uul’s open maw twisted and stretched into what only could be described as a smile, as his new-born phased in and out of existence through the night’s shroud above.

There is talk that since the rise of Praetoria and the formation of the chaos gate, strange demons have been sighted amongst the clouds above the new continent. Some have described them as huge bat-like creatures with incredible speed, others swear they are flying invaders from the other world, but to the scholars in Draykh-Nahka who have seen their images there is no doubt, these are new, uncatalogued sub-species of dragon. For reasons unknown, these creatures spend most of their time hidden within the clouds, but from the limited studies done, it is evidenced they have a strong resistance to magic and a predilection for hunting at night when the moon is full.

  • from Splinterlands official monster lore


Stats & Abilities

VOID DRAGON is part of the Chaos Legion edition with high speed and has abilities that can counter magic damage dealers plus on top of the flying ability which is usually given for a Dragon monster.

VOID DRAGON has 1 magic damage at its initial level and can reach upto 2 at max level. It's health ranged from 7 to 9 while it's speed is at 5 top. With the Flying ability combine with high speed, it has a high chance of evading melee and ranged attacks (25% plus 10% per speed difference).

The Void ability reduces the magic damage it receive while the Phase ability allows it to evade even Magic attacks.

Assuming an enemy monster with 1 Speed targets Void Dragon, there is a 65% chance to evade it (25% from Flying and 10%x(5-1) from speed difference). If you also have another monster with Blind ability, it will add another 15%.

The combination of its abilities and stats make VOID DRAGON a good pseudo tank againts monsters with slow speed whether its melee, ranged or magic attacks.


FLYING : Has an increased chance of evading Melee or Ranged attacks from Monsters who do not have the Flying ability. Flying ability is crucial in a EARTHQUAKE ruleset to avoid the 2 melee damage every round from earthquake.

The evasion chance provided by the Flying ability can be stack with the evasion provided by Dodge ability and Blind ability. This can further increase by 10% per speed difference between the attacking monster and target monster.

SNARE ability is the direct counter to monsters with Flying ability. With Snare, you can never miss to an opponent with Flying ability and they can remove the Flying ability from that monster.
VOID : Reduced damage from Magic attacks.

The damage is reduced by half and rounded up except for 1 damage.
1 damage >> 0
2 damage >> 1
3 damage >> 2
4 damage >> 2
PHASE : Magic attack can miss this Monster (using the same hit/miss calculation as for Melee and Ranged attacks)

With the help of flying ability and high speed, this allows VOID DRAGON to evade magic attacks.


Summoner Compatibility

Right now, QUIX THE DEVIOUS is the only Summoner from the Dragon Splinter under the Chaos Legion edition.

QUIX THE DEVIOUS reduces the ranged damage and speed of all enemy monsters. This Summoner is good against ranged line-up and a direct counter against General Sloan of Life Splinter. The speed reduction help VOID DRAGON avoid being hit and the ranged damage reduction allows it to thrive againts a heavy ranged line-up.

In Wild format, DELWYN DRAGONSCALE is the most compatible Summoner for a heavy magic line-up. This Summoner provides additional magic damage to all friendly monsters.

VOID DRAGON benefits from the increase magic damage. There are a lot of Dragon monsters with Magic damage that can be included for a heavy magic line-up if you want to try and use it.


Ruleset Compatibility

EARTHQUAKE : Non-flying Monsters take 2 Melee damage at the end of each round.

In this ruleset, monsters with Flying ability or Summoner that can provide flying ability is a must if we want to avoid the 2 melee damage per round. VOID DRAGON has Flying ability which allows it to be one of the greatest pick for this ruleset.
TARGET PRACTICE : All Ranged and Magic attack Monsters have the Snipe ability.

VOID DRAGON is a magic damage monsters which means that it will gain Snipe ability. With abilities like Flying, Void and Phase combine with high speed, putting VOID DRAGON behind the first position to become the target of backline enemy monsters will be a good idea. Void Dragon has higher survivability against magic damage than ranged damage due to the Void ability. Although the Flying and high speed is somehow enough to avoid being hit as well.

Ruleset against Void Dragon

There are also some ruleset which works at a disadvantage against VOID DRAGON. There are the following:

AIM TRUE : Melee and Ranged attacks always hit their target.

This ruleset negate the effect of Flying ability and high speed in terms of evading attacks. The high speed can still be use in considering the order of monster to attack first.
REVERSE SPEED : Monsters with the lowest Speed attack first and have the highest chance of evading attacks.

Void Dragon has high speed that is why this ruleset is not in favor for Void Dragon and for other monsters with high speed.
WEAK MAGIC : Magic attacks hit Armor before reducing Health.

Void Dragon and other Magic dealing monsters' advantage againts melee or ranged attacks is that Magic damage ignores armor and deal damage directly to monster's health. With this rulset, it makes all attacks even magic one to hit the armor first before hitting the health.



Battle Condition
All Monsters have 2 Armor in addition to their normal Armor stat.

This provides additional armors to all monsters. This means for monsters with melee and ranged attacks, they will have to deal extra hits just to destroy the armor of the monsters. While for magic type monster, this will not be a problem since their attacks bypass the armor, unless the target monster has Void Armor ability.
Only Monsters with odd Mana costs may be used in battles.
This makes our monster selection be limited to monster with Odd mana only.
Mana Cap36
Active Splinter Life


  • Quix the Devious : I opted to used Quix the Devious to reduce the ranged damage and speed of enemy monsters. Also, since Life Splinter is the only available Splinter aside from Dragon, there is a huge probability that General Sloan will be use as the Summoner. General Sloan provides additional ranged damage to all friendly monster. Quix the Devious negates the additional ranged damage and also reduces the speed of enemy monster for the same mana cost.


  1. Desert Dragon - has the Trample and Piercing ability. The Piercing ability allows it to deal the excess damage that was absorb by the target's armor to hit the health of the target monsters. Since the ruleset provides additional 2 armors to all monsters, it will be hard for melee and ranged monsters to deal a direct hit to the target monster. While with the Piercing ability, after destroying the armor, if there's still excess damage from the attack, it will hit and damage the enemy's health. As you can see, even though enemy's Chaos Agent has armor, Desert Dragon manages to kill it in a single attack and easily triggers the Trample ability.

  2. Void Dragon - our feature monster, is a magic monster with Flying and Void ability at Silver league. The magic attacks deals direct hit to monster's health ignoring their armors. I also placed it at 2nd position as a pseudo tank in case Desert Dragon gots taken down in the early phase of the match.

  3. Stitch Leech - is a 3 mana monster with Sneak ability, for targeting the backline monster on the enemy team. It has a 3 damage as well which is great for a level 4 Common monster.

  4. Adelade Brigthwing - is a magic monster with Flying, Repair and Ressurect ability. The Repair ability is great to have in this match since the ruleset provides the additional armor already. We don't need to use additional monster that can provide armors for monsters who don't have armors initially.

  5. Spirit Hoarder - is a legendary monster with Triage ability to provide healing on the backline. There's a high probablity that monster's with Sneak attack will be used.

  6. Portal Spinner - this monster has the Scattershot ability. In case the enemy uses Shieldbearer with Taunt, the Scattershot ignores the Taunt effect.

Take Away:

In this match, we can see how important Piercing and Repair works in our advantage. We can also use Grandmaster Rathe as the Summoner from Life since it can provide additional armor and Void Armor ability to all friendly monsters to tighten our defense against magic damage as well.

Void Dragon is one of the great monsters we can use against magic line-up or against monsters with low speed. Especially at level 3 and above since it gains additional ability to protect against magic monsters.


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Void dragon is one of my favorites, I like him in low mana matches as he has high health.

The desert dragon owned that battle imho


Void Dragon is really great in low mana matches especially when use as a tank.
For high mana matches, I prefer Void Dragon to be more of a secondary tank.

For the battle link, it's true that Desert Dragon owned that match and Void Dragon's specialty was not shown.