My Silver League Line-up featuring Water Splinter


Hey Guys, in my previous post I shared the best started cards to level up for Chaos Legion and Untamed edition when playing for Silver League. I only highlighted 2 cards from each edition (Chaos Legion and Untamed). But now, let's discuss the other cards to complete my Silver league deck starting with the Water Splinter.

This is the link to the previous post I mentioned earlier.



DIEMONSHARK is one of the go to TANK for WATER Splinter with Trample ability at its initial level. At level 4, it gains a new ability, Enrage. It also has 3 Melee damage, 4 Speed, 6 armor and 8 HP.

I picked this one as my 1st priority because of its high offense and defense. The Enrage ability greatly increase its damage and speed. The Trample ability allows it to attack multiple times. The Summoner KELYA FRENDUL increases it Speed and Armor.

It is better against melee and ranged attacking monsters while it can be easily taken down with a heavy Magic damage.


DEEPLURKER is a melee monster with Opportunity ability at its initial level. It has a 4 Melee damage, 4 Speed, and 7 HP at level 5.

DEEPLURKER is the assassin of the Water Splinter. It is the one monster that always deals the killing blow.

Right now, we are still focusing on the Silver league but Deeplurker will be a lot deadly at Gold league and higher with the new ability at level 6.


FLYING SQUID is a melee monster with Reach ability at its initial level. It has a 3 Melee damage, 4 Speed, and 9 HP at level 5.

FLYING SQUID is our secondary tank in any lineup. With its Reach ability, it can still attack even at the 2nd position. Whether you are using DIEMONSHARK, SERPENT OF ELD, or even DJINN OSHANNUS as your main tank, FLYING SQUID always fits perfectly.


DJINN OSHANNUS is a legendary magic monster with Void and Phase ability. It is one of the best counters to Magic monsters. Void ability reduces the magic damage it received while Phase allows it to evade magic attacks. This monster have 2 Magic damage, 5 Speed and 11 Health at level 2. If you are up againts a magic heavy line-up, this can be your main tank.

Right now, the price of buying Djinn Oshannus is at its lowest all-time. This is the best time to get this card.


MERDAALI GUARDIAN is our newest Support in Water Splinter from Chaos Legion. At Silver league, it only has Tank Heal ability. When it reach level 5, it gains a new ability, Repair. This is one of the best ability combination for a Support as you are both heals the Health and Armor. At Silver league, you will still rely on Scavo Hireling for the armor repair.


VENARI WAVESMITH is a also a reward card same as DJINN OSHANNUS. At level 2, it has 2 Magic damage, 3 Speed and 4 Health. The Protect ability of Venari Wavesmith is what makes it still valuable at this meta. This ability provides 2 armor to all friendly monsters.

DJINN OSHANNUS and VENARI WAVESMITH was part of the old Water Magic META with ALRIC STORMBRINGER as the Summoner.

7th Pick: WAVE BROOD

WAVE BROOD is our newest Ranged monster with Taunt ability. At level 3 (Silver league cap), it has 2 ranged damage, 1 Speed and 13 Health. Aside from the Taunt, it also has Close Range ability allowing it to attack even at the first position. This is a flexible monster in which you can place it anywhere, whether you want to utilize different healing abilities, Tank Heal or Triage ability.

WAVE BROOD shines most in the Diamond and Champion league where it gains Void and Return Fire ability. Perfect combo for a defensive monster.

8th Pick:

ANGELIC MANDARIN is a Ranged monster with Triage ability at level 4. It is one of the best partner for WAVE BROOD positioned at the backline. You have ANGELIC MANDARIN healing your backline while MERDAALI GUARDIAN heals your frontline.

9th Pick:

PELACOR BANDIT is also a Reward card which I find useful in so many matches especially on low mana cap battles. It's high speed partnered with Flying ability helps this monster evade alot of attacks. It has the Sneak ability which allows him to attack backline monsters.

It is very cheap so better to get this card maxed up for any league you are grinding.

10th Pick:

TORRENT FIEND is a legendary monster with 0 mana requirement. Of course, all of us need this card, or any 0 mana card. It can be place in any line-up as long as you have available slot left. You will most likely see this monster in low mana matches.


Additional cards worth adding in your line-up:

I normally have Chaos Legion and Rewards cards since it is the cheapest cards right now. If only I started much earlier where Untamed packs are still on the market at a lower price, I might consider collecting this cards as well. But if you still have some fortune to spend, or atleast some spare DECs for renting, I suggest getting this cards as well.

SERPENT OF ELD is a Melee monster with Dodge ability at high Speed. It is one of the best counters against melee and ranged monsters with low speed. With the Speed buff from Kelya and Supply Runner (Neutral), combine with the slow debuff as well as the Blind ability, this monster can achieved a near perfect evasion rate.

SERPENT OF ELD is still one of the go to TANK for WATER Splinter against melee or ranged monster. At level 4, it has 4 Melee damage, 5 Speed, and 7 HP.

I would still prefer DIEMONSHARK over SERPENT OF ELD, but incase where DIEMONSHARK is not available due to some certain ruleset (Odd/Even ruleset), this is a good substitute. Or if ruleset allows melee monsters to attack from any position, then you can play this two cards at the same time. DIEMONSHARK is more of an offensive type while SERPENT OF ELD is a defensive one.

This card is included in the Started pack but of course a level 4 is better than a free card (level 1).

GIANT SQUID is a ranged monster with Blind ability at level 4. It also has 2 Melee damage, 2 Speed, 1 Armor, and 5 HP.

The BLIND ability works well to increase your chance of evading attacks. This gives your enemies a 15% chance to missed their attacks.

BLIND (15%) + DODGE (25%) = 40% Chance to missed their attacks. Combine it with high Speed monster which can gain additional 10% chance per speed difference is very difficult to land an attack.

Same as SERPENT OF ELD, this monster is also included in the Starter cards though the Blind ability also comes at level 4. So if your are not renting a level 4 card, then you might not see the potential of this card.

LOBSTRADAMUS is a defensive monster with Shield and Magic Reflect ability at level 3. It also has 1 Melee damage, 1 Speed, and 11 HP.

Another option for a Tank if melee is not available. if you are fond of countering enemy line-up, then I'm sure you will enjoy playing this card especially with the right Summoner like LIR DEEPSWIMMER.


This is based on my opinion, feel free to comment your line-up as well so we can learn from each other.

Same as what I have mentionining in my previous post, the more cards you have in your collection, the more strategy you can play with. This set of cards has its own strength and weakness, so better to add more monsters to your collection.

If you want to know more about the game, you can visit the website at

Splinterlands is a digital, collectible card game built on blockchain technology. It is similar in concept to games like Magic the Gathering and Hearthstone where you build up a collection of cards, which all have various different stats and abilities, and use them to battle other players in skill-based matches. By using blockchain technology, players can buy, sell, and trade their digital assets freely just as if they were physical cards, and all transactions are recorded publicly and immutably.

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